Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 2


Sarah Young: The Goddess of Love 2


Moser Vision

DIRECTOR: Sasha Alexander

THEMES: Big Tits

CONDOMS: None Noted.



STARS: Sarah Young,


In the first Goddess of Love movie we got a chance to see the sexy Sarah Young in all her glory. This busty brunette has the kind of rack that men dream of and isn’t afraid to do more than just show it off. The sex scenes in these movies often look like they were set up to be still shoots. Sarah always looks incredible, has great make up, nice costumes and the sets look like came right off of a glossy page. The sex scenes aren’t still shoots though. (I’ve seen that type of movie and they suck.) They are full scenes with Sarah taking on America porn studs like Tom Byron and Sean Michaels.

Sarah is asleep when Jonathan Morgan and another guy (Nick East) show up with flowers and champagne. What a romantic couple of dudes they are. A few sips of the bubbly and the guys switch their attention to her enormous hooters. She spreads her thighs so that Jonathan can stick a finger into her. Nick whips out his cock and Sarah knows just what to do with it. It is tough for her to keep her lips around it because she is moaning so loudly, but Sarah gives us her best oral skills. The guys trade places and she has to work hard to hold Jon’s dick in her mouth with Nick fucking away from behind. For the really good tit shots, she rolls into spoon and sticks those puppies out for all to see. The guys pump hard enough to work up a sweat, but Sarah seems totally calm as she handles every inch they have to offer. When they move to her ass, she keeps on sucking and shaking her big tits for the camera. After making some of the most ridiculous fuck faces in the history of the biz, the guys empty their nuts all over her face. Great facial here and once again Sarah seems like too much woman for her co-stars.

The next scene opens with Sarah writing a letter. She stops with the pen and starts getting rid of clothing. With her big tits popping out all over the place she begins to work her fingers into her furry love patch. The camera lingers on her tits as she tweaks the nipples and follows her hands down to where the real action is. Whoever she was writing to sure does turn our star on.

Back to real dick, Sarah has her mouth full of dick as Sean Michaels works between her parted thighs. Since she seems so happy with that arrangement, Sean just replaces his tongue with his cock and lets her pretty mouth do most of the work. It is a little tough to see her big tits from this angle, but the camera moves in close as he fucks her pussy and then moves between her cheeks for some deep anal strokes. Sarah rubs her pussy as Sean stuffs her bum with black dick. The guys switch places (Is that Cal Jammer?) and now her big tits are really swaying beneath her with every stroke. There are some minor camera issues as Sean’s leg blocks her tits and the other guy blocks her ass. With all of the holes no primed, the guys move into position to fill the lower two openings at the same time. This is great stuff, but I really love the shots of her on her back with those long legs up in the air. One load goes onto her tummy while the other ends on her pretty face. Sarah is really good at DP and seems to enjoy cream on lips.

For the final scene Sarah has her hair up beautifully and starts out in a white dress. Tom Byron makes short work of the dress as he works to get those tits into his hands. He finds his way to her pussy and makes a snack out of those delicious looking lips. Tom really gets the chance to work her over with his tongue and pays special attention to her asshole. Now that she is ready, Sarah turns her attention to Tom’s cock, sucking it to full length and cupping his balls as she works her red lips up and down the shaft. After such a long pussy and ass licking session, one might expect a longer blowjob, but Tom seems anxious to feel the inside of her other holes. He also rushes through a quick fuck of her pussy and an even more rapid poke of her pooper. After setting the scene up nicely things just seem to move too quickly through the sex and to the pop.

This is another good movie for Sarah Young fans. She looks great and shows off her big breasts quite nicely. I am starting to wonder how much variety we are going to see from this series of Sarah movies. Each scene in this one looked a lot like all of them from volume one. That isn’t a bad thing of course, but with ten more movies in this series I wonder where it is going. For those of you who already love Sarah this is another chance to enjoy her fucking and sucking, DP’ing and bouncing her way through a number of scenes. For those not familiar, this is a pretty good introduction to a woman who is huge in the boob world and isn’t too bad at hard-core either.

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