Club Tropixxx 2


Club Tropixxx 2


100 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Cash Markman/Mitch King

CONDOMS: Some Noted

THEMES: Outdoor sex



STARS: Sunrise Adams, Jenna Haze, Taylor St. Claire, Wendy Divine, Mia Smiles, Faith Adams, Nick Manning, Rafe, Dillon Day, Lee Stone


I’m a SoCal boy who happens to be a sucker for girls in bikinis and sex on the beach. That’s a bit part of why I am attracted to these Surfer Pictures flicks. The other reason is because they tend to put together amazing casts with girls like Jenna Haze, Sunrise Adams and Taylor St. Claire. The last movie I watched was a bit disappointing in that it was more of a couples-friendly piece with great locations and lukewarm sex. Hopefully that won’t happen this time, but if it does, then at least I will have done my couples-flick for the week. There is a bit of voice-over dialog that sets up some of the scenes, so it’s going to be a little more than a music-video porn.

Rafe is married to Mia Smiles and gets a letter that she’s cheating. He follows her over to Dillon’s and watches as she drops to her knees and fills her pretty face with dick. With her clothes still on, the Asian doll is a sight to behold, working her long tongue over his head while her hand drifts down between her parted thighs. After a pretty good blowjob, she loses the clothes and starts squat fucking him in reverse cowgirl. (No condom here by the way.) I like the way she slams her hips down to take every inch. Dillon bends her over and Mia’s pussy looks like it can barely take it as he pounds away from behind. She pus on a great show, backing up on it and arching her back to get all the cock she can. He rolls her over and spreads her legs as wide as he can while he pumps to climax. There is a bit of slo-mo here as Dillon launches goo all over her flat belly and pert nipples.

Upset by his girlfriend, Rafe turns to his friends who steer him towards Club Tropixxx, a place where sex can heal every problem. Nick Manning tells him all about the fun you can have there, leading us to an outdoor scene between Nick and Wendy Divine. They are both wet from the rain and Wendy has a smile on her face as she works his cock over with her mouth. He leans her back on the grass and gives her pussy a through tongue-bath. I like this scene for the scenery, but the heat is a huge step down from the opener. There is more slow motion and some hip hop music that just drains the strokeablilty and turns it into a nice piece of eye candy, but nothing more. With a waterfall right next to them, Wendy turns around and takes a so-mo shot on her face.

When Rafe visits the club he gets an eye full on an afternoon drive. Hot little Jenna Haze has Lee Stone pinned against a wall and is sucking his massive cock with her sexy little mouth. I love the way she works her hands to really get him going. Where has this version of Jenna gone? Her smile, her eye contact and her hungry sucking are fantastic. Lee lifts her up and buries his face in her hot little snatch. Jenna looks great and her pussy is ready for cock by the time he’s done. I love the energy in this scene and it’s been a while since we’ve seen Jenna power fucked this way. The petite little fuck toy gets on top and rides like crazy, swallowing that big dick and showing off her bod. Without pulling out, she spins around and lets him stand up to further impale her on that long pole. After a quick doggy, Lee pulls out and shoots on her tiny butt.

Rafe is on his way to meet Sunrise Adams when he picks up Wendy. They all hook up for a nice outdoor scene. This great double blowjob is really killed by black and white footage and an overly-done ‘style.’ Attention porn people, please keep your MTV dreams out of our stroke material. It’s horribly annoying. Instead of a hot scene with Sunrise, we get something that is watered down and offers only brief moments of porn perfection as she takes the hot (and still natural) blonde from behind. (Bad news for condom haters since he has a bag on.) Not even a decent shot on Sunrise’s face is enough to save this one from being a super disappointment.

Nick and Taylor St. Claire take a walk late at night and she is more than happy to share her charms with him. Her most obvious charms for those who don’t know are her huge (real) tits that Nick sucks on hungrily. He moves down to her pussy and even slides a finger up her ass before standing in front of her gorgeous face. Now that Taylor has a chance to show off her skills, she takes Nick’s cock to the root with no trouble at all. I love the blowjob, but hate the slow motion shit again. Taylor manages to shine at full speed so it’s worth sitting through to watch her work that hand as she shoves it between her lips. He bends her over for easy access to her meaty ass while entering her from behind. Taylor takes it in both holes perfectly, loving every hard pounding inch. Working from her knees again, she milks a sizable load onto her tongue, stroking it until she has tasted every drop.

That leaves Rafe to fuck his mystery friend Faith Adams. She’s a pretty nice looking brunette, but you can tell from the start that this romantic finale is going to be pretty tame. The blowjob is shot from the side in the dark so much of that action is hidden. There are some good shots of Faith when the camera moves in closer and she’s ramming that dick to the back of her throat. Rafe gets on top and starts fucking her. This scene isn’t killed by too much slow motion, but it makes me even more disappointed, that two really great scenes were. Why leave this one alone?

There are some really good scenes in this movie. The only problem is that they make me hate the others all the more. When you see how good some of these girls can look fucking on the beach, it makes it impossible to figure out why we need slow motion shit. Sadly we lose the chance to see Sunrise Adams in one of the really good ones. Mia Smiles and Jenna Haze start the movie off with great scenes. No slow motion to get in the way, just good looking girls getting royally fucked for our viewing pleasure. It goes downhill after those two scenes, but there is still a lot to like. Even with the over-done style, Taylor St. Claire gives a good scene. The locations are great and this movie looks really good. I just wish we could get directors to stay the hell out of the way when they have such beautiful women.

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