Young Buns 14


Young Buns 14

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

82 Mins.

New Machine

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Vanessa Chase, Diva, Ines, Mai Sonata, Anna Howe, Jake Steed, Ed Powers


(NOTE: I was unable to get any sound on this disc using my computer, but it plays perfectly fine in my home player.)

I don’t always find these New Machine comps all that appealing, but I have to admit that I still go crazy watching little Vanessa Chase fuck. Any time she is in a movie I am going to pick it up and enjoy watching her. It looks like she has a scene with Jake Steed which is always good. Most of the other women look to be average and a lot of them do Ed Powers, so I don’t know if this is going to be a one scene wonder or not. I guess that’s what I’m supposed to find out huh? The scenes are very well marked so I will include that info so you can find these in their original movie should you so desire.

Diva: New Ends 5

She is a decent looking brunette with nice tits and pretty eyes. Ed is on his back as she sucks his balls and jerks his rod in her hand. There is not a lot of energy as they start fucking and he slides into her ass. In fact about the only thing of note is that she turns to Ed and tells him to kiss her. It’s a pretty dull fuck for most of the scene, though Ed tries to really bang her during some POV mish. He gives her a good facial, but this is really sleepy stuff.

Vanessa Chase: Up & Cummers 17

At least we don’t have to wait too long for the really good stuff to kick in. Vanessa topless on the bed with her lips around Jake’s dick is bound to life everyone’s spirits. She keeps her hands away, working with just her mouth for a long time. Jake has plenty of cock and is quite vocal in his appreciation for her efforts. They do some quick cowgirl before Jake flips her over and drops the hammer on her young slit. She looks fantastic with her legs flailing in the air and her pussy getting stuffed. Jake works it into her ass and that slows things down just a bit. Vanessa reaches back to play with her pussy as he buries his pole between her cheeks. She is out of breath and stretched to the max, but Vanessa still looks cute as ever. As she wraps her lips around his cock and sucks out every drop we miss most of the pop, but his cream dribbles out around his meat and Vanessa even licks that up. This is the kind of action that won Vanessa so many fans and this one scene is worth the price of the disc.

Ines: New Ends 4

We are back to Ed Powers as he gets blonde by another brunette with a pretty good rack. She leaves her heels and stockings on as she does into mish and lets him troll-fuck her for a while. This scene would be dull even if it weren’t crammed in after such a great fuck. If you like girls with hairy pussies being fucked in the ass and talking in what seems to be a German accent, then you may find more to this than I did. There is a cream pie finish with a lot of cum quiffing for good measure.

Mia Sonata: New Ends 7

The look on Mia’s face says it all. She is bored as hell with Ed up her ass and does anyone think that makes for good porn? He is huffing and puffing while she sits in doggy or spoon looking like she would give anything to be somewhere else. Maybe some people really get off on this and I’m missing the boat. By the time he spews onto her bored face, I feel like we’ve all been set free. Good grief this is horrible.

Anna Howe: New Ends 14

At least little Anna (Ann) Howe is a bit more vocal as Ed wiggles his tongue in her snatch. When she is sucking his cock, he says something about being her first. I assume that means the first in her ass because Anna has sucked a dick a few times in her life. When she gets on top, she goes into those too-excited convulsions as she tries desperately to get a stroke going that won’t cause his dick to pop right out. I suppose the decided lack of size makes the anal work better. Anna certainly doesn’t show any signs that it’s too much for her little butt. This is considerably less dreary than Ed’s other scenes on this disc, and there is a really nice facial at the end.

This is a compilation with basically one great scene and a whole lot of filler. I can’t say enough about Vanessa Chase and the awesome scene she does with Jade Steed. It is one of her best and is the single reason this disc is going to stay in my collection. None of the others come close. In fact, watch Vanessa five times and you can thank me for sitting through the rest of this crap for you. The picture quality is bad, the sex is boring and the girls aren’t so great either. It’s all about Vanessa and I would have been happy to just watch her scene and screw the rest.

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