127 Mins.

Sin City



THEMES: Comedy, Farm Girls, Outdoor Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Aurora Snow, Shay Sweet, Steven St. Croix, Felicia Fox, Brittney Skye, Julian, Kurt Lockwood, Randy Spears, Dale Dabone, Joey Ray


This movie features two of Sin City’s contract girls in the same flick. After years as one of the top free agents in porn, Aurora Snow landed with Sin City and is making her contract girl debut with this movie. (She’s worked for them many times before, but this is the first time she can be billed as an SC girl.) Joining Aurora in this picture is Shaw Sweet, who has been away for a while. Always fun to watch Shay looks as good as ever and best of all, will be gracing us with a rare boy/girl scene. With these two outstanding women anchoring this movie, Skye Blue has plenty to work with. The story has Steven St. Croix as mobster turned stool-pigeon. The Feds relocate his family on a farm and that’s where all the wacky fun beings.

While the family gets settled in, there is some barn-yard fun being had down the way. Shay Sweet is showing her tattooed beau a lot of attention. She has his dick in her mouth after about two lines of dialog and that’s just fine from where I’m sitting. I love the hand action she’s got going, but so much of the blowjob is shot from a low angle that I have to complain a bit. (This is something that everyone in porn seems to be trying. Quit it. There aren’t that many chin-underside fetishists out there.) There are some great long shots though. Shay’s bod is in top shape and she is ready for more. After he gets her tight hole warmed up with some generous finger action. He bends her over some hay and has his way with her hot twat. It looks like Shay has filled out a little, giving her quite a nice ass to show off during doggy. He flips her over and fucks her until it’s time to shoot his load onto her tummy. Shay makes for a very cute farmer’s daughter and I’d like to welcome her back with open arms.

Steven is having a horrible time adjusting to life in the country, but he finds the neighbors really friendly. Aurora comes by with a pie and a whole lot of eye candy. She goes right after the daughter of the family, Brittney Skye. Along with the pie, she has packed some sex toys. This is one fine looking veggie pairing with Brittney showing Aurora that city girls really know how to work the clit. The pretty blonde uses a vibe inside of Aurora while sucking on her pretty lips. Aurora is very giving, working a purple vibe into Brittney and adding her own spit to the mix to make sure that everything is nice and juicy. Brit’s mom (Felicia Fox) doesn’t seem too pleased to see her daughter lezzing it out with the farm girl, but it gave us something wonderful to watch.

Though they are a bit out of sorts, Steven and Felicia know how to relax. She slips off her tip and takes his dick into her mouth. Staring into the camera, she eases him all the way down her throat and then teases his dick with her tongue. A blowjob this good deserves some special oral treatment and Steven plays with Felecia’s pussy like he’s trying to drive her insane. With fingers, his tongue and even some gentle slaps, he gets that slit ready from some penile invasion. Steven puts his wife on all fours and gives her some good solid doggy action. She puts her head down to the mattress and takes it hard. Turning to face the camera, she shows off her big boobs and sexy tan lines while riding his rocket. To take her home, he pushes her legs all the way back and power fucks her to a big shot all over the chest and tummy.

Julian comes out looking for milk on the porch. Shay is sorry that she drank it all and wants to make it up to him. (The genius of porn script writing is so thick here you could cut it with a knife.) She drops right to her knees and takes that huge pole in her tiny hand. Again there is a lot of low angle stuff, but when we can actually see the blowjob, it looks fantastic. Shay attacks that thing like she just can’t wait to be split in two. Julian licks her pussy for a while and then leaves her standing so he can take her from behind. With his condom in place, Julian slides all the way home, giving Shay a whole lot of meat to feed her hunger. There is some really hot reverse cowgirl footage as she works her hips on him and then holds still while he pumps into her tight little cookie. Shay holds her pretty face still while he shoots a huge load on her. This is a great facial and I really wish that every feature could have sex and popshots like this.

The mob bosses get wind of Steven’s new location and they send a couple of hit men out to finish him off. Dale Dabone and Joey Ray show up for the hit, but they screw the job up royally. Aurora pops back up with a plate full of cookies and her sexy body to distract them. She goes after their cocks with the same passion she showed for Brit’s slit earlier. She does a great job with both dicks in her hands. Check out the cross handjob action as she moans with her mouth full. Yeah I know, I gush over Aurora too much. The girl is hot, what can I say? Fucking sue me! Dale gets to fuck her first and nails the pretty framer girl while Joey jerks off and holds his prick over her face. Aurora has her legs flailing in the air and her mouth full as she gives another in a long line of great performances. They move in behind her for some double stuffing. Few women in porn can take DP the way Aurora can and these two just pound away on her for a while. She even manages to give us some dirty talk while taking two ticks in her tight holes. They spray her pretty face with two very big loads. Their cum covers her face and mouth, but Aurora swallows what she can.

The hit men get taken down by some undercover FBI work. I won’t spoil the fun, but we are treated to a scene between Brit and Randy Spears. She nearly rapes the poor guy as soon as they get to her room. Her pretty lips find his cock and it’s all she can do not to shove that thing through back of her head. Since he’s lying down, there is no chance for the low angle blowjob and we get a really nice profile of the busty blonde as she devours his meat. Randy slides under her for some 69 that nearly makes her choke. She gets on top and rides for a long time. This gives us a great shot of her shapely ass and a whole lot of energy. The way Brit keeps reaching back to play with it, one might think that her butt is going to get banged later in the scene. Instead she takes a ride, bouncing so hard on his dick that it keeps popping out. Brittney is really allowed to cut loose here and we get a sex scene that is way hotter than the average feature-fuck. After a really long and well shots doggy, she rolls over one last time and gets a big load shot all over her shaved pussy. Randy gives her a thrill by licking her clit.

I really like this movie a lot. It’s a feature and yet the sex is really hot. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen just solid sex scenes in a feature. There aren’t any attempts to be artistic with the angels or any lame slow motion shots to ruin the fun. That isn’t to say that it’s not creative on other levels. OK, Steven’s DeNiro impersonation wears a little thin at times, but the dialog is pretty good throughout most of the movie. Aurora Snow and Shay Sweet are the heavy hitters sexually, but Felecia and Brittney give great scenes as well. Somehow watching Aurora and Shay playing farm girls just makes me want to move out into the 909, put some hay in my teeth and wait for something good to happen. This may not great any new ground and it’s a very low-key little feature, but the sex is good enough to make it one of the best features of 2003.

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