Ring Sluts



Ring Sluts


120 Mins

Cherry Boxxx

DIRECTOR: Rick Davis

THEMES: New Girls, Natural Tits

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lauren Phoenix, Crystal Ray, Rhiannon Bray, Kelly Jensen, Aria, Jassie Barrett Blade, Cheyne Collins, Jack Spade, Matt Bixell, Randy & John West.


Cherry Boxxx is a one of the new companies to have popped up recently. This is my first look at one of their movies so I don’t know exactly what to expect. The opening titles are nicely edited and the cast is pretty good looking. Apparently the title refers to where the sex will take place. Fucking inside of a boxing ring is all right, but they even throw a couch in. Does that mean I have to come up with a modified term for what we now call couch-porn? Ring porn, it’s like couch porn but inside of a ring? Good grief. At any rate, this seems to a be a straight-forward line with young babes getting into a ring, showing off and then getting the living shit fucked out of them. Hey, it doesn’t have to be revolutionary to be good porn.

Jassie is a very cute brunette who steps into the ring wearing only a tight little dress. She shows us that she isn’t wearing anything underneath, Jassie invites a guy in and the fun begins. He tosses her dress aside, leans her into the corner of the ring and starts licking her little slit. That doesn’t seem to do much for her, but she gets on her knees and works her fingers into her pussy while she sucks cock. That gives us some very good looking footage. The thin girl bends over and appears to be on the ropes as her young companion pounds away on her from behind. She counters though, pinning him on the ground and pumping for all she’s worth. Jassie shows good energy during the doggy. He pumps faster and Jassie turns around just in time to catch a wad on her pretty face.

Lauren Phoenix is a tall, hot looking girl with honey-blonde hair and nothing on under her dress. The tease footage is very good because she has so much to show off. John Strong actually runs into the ring to gets close to this hot babe. He slides a finger inside of her pussy and munches away on her lips. These early blows take her down, but she recovers quickly with some crotch blows of her own. She shoves her mouth around his cock, giving a very enthusiastic blowjob that looks really fucking hot. They move right into doggy which looks great and has the pretty girl growling and talking dirty as he strokes her. Lauren’s energy is god when she gets on top as well. The best looking shots come in mish where she can flail those long legs and let him go even deeper. John barely gets his prick out of her pussy in time to spray across her waiting tongue and cheeks.

Crystal Ray is another tall girl with a great natural body and a face that really reminds me of a young Tiffany Mynx. (She has a good ass, but nowhere near what the Mynxter had.) She looks really good in her bra and panties as she slides along the ropes. Once she gets a hard cock to suck, Crystal flashes those pretty eyes and delivers a very sexy blowjob. (You have to love a girl who smiles as she smacks her face with the guy’s dick.) We could watch her do this all day, but the guy wants to warm up her slit so he can fuck the shit out of this sexy girl. Crystal gets on top and actually spends a little bit too much time looking at the camera as she rides. In between each position, she drops to the floor to lock every bit of her juice off of his rod. Whenever he is inside of her, Crystal is really vocal, but watching her gives head makes me think that she could really be a star in the blowjob genre. She kneels one last time and asks him to cum in her mouth, prompting a nice big load for the nasty girl to savor and wear.

Kelly keeps the line of good looking blondes going as she gets into the ring. She uses the ropes to get herself warmed up, but it takes Cheyne Collins and his hard cock to really wind Kelly up. Kelly gives pretty good head, though his dick only goes halfway into her mouth. Cheyne bends her over and takes advantage of the She has good energy, is nice to look at, but doesn’t quite measure up to the last couple of girls. As if to disprove this statement, Kelly pushes herself harder in reverse cowgirl, slamming her body down on him hard enough to make the whole ring shake. Her facial is pretty good as well.

Aria doesn’t even bother with clothes as she hops into the ring. She is too busy rubbing her slit on the ropes and sliding fingers up into her hot hole. This girl has a really great ass, so the camera lingers on that part of her body as she walks over to the couch. As soon as a guy gets into the picture, she nearly sucks his dick right off. You have to love a girl who enjoys her work this much. He takes her hard from behind, trying to keep pace with the high-impact babe. Aria fucks like she could do some serious damage to a guy if she wanted to. Instead she just fucks this guy within an inch of his life. While squat fucking him, she stands, squirts all over him and then goes right back to fucking. When he can take no more, the guy pulls out and shoots his cream right into her mouth.

After such a ball busting scene, the Rhiannon Bray finale is a bit of a let down. She’s decent enough looking with a tight body and a nice smile as she sucks cock, but just doesn’t quite measure up. I like the she giggles and lets Barrett rubs his cock all over her tongue. She bends over on the outside of the ring and pushes her nicely shaped ass back to get his entire dick inside of her. They use the ropes to keep her legs in a good position as he bangs away. Rhiannon holds her mouth open and jerks a good load right into her mouth.

I don’t know if people have been dying to see women fuck in boxing rings, but it’s not like it hurts the scenes at all. The women are pretty nice looking, the action is well shot and the ropes make for some fun pre-scene rubbing and teasing. I really like the first five scenes in the movie and the finale isn’t bad, it just doesn’t close things out on a high note. Crystal Ray and Lauren Phoenix are a couple of women who seem to be working a lot and keeping things very hot as they do. Aria gives a bit of squirting during her high impact work out. As a first look at a CB DVD I am impressed enough to give them another try.

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