Vivid Entertainment


115 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas

THEMES: Janine




STARS: Janine, Sunrise Adams, Olivia O’Lovely, Angelica Sin, Mia Beck, Nick Manning, Dale DaBone, Jack Lawrence


This is something new on a number of levels. I haven’t reviewed a Vivid movie in a very long time. I also have never reviewed Janine doing guys before. OK not true, I reviewed that thing she did with Vince Neil a few years ago. This is her first official scene with a guy after over a decade of licking pussy. We don’t need to get into all of the details of why this is a big event, if it’s too late or any of that stuff. (All of that has been done on message boards for a year.) This is her debut with dick and I know that a lot of you have been waiting for this moment for years. (Yeah so why did you wait so long to review it?) (Cuz I was waiting for my once a year Vivid buying spree.) Is it worth the wait? Well I imagine it was probably worth the wait for Nick Manning who gets to be the first meat puppet to nail the legendary veggie girl.

Janine’s boy/girl debut is quite an event and we join her on shooting day for some behind the scenes interview footage. She talked a lot about this scene in the interview we did, but in case you missed that, the guy who gets to bust her on screen cherry (Officially) is Nick Manning. Lucky Nick gets Janine in the bathroom and starts making out with her. The scene starts with pussy licking of course, but Janine is very anxious to get going. We have been waiting over a decade for this moment and the camera is in a pretty bad location for the first Janine blowjob. Her enthusiasm and pretty face make this work though. Nick yells way too much and kind of fucks with a building energy. After watching Janine give a pretty damn good blowjob we are treated to a rather hard fuck. He nails her from behind on the bathroom floor and then they are suddenly in bed. Rough cut or not, the action really picks up. She has her legs up on his shoulders and Nick fucks her with a vengeance. Janine meets his energy with a ton of her own. She works him hard and then takes a big load all over her chest.

With Janine’s debut out of the way we have to have something to fill the rest of the movie. Since this isn’t a feature, we just move to another scene starring Domino and Dale Dabone. She joins him in the spa and starts sucking his cock. When the scene began she was dressed in traditional Asian Geisha gear, but once they get back into bed, he lets her hair down and it’s just a straight fuck. Anyone who has a thing for long black hair will love it when she lies down and has her male all spread out like a huge pool around her head. She’s a cute girl who looks really good in doggy and brings a nice energy to the scene, but Domino is in the unfortunate position of following up Janine’s boy/girl debut. It’s a good scene, really good until the poorly shot facial, but it just isn’t as interesting as watching someone plow Janine.

There is some interesting interview footage in between the scenes. We find out that Janine actually hates watching chicks with tattoos and prefers women with “little, natural boobies.” From there we go to a scene between Olivia O’Lovely and Jack Lawrence. There is something sexy about her, but the blowjob footage is all shot from a low angle that just doesn’t really work. Mia Beck is a cutie who masturbates in the background while the couple fucks on some say. (It kind of reminds me of how they used Janine in the background for years.) The fucking looks better and he gives her a pretty nice standing doggy. He leaves his load on her breasts. This scene is a good example of how potential heat can be sapped out of a scene by weak camera work.

The next scene starts out with Dale playing with Janine. Angelica Sin is on a chair nearby. Janine moves from Dale to Angelica and back again building up the heat with some serious kissing and a lot of fondling. In the past, we would have seen her stick to the chick and leave Dale out in the cold. This time around we watch the beautiful blonde squat and slide her lips over Dale’s bone. The girls pass his meat back and forth, but I’m sure that I’m not alone in wishing we could just watch Janine work. We’ve seen Angelica suck dick plenty of times. Once they are through with the blowjob, Janine gets into a position we are familiar with, working her mouth on Angelica’s pussy and waving her ass in the air. Dale gets to do what so many of us have dreamed of for years. He slips his cock into Janine from behind and bangs away. Angelica is happy to let Janine do the licking while Janine and Dale roll around on the couch. Janine fucks like a woman who has been waiting for dick for nearly a decade and matches Angelica stroke for stroke. The energy level in this scene is solid and at one point Janine just goes off, cumming so hard it’s almost distracting. There is a bit of anal play with Angelica, before she sucks him off and jerks his load onto her breasts.

For a grand finale we get Janine working with Sunrise Adams. I don’t know if I have seen Sunrise since she went to Vivid, so this is kind of a treat. There is a slight bondage feel to the scene and some creative lighting. Mostly we have two hot blondes who enjoy playing with each other. The scene is shot at the same time as a still photo shoot so it feels a little stiff at times with the girls posing for pictures. Janine does strap on a cock and give Sunrise a good hard poke for a while. I’m not wild about how this one is shot, but the heat is great and after seeing Sunrise again I want to check out some of her newer titles. The action moves to the shower and things pick up considerably. Now we can see both great bodies and Janine does what she is known for, lots and lots of pussy licking.

In addition to the movie we get some nice bonus material. In the Vivid Girl Room we get five bonus clips. Janine is the star of all of them of course, giving us a solo, a solo with circle jerk, some girl/girl action with Inari, Julia Ann and Raylene. In the bonus room we get stuff that is specific to this movie. There is a Janine gallery, a gallery of other shots from this movie, a BTS reel and best of all, another boy/girl with Julian. It’s from a still shoot, but there is still some good hard core action, especially the blowjob stuff.

The set ups for these scenes all follow the same pattern. Cute girls who are hanging out on the side of the road end up getting into cars with strange men and sex occurs shortly after. All of the girls are at least semi-cute and most of them give pretty good scenes to boot. Haylee takes a while to warm up, but the way she squat fucks near the end makes up for the sluggish start. Jayna is my favorite girl though. She is very cute and has a fantastic girl-next-door thing going on. Her scene alone makes me glad I watching this movie. I am going to go back and watch it again. The rest of the girls don’t quite reach the level that these two do, but depending on what type of girl you like, you may enjoy them quite a bit.

So what have we got? A movie that many porn fans have been waiting a decade to see. That doesn’t happen every day, so it’s worth a look for that reason alone. Janine is in fantastic shape in this movie and she’s still a very beautiful woman. This is a case of a movie that just isn’t as hot as its star. The first scene is shot in a very odd way like they couldn’t decide between feature or gonzo style and got us stuck in the middle somewhere. Nick Manning nearly blows the whole thing with his freaking screaming, but Janine’s heat and the novelty of seeing her suck cock on camera makes it work. The in-between scenes aren’t bad but they suffer from being “ordinary” in a movie that is an “event.” I liked the three way scene quite a bit. Janine really has fun with this one and having another girl along for the ride seems to make it more fun for all. (Though a little distracting for us.) I love the idea of Janine and Sunrise, but the scene looks like the bonus fuck. It’s a still shoot put to video and that always feels like they are selling us short. I really liked the interview footage in between the scenes. Janine is at her best when she’s relaxed and just letting things flow. The bottom line is that Janine is doing guys and I hope to see more of her beauty and energy in movies that a lot better than this one.
Vivid Entertainment

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