Black Carnal Coeds 13: Back to College


Black Carnal Coeds 13: Back to College



81 Mins.

Video Team


THEMES: Black Women, All-Black




STARS: Mone Divine, Fantasy, Frankie La Rue, L.T. & Sylvio Mata.


Since it is back to school time I though that I might check out a movie that talks about returning to campus. OK, so this isn’t exactly a line filled with actual college girls. At least not girls who look like they belong on campus. In fact a lot of the chicks I have seen in this line are pretty torn up. Hopefully the three women we have today will be better looking. They look pretty decent on the box and in the opening credits so we will have to look more closely to see if they pass their entrance exams or not. There isn’t a lot to the movie, just girls getting fucked on camera. I guess that’s all right, but for a line that talks about co-eds, one might expect a bit of a theme at the very least.

Mone Devine is first and she has a pretty nice butt to go along with a good set of natural tits. She shows off her body and then seems a bit upset to find out that the guy wants head. For a girl who seemed to not dick the idea of sucking, she does a pretty good job. One minute is not long enough for a blowjob, but Mone looks good on all fours and talks dirty as he hits bottom in her pussy. I like her energy a whole lot and when she rolls onto her back, that body looks pretty good to me. He lays some serious wood to this young woman and she loves it. They talk to the guy off camera about how he can’t get any. It might be kind of interesting if there was more to it, but as is, it sounds like something that should have been edited out. They get into some serious action when she puts her feet on his chest and can feel every inch of him. There are some good ass shots as she rides, but what impresses me the most is the energy she has. Mone isn’t just some girl lying there counting the dollars. She has a good time with this guy’s long cock and isn’t afraid to scream about it. He finishes her off with a big load of cream on her face and we get a lot of post-pop play as she licks the head and smiles up at the camera. This is easily one of the best BCC scenes I have ever watched.

Frankie LaRue is not nearly as cute as the first girl. Her body is average and that huge gap between her front teeth makes Belladonna look like the poster girl for orthodontic perfection. She is playing with her pussy when her man arrives. Already horny she happily works his huge soft cock into her mouth and tries breathing some life into it. It stiffens in her mouth and she uses the tongue stud she has to give his balls a treat. The guy still has to stroke for a while before sticking his dick into her pussy, but once inside, is able to pork her pretty well. Frankie isn’t ugly, she just isn’t all that hot and doesn’t have overall appeal that the first girl had. She does put on a pretty good show though. When she bends over and sticks her big ass high in the air, the guy really pounds her and she becomes wonderfully vocal about the whole thing. She takes it in the ass really well and gives us some pretty hot standing anal. Taking a load on her tongue, Frankie finishes the scene in fine style. If you like girls like this, you will love the scene. I just never quite got into it because she doesn’t turn me on.

Fantasy is a girl out walking the streets when she gets invited inside. She also has a little gap between her front teeth, but is a pretty girl with really nice skin so I’m already more interested than I was in the last scene. Her clothes come off slowly and they try to keep up the pretext that she is there to model. Whatever. Fantasy gets down and starts sucking his cock. She looks like she’s gnawing on it like a piece of beef jerky. What’s up with that? Some girls are better than they look, but so far Fantasy looks better than she is. With the blowjob over she shows off her cute little ass in some well shot cowgirl action. All right now, things are picking up. We just had to find out what she was good at and sucking sure wasn’t her specialty. Riding his cock really lights her up and once she comes alive, Fantasy puts on a good show. Even when she takes a break and lets him to do the work for a while, her hot little body swallows meat and Fantasy can’t stop telling us all how much she loves it. As much as she likes the fucking, I don’t think she is crazy about the pop on her face because he looks upset and we cut away quickly.

Mone comes back for another scene and that’s a good thing. She rubs her pussy to full froth and then gets a chance to really do some serious cock sucking. She works that big piece of meat like she’s on a mission, drooling all over it, gripping it in her fingers and really putting on a great show. Some of the angles are less than perfect, but there is more than enough good stuff to make this worth watching. He gets on top of her, pushes one leg high in the air and lays the wood to her. She enjoyed sucking so much that she has to do it again before mounting his cock. This time she gets to set the back and Mone doesn’t slow down for a second. She just bounces in his lap like she’s trying to dislodge a gummy bear from her throat. He bends her over and does all the work for a while. That makes Mone smile, her ass jiggle and her tits bounce as she tells him to fuck her even harder. This scene might actually be better than the first one because of some great standing doggy footage that shows off her legs. The spin around facial isn’t bad either. Once again she sucks and slurps for quite a while as the camera lingers and the jizz drips down her pretty face.

I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. Two of the three women are quite sexy and that’s a big improvement. Mone is really sexy with a hot body and a great attitude. Having her show up for two scenes is a great fucking idea. Both of her scenes are great and the facials at the end are really well shot. The post-pop footage is top-notch. Fantasy adds some really good heat to the mix with her scene. Why can’t they find more girls like this? Frankie’s scene didn’t do much for me and it reminded me of what I have found in other BCC volumes. Thankfully 3 of the 4 scenes had some heat and we may have found a sexy little treasure in Mone. If Video Team can keep finding girls like her, then this series is going to get much better than it has been recently.

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