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142 Mins.

Sin City/Mayhem

DIRECTOR: Aurora Snow

THEMES: Anal Sex, Stretching, Double Anal, Toy Play




STARS: Aurora Snow, Ashley Blue, Arianna Jolie, Velvet Rose, Sophia, Crystal Ray, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley


After hundreds of movies as a performer, Aurora Snow has finally moved around behind the camera for her directorial debut. For her first effort, Aurora is keeping things simple, shooting an anal-themed, all-sex movie. Considering she has given us some of the best anal scenes of the past few years, we can all hope that some of her heat has rubbed off on the women in the cast. I doubt if any of them can be quite that ass-fucking superstar that Aurora is, but I’m sure they will give it their best. To give us a little bit of eye candy, Aurora interviews the talent and she just can’t keep her hands off of them. (Funny, when Ed Powers does this I get totally grossed out, but from Aurora it’s hot.)

Poor Arianna Jolie hasn’t has sex in eleven days. To get her warmed up, Aurora gives her a red dildo and Arianna knows just what to do with that lucky piece of rubber. With a plug for her ass, she gets a good work out. Alex Anders comes in and moves the dildo from her pussy to her mouth. With the help of quite a bit of lube, they work fingers from three hands into her tight little hole. Once the fingers are finished, he shoves his toes up her ass. Now there is something you don’t see every day. During the short blowjob, Alex shoves her head down hard enough to make her gag on his modest member. From there he goes right into her ass and Arianna screams as he bangs away. We get some outstanding RCA footage as this busty babe pushes her ass down around him. She rams a dildo into her pussy at the same time and even adds the plug for a two in the pussy, one in the ass thing. A2M is not a problem for her, but her ass just seems too tight to really get a good gape going. (A good thing in my book.) Alex shoots his load into her ass and then scoops up the cream so he can rub it all over her face.

Aurora just can’t keep her hands off of Crystal Ray’s great boobs. They are going to do a scene with Jay Ashley so all that groping just serves as foreplay. Crystal moves inside to work herself over with a red dildo. Aurora quickly joins her, making the toy nice and wet so that it will slide in even more easily. Jay joins the fun just as the girls are getting hot so they attack his dick. Crystal does a really good job with her mouth, working up Jay’s from Jay’s balls and letting him fuck her face. Aurora disappears and lets the two of them get down to some dirty throat fucking. Her pussy is nice and wet as he starts fucking the leggy blonde and she is active as can be while being poked. Turning over and holding her cheeks open, Crystal gets her ass popped. There are some really good shots of the action as he takes her from behind and gets her hole to gape just a bit. She has a great expression on her face and moves in close to take a big load in her mouth. As she licks her fingers clean it strikes me that Ms. Ray reminds me a lot of a young Tiffany Mynx.

Aurora decides to let Ashley Blue and Velvet Rose play with her a bit. These three women look good together and all enjoy something up their asses. They get into the shower and use butt plugs to stretch each other. Aurora and Ashley looks very into each other and it’s easy to see why. Both are young and cute with hot little bodies. Velvet has a great set of tits and doesn’t seem at all intimidated by the other two. Ashley gets her ass fucked by a big black dildo and then shares a two-header with Velvet. There is some great anal toy play as Aurora puts her own behind on the line. This just proves that the other girls still have a ways to go before they are as perfect an anal slut as Ms. Snow.

Sophia is the kind of girl that Aurora just can’t help but lick. While she plays with those big tits, we hear what Sophia plans to do. The mutual tit play makes for a hot warm up, but Sophia needs a couple of dicks to really make her smile. They check her body out for a bit before Mr. Pete starts face fucking the eager young girl. I like the way Sophia drops right to her knees and eases their meat into her mouth. Pete spits into her mouth which kind of kills it for me, but the head from this double blowjob is really good. She has a shaved pussy with fleshy lips that part as she gets fucked at both ends. After a short poke in the pussy, they put her ass to the test. The RCA looks good, but her pussy just seems lonely so the second guy pumps that hole. Just for fun the guys double up on her asshole, rubbing their cocks against one another like the best of friends. The more traditional DP footage looks a lot better and it sets her up for the big finish. After taking a load in her mouth, Sophia actually gargles cum. Damn, that’s some nasty shit.

Now that the other girls are done, Aurora saves the best for last. She crawls into a room where Jay Ashley grabs her by the hair and the fun begins. He pushes her head a bit too much during the blowjob, but it’s impossible not to enjoy watching Ms. Snow devour meat. Jay throws her over his shoulder for some standing 69 before plowing four fingers into her ass I still can’t believe that this woman has become such a complete anal queen in such a short time. Since they are so well acquainted, Jay knows just what to do to get deep into Aurora’s ass. (Sixteen fingers at once for those who are counting.) He uses a huge black dildo to fuck her pussy while he slides his own meat into her ass. Aurora keeps her black boots on as she gets slammed in both holes at once. The extreme toy play fits in with the kind of action Mayhem has been shooting for a while. After trying to choke her with a long dildo, Jay throat fucks Aurora some more, making her use her tongue all over his cock and balls. When the oral play is done, she gets back on his dick, moving her ass up and down with ease. Ms. Snow is looking really good these days and she still does anal like no one else in the business can. When Jay has done all he can to her back door, he goes back to that monster black cock and rams it in and out of her tight hole. After an amazing anal scene, she jerks his load right into her mouth and sucks him clean.

It’s hard to look at the job Aurora did as director when she gives us such an amazing anal scene in the closer. This is one of her best scenes in a long time and it’s worth sticking around for. The rest of the movie is well shot with a lot of heat. Aurora has chosen her case well and there are plenty of well-fucked butt sluts on hand. Arianna Jolie and Crystal Ray are rapidly rising stars who really get a work out. There are a few freak-show moments that sort of lost me, a bit of double A, some extreme finger play and other stuff that just doesn’t make things better for me. The movie is well shot, well cast and that action stays hot from start to finish. There isn’t much more we could ask for from Aurora’s directorial debut. (Short of more of Ms. Snow herself.)

There are a number of good extra features including interviews with the entire cast, biographies, behind the scene, popshot reel and trailers.

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