Supergirls Do General Hospital


Supergirls do General Hospital



77 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jackson St. Louis

THEMES: Nurses, Stars,



STARS: Ginger Lynn, Kristara Barrington, Raven, Kelly Nichols, Carrol Cross, Taija Rae, Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera, David Scott, Ron Jeremy, George Payne, Adam Orron Ladd, Jose Duval,


This is supposed to be a classic, though I can’t quite figure out why. It has a great cast that includes Ginger Lynn and Kristara Barrington. It also has a story that is at least somewhat funny at time. On the other hand…well, read on and see what I have to say about the other hand. Let me take a moment to appreciate the Dark Bros. trailer that comes before this movie starts.

Before this movie even begins we are treated to some previews. I really miss the days when people cut really cool trailers for porn. The old Dark Bros. stuff was great even in these short little blasts. I need to find my copy of this movie just to watch Ginger get royally fucked in her beautiful ass.

Our adventure begins not in a hospital, but in a dark sex club. There is all kinds of stuff going on as young Raven sits and watches with an indifferent look on her face. (Kind of like the one she has when she’s fucking.) She is a famous model who is taking time out from appearing on teen magazine covers to take in the sights. There is sex going on here, but it’s choppy, not very interesting and takes place between some people that just don’t look very good. No wonder she looks bored. Raven eventually passes out (I think she just fell asleep) and is rushed to the hospital where the doctors save her life.

Having a celebrity in the hospital is a big deal and the man in charge, Paul Thomas, wants to take full advantage of the situation. He wants to keep her in the hospital for as long as possible and puts Joey Silvera in charge of the project. Things drag along for quite a while reminding us of how features have changed over the years.

The first scene comes when Joey finds a hot candy-striper (Kristara Barrington) in the hall. He flirts with her a bit and then fakes an episode to get her attention. They take him to the room where Raven is asleep and he explains that the problem may have something to do with his erection. Looking cute as can be with her uniform and pigtails, Kristara starts sucking him off. The blowjob is too short of course, but Joey strips her down and we get to check out that sweet little body. She rolls over and helps him stick his cock into her hairy slit. There isn’t much to this scene. It’s over after a few mish strokes (With her tennis shoes banging against his ass) but the facial pop is really hot. Young Kristara is the perfect girl for such a nice blast.

Raven wakes up and is appalled to see Thomas on TV talking about the treatments they are giving her. In order to get out of the hospital, Raven offers to do “anything” and that naturally leads to her lips around his cock. He certainly appreciates her efforts and we get some good shots of her face during a pretty good blowjob. She never even has to fuck him. In fact she just holds her mouth near his dick while he jerks a load onto her lips.

Her oral skills are fine, but the doc still won’t let her out. She is stuck in bed with a group of adoring nurses tending to her. Kristara comes to visit her late one night and fumbles through some star-struck dialog. Raven kisses the shy young girl and puts her to work between her thighs. I guess it is good to be star, especially when you can have a lovely, full-lipped girl like this sucking on your clit. She doesn’t even have to return the favor. Kristara is just happy to orally worship her idol.

Taija Rae is another of the nurses who worship Raven. They come up with a plan to switch places. This will allow the ordinary nurse a chance to be a star and will help the star escape her prison. I don’t know who this is supposed to fool, but it seems to work. When Thomas comes to visit Raven for a late-night fuck, he can’t even see that it’s one of his own nurses he’s sticking it to.

While he is busy with Raven, horny young nurse Ginger Lynn slips into a janitor’s closet with Ron Jeremy. This scene gets inter-cut with Thomas poking Rae in the other room. (He has a sheet over her head and doesn’t seem to notice a serious change in breast size. Ron and Ginger are hot together and this scene has been used in a number of comps. Thomas finishes up just as Silvera comes into the star’s room. He sucks her pussy, probably getting a good taste of his boss as he does. In the closet, Ginger’s hot pussy is swallowing up Ron’s long cock as Raven watches from the corner. The ruse is up when Thomas comes out of hiding and Rae revels herself to the doctors. Of course no one slows down and Taija gets the real star treatment from both of them at once. As they double up on her, the real Raven finds a poor guy tied up by the cock in the ICU. Naturally they fuck. There are some nice flashes of hot sex as we go from the three way to Raven’s big scene, but it’s still a mess overall. Raven ends up being pumped in mish and taking a load on her dark bush. Taija is actually a much hotter fuck and she wears two loads from the dirty doctors.

This really is kind of a shitty flick. I have had it in my collection for nearly twenty years and I can’t figure out why. Ginger Lynn and Kristara Barrington are probably the reasons for this, but they are so badly wasted in this movie that it is almost criminal. Ginger doesn’t even suck cock in her scene and if you blink you miss Kristara in action twice. Raven and Taija don’t even get a chance to shine. The sex is only half of what is bad in this movie, but it is the important half. Silly plots and bad dialog are part of porn’s history, but if a movie is lame and you can’t jerk to it, what’s the point? In fact, with full sex scenes this might have been a great movie. The plot, though stupid, is kind of sexy. Imagine a pop superstar who is so horny that she hangs out in sex clubs. Now imagine her trapped in a hospital by a perv of a doc and surrounded by hot nurses who love to use and abuse her. Imagine Ginger, Raven, Taija and Kristarra in their costumes, out of them, on beds and in closets having great sex. Sorry, but we will just have to imagine because this movie falls short at every turn. A remake would be nice though, with some hot new girls and better sex….oh yeah.

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