Max & Schoolgirls. I Couldn’t Make This Shit Up.


WHAT: The “2004 Catholic School Girl Motorcycle Run”

DATE: Saturday, June 12th

TIME: 10:30 AM registration. Last bike leaves at noon.

WHERE: Register at the Colorado Feed and Grain located at 4148 Main Street, Timnath, Colorado 80547. (About 50 miles North of Denver)

Just when we thought there was no way to raise the overall level of debauchery for the “2004 Catholic School Girl Poker Run”, something really special happened. The original school girl steam roller himself, Max Hardcore, has agreed to ride the lead bike and be the Master of Ceremony. We are talking about THE Max Hardcore. Star producer, director and actor in/of no less then 2000 adult movies. Max, being the incredibly outgoing guy he is will be available for photographs, autographs and general chit chat the entire day.

This poker run has been gaining a great deal of publicity via the newspaper and radio as the towns in which this ride originates and passes through have done their very best to stop/ban it. They believe the defacing of the church, the nudity, lesbianism, beer and overall indecency of the “Catholic School girl Run” is simply too much for them to handle. Of course, we want to do our very best to live up to their most founded fears. To this end, nudity, lesbianism and extreme indecency are not only strongly recommended, they are encouraged.

Currently, this poker run is expecting over 5000 people. Can you picture all the girls, in short school girl skirts, riding down the road? I know I can and you could not pay me to miss this ride. Of course now that we have added Max Hardcore as the Master of Ceremony, who the heck knows how this ride will end up.

You can read about the “2004 Catholic School Girl Poker Run” in the Rocky Mountain Oyster coming out on this Thursday, June 10th. Pick it up at most liquor stores, strip clubs and adult video stores.

KBPI 106.7 and Uncle Nasty (Colorado’s best rock DJ) will be hosting Max Hardcore, DynaMite and myself this coming Friday, June 11th. We will be live and on the air between 6 and 8 PM. We will be discussing this poker run, porno and anything else that crosses our minds. Give us a listen Friday night. It should be a good show.

DynaMite’s birthday is the same day as the as the poker run. If you see her, make sure you wish her a happy birthday. I hear she has “special surprises” for those that mention her 25th birthday. If I know DynaMite, you all should be getting in line for that “special surprise”. Anyone actually bringing her a birthday present is likely to remember the “2004 Catholic School Girl Poker Run” for many years to come.

Being the reigning “2003 MS. School Girl” it will be my job to help judge and name the “2004 MS. School Girl. If you attend this ride and want to be considered for MS. School Girl, please let me know.

Want a “school girl” on your bike but your single or your wife/girlfriend would best be left out of the this run? Email me. There are several sexy, hot and ready escorts just raring to get in on this ride. I can send you their photos, rates and contact information. (I am not an escort service. I just happen to have girlfriends that are escorts and asked me to send out their info.)

Bear in mind that due to the extreme adult nature of this ride, only persons 21 and over may attend. The ride stops at numerous bars and even a strip club that if you are not 21, you will not be able to enter anyway. IDs will be checked before a rider identification is given. If you are not 21 years of age or older, visit Six Flags instead.

This ride is open to all types of bikes. Sport bikes, cruisers, Hogs, touring bikes. What you ride makes no difference to us. All we care about is that you show up and have a great time.

I am looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new friends. Let’s make this the single best poker run of the year in the Colorado area. Do not forget your short skirt, open mind and sexual attitude. All are very important to make this ride all it can and should be.

Sincerely and always,

BisexualBritni, 2002 Adult Actress of the Year

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