90 Mins.

Video Team


DIRECTOR: Dianna DeVoe

CONDOMS: None Noted

THEMES: All Black, Black Women



STARS: Audree Jaymes, Angel Eyes, Peaches, Simone, Jada, Julian St. Jox, John E. Depth, Misty Mason, Wesley Pipes, Mr. Marcus


Dianna DeVoe gets behind the camera for this anal-oriented all-black video. I don’t know what sort of unique perspective she might bring to a simple fuck-flick, but I know that I had to watch it. Any time I see Audree Jaymes on a box cover I’m going to pick it up. She’s one of the hottest women in all of porn and an early favorite for rookie of the year. As long as her perfect tits are on display, then there will be reason to hang out and watch what Dianna can do. She has gone with a simple movie. Each scene starts out with interviews from the guys and girls. They talk about what’s most important in a man or woman and then they hook up for their scene.

Misty Mason tells us that the most important part on a man is his dick. It’s a good thing she feels that way because she’s about to hook up with Wesley Pipes. They have a confrontation in a parking garage. She shoves him down on to the hood of his car and starts sucking his dick. I like the way the action starts out while she is still dressed and has her glasses on. With her hand around the base, Misty takes about half of that pole into her mouth, using her tongue to tickle the underside nicely. The tall girl stands and drops her dress, revealing some rather prominent ink blots on her legs and back. Wes doesn’t mind at all because his face is buried between her spread thighs. His dick fits easily into her shaved cooch, making Misty very happy she showed up for work today. He doesn’t pump all the way in, but lights her up with just half of that huge thing. As usual, Wesley does way too much talking for anyone who isn’t into male voices during jerk-off moments. Misty looked a lot better with clothes on, but by the time she starts squat-fucking him on the hood of the car, she has built up pretty good energy. It’s still a pretty average scene that just happens to have a decent facial at the end.

Jada is a pretty girl with a whole lot of make up on. She talks about how she would seduce a guy and I think that it would work pretty well. When her interview ends, Jada joins Julian St. Jox outside for some major titty sucking. While she sits on his lap, Julian sucks her nipples and plays with her ample ass. She slides up to he knees and lets him take her hard and fast from behind. I like the way she looks on her back with those long legs thrown up over his shoulders. They hook up for a little anal and he pulls out in time to cream between her cheeks.

Peaches is the prettiest girl so far and has a body to match the nice looking face. She doesn’t talk much during the interview, but John E. Depth makes up for her silence. They get to know each other on the bed, with John spanking her lovely backside and feeding her every inch of his long dick. She spits on it and then uses her thick lips to get the head nice and wet. It slides easily up into her twat and Peaches is screaming before he finishes the first stroke. He flips her over and drills that wet little slit, hitting bottom and bending his dick as he pushes harder. John has to go slowly from behind, but soon has her screaming and clutching at the sheets. She spins around and plays with his balls while he strokes onto her face.

At long last we get Audree, in a bikini no less. This girl has a slamming ass to go along with the best boobs in the business. Her interview is good, but I want to see this chick naked. She strolls into Julian’s backyard and plants a big kiss on his lips. He finds his way to her tits and takes a few seconds to admire their perfection. Audree loves the attention as his mouth moves down between her legs. When he’s had enough of that, Julian leans back and lets Audree get on her hands and knees for a blowjob. With her tits dangling invitingly, she licks up and down the sides of his dick. The blowjob is pretty short because Julian wants to get behind Audree, grab her round ass and push deep into her pussy. There are some great shots of Ms. Jaymes in doggy, but if you like her boobs, the mish footage is even better. Get ready for the booty as well because she Audree gets on top, that’s what we see. Both her butt and her rack get into some serious motion as she rides, but Julian is already to the point of no return. He shoots his load on her tummy and thighs, making Audree smile and making me wish I was in there to cream her big tits and beautiful face.

Simone and Angel Eyes hook up to play with Mr. Marcus. Both of these girls are nice looking. Simone is very light while Angel is deep, dark chocolate. The girls kiss for a few minutes before Marcus comes in to get a taste. Both women look good sucking dick, but Angel seems to have the more skilled mouth. After a short round of ‘pass the penis’, Angel mounts him and shakes her big ass for the camera. Simone looks really good on top of him, with her tight little pussy barely able to slide all the way down. He stacks them on top of each other and plows into them until its time for the girls to spin around and share a dose of hot cream.

There is some decent action in this movie, but it’s an inconsistent effort. Audree is awesome and the last two girls really do a good job double teaming Marcus. The rest of the cast is hit and miss so it depends on what you like. Misty is really tall and thin while Peaches and Jada have a bit more curve to them. The scenes get better as the movie goes on. If the three-way were a bit longer, it might even have been as good as Audree’s scene. I’m still not sure what a Dyme is, but if Audree is one, then I love em.


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