Kung Pow Kitty


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Kung Pow Kitty


No Running Time (Approx 140 Mins)



DIRECTOR: The Macho Brothers

THEMES: Asian Girls, Spitting, Gagging

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Mika Tan, Finesse Navarro, Bamboo, Avena Lee, Nyomi Marcela, Mark Davis, Sergio, Van Damage


As porn continues to become more genre specific it was inevitable that someone would shoot a rough sex line with Asian girls. I should that that it is inevitable because I am not sure if that accurately describes this movie or not. If the opening credits are any indication though, the action is going to be a very rough ride. If that is the case then I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed because there are some super hot girls in the cast. Mika Tan is one of the sexiest girls in the biz and also one of the best looking. I have made it a habit to pick up every movie with Mika in it and watch it at least once.

Mika Tan has on a sexy little silk dress as she introduces herself for two seconds before having Redi-Wood shoved into her face. Van Damage is dishing out the dick here and he has enough meat to fill her mouth, but certainly not too much for her to handle. She can easily work him to the back of her throat, but they do a little head shoving to get the drool really flowing. It runs so freely that it gets all over the camera. They leave it there which I suppose might be interesting to some people. (Is it? Seriously, someone check in if you want to see the scene through a web lens.) They wipe some of it off and keep shooting as Mika gets on top and starts fucking Van. She talks dirty as always, even throwing out an instant classic, “fuck that pussy whitey.” Van gives it right back to her, bending her over and fucking hard and deep. The doggy is really good and she never loses the great energy. There are some disturbing pussy gape shots that some of you might find interesting, but just make me shudder. Mika holds a shoe under chin while he jerks off onto her face and into the shoe. Emptying the contents into her mouth she now has enough to smear it onto the camera.

Bamboo has never done it for me like some of the other women in the movie, but it certainly isn’t because of a lack of energy. Her scene is rougher from the start with the guy grabbing her by the head and shoving it down around his dick. When that isn’t enough she spits in her face and then smacks her around a bit. This kind of stuff just doesn’t turn me on even a little bit. In fact it looks like he’s just pumping into holes without much participation from Bamboo. She does manage to spit all over the camera. Why? I have no idea. They get into RCA where she can actually do a bit more than lie there. He gives her a double fish-hook and doesn’t seem to want to stay in any hole for more than five strokes before moving to another. Combine that with camera work and an edit job that seems to have been done by someone on a Mountain Dew bender and you a scene that gives me a freaking headache. I actually found myself wishing that they wouldn’t wipe the camera off after she spit on it again. Sadly they do and we have to sit through more gagging and cum shot that is interesting I suppose. Bamboo double fish-hooks herself with her heels, giving him a big target to shoot into. Ummm, thanks, but no thanks.

Finesse Navaro is a newer girl who has impressed me in the past. With no tease footage to enjoy in this scene we have to rely on the action. Her blowjob is pretty good, but the camera moves underneath quickly and gets drooled on until there we can’t see anything. When it gets cleaned off, there is some decent oral footage with Finesse doing her best to jam his cock all the way down her throat. (At least they are letting her do it herself.) I like the energy when they fuck, but like before they never stay with one thing for long enough. I know that scenes can get boring and a good blowjob in between positions is hot, but this just shifts too often. They do eventually settle down for some good doggy and a nice solid fuck before the pop. She uses her panties next to her mouth to collect the goo and then shoves them into her mouth as an afternoon snack.

Avena Lee is a very pretty girl who can turn in great scenes when working for the right director. I’m not so wild about the new haircut, but as soon as she gets that pretty mouth working on a pair of cocks, the scene kicks into high gear. The two guys take turns in her pussy and mouth, working both holes pretty hard and doing a bit more talking than we should have from a guy in a straight porn flick. Throw in a bit of spitting and they manage to put a wet blanket on what might have been a pretty damn hot scene. We are treated to some really nice shots of her sexy ass as she rides and Avena’s lips always look great working a cock. When the guys both shoot all over her face, she spits on the camera. This is one of the better scenes in the movie, but it could still be a lot better.

I didn’t realize that Nyomi Marcela was still making movies. They team her with Mark Davis which gives her plenty of dick to suck on. It has her gagging and slobbering all over herself and eventually the camera. That part of the scene kind of bugs me, but she has clearly come to play. Getting on top, she takes everything he’s got. I’ve always liked the way this girl fucks and Mark slams his dick up into her pussy hard enough to light up her world. Other than the spitting this is a very hot scene. She can fuck hard and gives a really hot two-fisted handjob to help get him close. Davis stands over her and jerks his load all over her tongue. This scene is probably the best since Mika’s and maybe the best of the movie.

I don’t think I need to say again that I’m disappointed in this movie. With a cast like this I was hoping for something better. Of course if you’re into a lot of spitting and drool you will want to flip everything I’ve said because there is a lot of that. The sex is hard, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it rough. It’s mostly a right to the action fuck fest with girls drooling and spitting on the camera. There is some dirty talk in various languages and only a bit too much babbling from the male talent. I liked Mika of course and Nyomi did a nice job. I’ve just seen them both in better scenes. I missed the tease footage a lot and found the contestant five-strokes-and-change pace a little annoying. It’s not bad and has some really hot moments, but I’m not nearly as sold as I expected to be.

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