Beautiful (Wicked Pictures)




100 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Michael Raven

CONDOMS: Some Noted

THEMES: Couples Porn



STARS: Julian Ann, Stormy, Devinn Lane, Kaylani Lei, Olivia Del Rio, Ashley Long, Julia Taylor, Brad Armstrong, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, Joey Ray, Dale Dabone, Selina Minx & Melanie Jagger.


I guess we can tell what the big Wicked release of the month is by the cast. Not only is this one directed by in-house man Michael Raven, but it stars most of the Wicked Girls. Julia Ann, Stormy, Devinn Lane and Kaylani are all on hand to show off their stuff. I’m also up in the air about Raven’s movie. He tends to make movies that look like mainstream films and sometimes that hurts the sex. I wonder sometimes if people realize that it is possible to do both. (Fashionistas) Granted, the cable market requires sex that is vanilla at best, boring at worst, but I’d love to see a feature with these beautiful women that didn’t have feature-sex. Perhaps this will be the one, perhaps not. At the very least, the next hour and a half is going to give us some beautiful women and a very well shot flick. How much lube we need is going to be the big question.

Julia Ann runs a mirror factory in this period piece. The bills are mounting and she’s less than pleased some of her workers (Stormy and Devinn) spend more time socializing than working. Stormy is having romance problems and Devinn is an aggressive girl who really wants to get her friend to loosen up. Before they go out for a night on the town, Devinn spreads her legs to let a go get busy. I’m not sure how the pierced pussy fits in the time-frame of the movie, but Devinn has such a hot box that it’s hard to complain. She puts a blindfold on the guy and works his cock with her mouth. I like the way she moves her whole body as she gives him head, but the close-up shots of her face are few and far between. The pretty feel of the scene continues as she rides his dick in reverse cowgirl and spends a lot of time getting nailed from behind. There is actually some very high-energy screwing in doggy, proving that Devinn can be a really hot fuck when she wants to be. She turns around and jerks his load right between her big tits.

The girls hit the night spots and they aren’t alone. Julia has a date with high-powered business man to discuss something diabolical. She has him in her web, but when he does up to the bar, her prince (Brad Armstrong) runs into Stormy. It might be love at first sight, but he returns to his table and she goes home for some hard-core nightmares. Julia shows up with Stormy in her dreams for a highly stylized lesbian encounter. They are both in tight, shiny outfits and kiss under flashing lights and with a fuzzy filtered look. It’s nice eye candy and I’ll always watch a babe like Stormy take some strap-on action, but there is not a of pure heat here. Julia Ann dishes out the fake dick pretty well, but this is style over strokeability.

Armstrong shows up at the factory and is impressed by what he sees. He runs into Stormy again and Julia has to swoop in and distract him. She can’t stop true love though, and Stormy is now dead in Julia’s sights. Julia calls in Steven St. Croix to eliminate the pesky blonde. Things get strange as he dances with her and poisons the poor young thing. There are quick shots of an orgy going on around them, but nothing really worth stroking to. It sort of sets things up though. As she slowly loses consciousness, Stormy watching Kaylani working on Steven’s cock. Too bad the scene is so dark because this is something I could really get into watching. Interestingly enough the lighting gets better when he starts eating her pretty little cookie. I love the way she looks in the hat and tie, but come on. Let’s sacrifice the art just a bit and show this gorgeous woman for the wonderful pile of perfection that she is. Kaylani gets bent over and filled, but most of the action is still hidden by the shadows. He finishes the scene by shooting on her face.

For some reason, Steven can’t follow through on the contract and that puts him in a whole lot of trouble. Brad comes along and rescues Stormy and she is so grateful that they finally get to fuck. With a fire roaring in the background, they kiss and slowly undress so that he can kiss his way down her body. She responds nicely to a finger in her pussy, but the blowjob is where the fun really starts. Stormy is really pretty and shoves her mouth down around his cock like she really wants it. There is some good hand action mixed in with the great oral footage. Stormy keeps up the good energy as she mounts Brad and fucks him in cowgirl. He tries to pump her hard in doggy, but you just know that this babe could take it much deeper if given the chance. He rolls her over and fucks as hard as he can until it’s time to dribble onto her shaved lips.

Julia is feeling really good about herself and makes her slave (Eric Masterson) worship at her feet. He is allowed to work his way between her legs and lick her blonde bush. Julia bends over to let him tongue her asshole which is pretty hot. She squats over him and rides in full fetish gear. After a standing doggy, he has to jerk his load off onto her shoe. (the lighting even blocks out most of this.)

I really like the script for this movie. It’s a nice mix of fantasy and sex. Like all Michael Raven movies, this one is nicely shot, artistically edited and quite mainstream in just about every way. Like too many of his movies though, it’s sexually lukewarm. I know it’s a couples feature, but even so, shadowy sex scenes just don’t cut it. Julia Ann and Stormy both do a nice job with their dialog and they have the best sex scenes. Kaylani is the hottest babe working for Wicked and her scene is pretty, but dang it, turn on some lights. I would recommend this flick as a couples movie and both Stormy and Devinn give us some reason to enjoy the movie. If we could just combine the quality of this movie with some really good sex, we would have something spectacular.

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