Younger the Better 4


The Younger the Better 4


110 Mins.

New Machine

DIRECTOR: Alex Sanders

THEMES: Young Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Lisa Marie, Kitty, Lainey, Rio Mariah, Anna Mills, Alex Sanders, Steve Hatcher, Wesley Pipes & Jay Ashley.


Young girl lines are generally pretty successful. It seems that the geniuses in charge of porn have figured out that smut-fans like late teens getting fucked on film. As such, Alex Sanders went the easy way with this effort. (Though I kind of liked his more industrious Body Slammin’ movies.) He’s got a nice collection of new girls for our viewing enjoyment. Kitty is probably the best of the bunch. If you haven’t seen this girl, she’s a pint sized Asian babe with a dangerously young looking face and a tight little body. She also happens to be a very hot performer who has to be in the running for top rookie honors in 2003. Some of the other girls are hot as well, but they will have to line up behind Kitty for first shot at the loads launched but porn fans watching this flick.

Lisa Marie starts her scene out with some tease footage that shows off her shapely ass and pierced nipples. That footage ends and she goes right into a POV blowjob with a lot of eye contact. The POV footage is good, but I’ll never understand the low angle, under-the-chin stuff that people are shooting now. Lisa is a pretty good looking girl how does a nice job with her mouth. He puts her down on the couch and works his fingers into her pussy until Lisa has all four between her let lips. After that action, his cock is no trouble at all. Lisa pulls her legs back and takes all he’s got. The sex is purely forgettable, but there is a decent facial at the end.

Kitty adds a little bit of cute talk at the beginning of her scene. She’s got the little girl thing down, but sounds like someone is pushing a button to get a programmed response. No matter, she takes her clothes off and gives us a great look at her tight holes. Jay Ashley dives in between her legs and plays rough with the dainty little thing. Her pussy takes a lot of fingers and then Jay tries to make her gag on his prick. Kitty does a great job sucking him, so Jay turns her upside down to get her to choke a bit. Even though he is trying his best to do a Gag Factor type of scene, Kitty takes it easily that she laughs. He spreads her thin legs and pounds away on her pussy. She looks great and her energy is fantastic. We get some really good shots of her ass she pounds her hips down to take as much of his dick possible. By the time she spins around to take his load on her face, Kitty has already proven herself to be a totally hot young toy.

Anna Mills is a nice looking girl who does some cute talking as well, but is more at ease about it. (Though not nearly as cute as Kitty.) She mostly shows off her ass, rubbing it and sticking out for the camera. When the scene starts she seems to parrot some lines before giving a POV blowjob. Steve Hatcher gets his dick into her mouth and Anna is more than happy to do anything he wants. She disrobed and spreads her legs to let him lick her twat. He chews on her lips and sucks her clit for a really long time before sticking his cock into her. That gets her going and the action is pretty good. She keeps telling him to beat the hell out of her, but Steve sticks to power fucking her young twat. They keep screwing and eventually start slapping each other across the face. OK, that’s something you don’t see every day, but I can’t say that it does a thing for me. Anna takes it hard from behind and then rides his dick, fucking him like a pro and giving us a really hot scene. Kneeling before him, she makes her chin available for a good load of cream and smiles as the scene fades out.

Rio Mariah is a very sexy woman with a big ass and great eyes. She tries to talk a bit, but once Wesley Pipes gets into the scene, his voice overpowers her whispers. Besides, it is really hard for a girl to talk with that much dick down her throat. The POV footage is great, but you may want to turn the sound down to avoid the bone-killing drone of his voice. Rio takes off her panties and bends over to show him her sexy behind. He licks it and then bangs his full length into her hot slit. Getting on top, she bangs her hips down and has her full cheeks shaking with every stroke. It’s safe to say that she likes it deep and will spread wide for more. Wes strokes like mad, but is unable to cum so Alex has another guy shower her boobs with a huge load.

Reese and Lainey team up for some mutual boob rubbing as a preview to the main event. They share a double blowjob perfectly. Alex has they work his cock and balls during a good POV scene. When he leans back, they lick up and down opposite sides of his rod. After the energy of the last two scenes, this one is a bit of a let down, but Alex does seem to enjoy both tight pussies. They keep each other busy until he is ready to feed them his cream.

There are a couple of good scenes in this movie. None of them are horrible, but only a couple really rise above average. Kitty is super cute and Jay tries his best to power fuck her, but she ends up laughing at him. It’s a good scene, but I think she needs to take on someone who can really push her. Anna is the surprise of this movie, giving a really hot scene. Rio is always good and does a nice job taking Wes even though he can’t manage a pop at the end of the scene. This is an average movie with some strokeable moments thanks to a couple of hot young babes.

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