Anabolic Asians 1


Anabolic: Asians


136 Mins.




THEMES: Asian Girls,




STARS: Keanni Lei, Lucy Lee, Lucy Thai, Vanesca, Roxy Jezel, Nautica Thorn, Scott Nails. Alberto Rey, John Strong, Frank Gun, Tony T, Mr. Marcus, Mark Davis & Brian Surewood.


Anabolic has style that has revolutionized porn over the years. It is so popular that it is common to hear someone refer to a movie as being shot “Anabolic-style.” Their sex scenes are fantastic and no matter what the theme of the movie, the action is dependable. This particular line is one that is close to my heart. (And other areas if you know what I mean.) They are finally taking a collection of the hottest Asian girls in the business and running them through the Anabolic machine. They have shot plenty of great Asian babes in the past, but this time around it’s all-Asian, all the time. I may be jumping the gun, but I think that the combination of these hotties and the Anabolic style may be the perfect mix for a great jerk off movie.

Roxy Jezel is a Thai/English mix with a perfect little body and beautiful face. There is a couch set up for her on a hillside for a bit of a twist on the whole couch-porn thing. She introduces herself and is immediately greeted by two hard cocks. There is a bit too much gagging from the start, but that seems to be the way things go these days. Roxy is pretty and doesn’t need any sort of freak-show sex to make her hot. In no time at all the guys are plugging her at both ends. She opens up and takes a serious pounding in the ass while moaning around some hard meat. Her body looks good from every angle and we are treated to some really good footage of her sphincter as it stretches to accommodate the pricks pumping in and out of her holes. There is too much slapping and spitting for me to really love the scene, but watching her swallow one load, get fucked some more and then suck down a second is quite a treat.

Nautica Thorn is a totally gorgeous teen with a perfect body and a great attitude. There isn’t much talking before her scene because this horny young babe is just dying to taste some hard dick. She looks great and this time the guys let her do her stuff. That pretty head bobs back and forth between the two guys. You certainly don’t have to be a fan of Asian women to enjoy the way Nautica looks when she is bouncing up and down on a hard cock and sucking on a second rod. She leaves her thigh-high boots on as she gets bent over and drilled from behind. For such a young thing, she certainly handles legendary cock well. Nautica has both Mark Davis and Mr. Marcus hard and pumping her in every hole. They even take turns between her perfect boobs. They leave big loads on her pretty face. Though both women are hot, I like this scene a whole lot more than the opener.

Nineteen year old Vanesca is in her second scene. The pretty Filipina is about to do two guys at once for the first time in her life. I wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about this girl, but that wouldn’t fit with the rest of the flick. It’s right to the sex we go and this naughty newcomer is to face two dicks in her mouth at once. I like the way her body looks, but there is a bit of a spark missing as the guys take turns fucking her. Vanesca’s ass looks pretty damn good and I love the doggy. She just isn’t quite in Nautica’s league just yet. I do like the way the guys pick her up and show her sexy little butt to the cameras. They top it off with two big loads I her mouth and Vanesca swallows them dutifully. This girl has a lot of potential and I hope that the guys at Anabolic will help mold her into the very best little porn slut she can be.

Lucy Thai doesn’t need any molding. She is already perfect in every way. Her body, face and sexual energy are all fantastic and even as the guys start to fuck her face, we can’t help but appreciate her beautiful DSLs. The gagging sex is back and that is a bit of a shame, but Lucy looks so good that the scene is hot anyway. Straddling both guys she gets pounded in the pussy while still swallowing hard cock. She makes very hot noises as she works with her hands and mouth to keep everything moving smoothly. We get a really short shot of her ass as she rides before the guys double up on her. While it blocks our view of her cheeks, it does show that her body is open to DP and that she can take a hard fucking in both holes at once. Whenever a cock slips out of one of her holes, Lucy sucks it and shoves it right back in. Lucy gives an amazing scene and then makes her beautiful face available for a fantastic double facial. She is dripping with cream and totally fucking hot as her scene comes to a close.

Lucy Lee is a Korean bad girl who has the dress and hat to fit the title of this flick. Of course the hat is gone and the dress pushed aside within seconds. There is nothing at all subtle about this movie so they just get right to it, poking her in both of her lower holes at once. Even at such a rapid pace we get to enjoy Lucy taking it very deep in her throat. (Hmmm, I wonder which Asian girls suck the best cock. Any ladies want to help me do a study?) Lucy takes DP from start to finish, giving up her tight ass and creamy slit. Her ass really takes a pounding in this scene. The guys pass her back and forth for a while, blasting her anal cavity and then getting some good looking head. She is not as hot as Lucy, but her scene is every bit as smoking and Lucy takes cream on her face like a true slut.

Keelani Lei is the last girl in the movie and she’s a cutie. She does some kung-fu before having her face stuffed by two cocks. In the blink of an eye they move to her lower holes to cram her full of pulsing prick. They leave the pretty girl with her legs flailing and her pussy dripping from their hard, deep thrusts. Backing off a bit, they bend her over for some pussy and mouth action. This gives us a chance to actually enjoy her body for a bit. Keelani looks good, but they do way too much head shoving and shit for my taste. The first guy drops a big load in her mouth and the other guy pumps away until he is ready to feed her his cum as well. This girl shows a lot of promise and I really hope to see a lot more of her in the future.

There is some really great action here, but some of the sex is rough for no reason at all. I know that is the way gonzo smut is going, but I hate it. I hate it even in otherwise good scenes. Enough with the hate though. This is a very strokeable flick overall. Keelani is a very cute girl who I will be adding to my list of babes to watch. Lucy Thai and Nautica Thorn are already at the top of that list and they look hot in this movie. Roxy is good as well, but her scene is hurt by the gagging and shit. I like the subtle move of the couch to the outdoors for this movie. So Anabolic has added and Asian line to their arsenal. It’s what you would expect and more often than not, it’s highly strokeable.

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