Ben Dover’s Anal Adventures


Ben Dover’s Anal Adventures


143 Mins.




THEMES: Anal Sex, Real Breasts



STARS: Jamie, Lisa, Donna, Lucia, Marianne,


It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a Ben Dover flick and I’m kind of happy to have this one. I like his oddball gonzo style and the way his girls always get well fucked and sprayed with jizz before he’s finished with them. There aren’t many people shooting real gonzo any more and as others have given up, Ben keeps doing what he does best. It helps that finds girls that most US porn fans haven’t seen in fifty-eight scenes already and often brings us some real gems. Some of the girls on this box look really cute and the double shot of Donna and Lucia makes me want to sing the praises of these super fine backsides. If the other girls in this quintet of quim are as hot as these two then we’re going to have a lot of fun for the next two and a half hours.

Jamie is a nice looking eighteen year old girl who says she wants cock. As luck would have it, she gets two. She in looking quite tasty in her stockings and heels as she bends over to suck one dick while her pussy gets fingered. Thanks to a glass panel in the floor, we get some interesting shots from underneath as she gets taken at both ends. Jamie likes to ride and pounds her body down to take every inch. The dirty blonde curies her tongue into some ass while still getting slammed and manages to work Ben’s cock into her mouth for a little while. The guys get a bit acrobatic with her, holding her in the air for a while and changing positions so often you might get dizzy. Eventually they drip some lube onto her asshole and begin to abuse that orifice as well. Her butt opens right up and takes cock like she was born for down and dirty sodomy. The guys are totally impressed and since there is not a third guy around, they elect to hose her pretty face with a ton of cum. Slutty Jamie licks up as much as she can, but it drips down her chin, onto her tits and covers the glass floor. Sperm guzzling Jamie is the perfect girl to open this anal adventure.

Lisa is a very thin blonde with a pronounced nose and a big smile. She is making a return trip to Ben’s place. His partner comes in and can hardly contain himself as he peels off her clothes. Ben shoots some really nice bend-over shots and then turns the couple loose on top of a table. He licks her pussy for a while and even sticks his tongue up her asshole. That gets her wet enough for an easy insertion. Lisa playfully licks Ben’s cock while riding the other guy. She’s got great energy and really likes the deep strokes she gets when bent over the desk. List is a bit skinny for my taste, but if you like long girls with tiny asses and smallish boobs, then you’re really going to like her. Her ass requires a lot of foreplay, so the guys work her over with fingers and tongues for a while. Once the cocks come, her little butthole gets seriously stretched and she just loves it. Ben captures the action beautifully, moving in close as her cheeks get split. Right in the middle of the action, Pascal shows up and Lisa seems eager to introduce some new meat to the mix. He nails her from behind while the other guys kneels above her on a bunk bed to shoot his load down on to her face. Lisa loves cum in her mouth and takes a second load just moments later. Ben adds his own spunk to her face, pushing it into her mouth with the head of his throbbing member.

Donna and Lucia team up to give us a hot-assed blonde/brunette tandem. They play with each other for a little while before getting busy with some meat. The four-way fucking starts right away with both girls taking cock in the mouth and having their pussies played with. The blonde, Donna, has some really meaty lips that get stretched and twisted as she moans with delight. She rolls onto her side for some nice shots of her body as she gets taken. I think I like Lucia a little better, but you can’t go wrong with either of these girls. They both look great from head to toe and show good energy. They share an early load, licking cream like two good little kitties. I really like the side-by side doggy that shows us two super fine asses. Lucia gets up for some really hot reverse cowgirl and then watches as Donna matches her in the same position. The blond has her tits bouncing like mad and makes Ben’s dick hard with her great energy. When the anal stars, the girls are on their knees again and side-by-side. The guys slide fingers in, but really just want to fuck those great butts. Lucia stays on her knees longer, giving us some better shots while Donna moves around a bit more. They get back in synch with some matching RCA that is really easy on the eyes. It’s always nice to see women with such great asses who can also turn in fantastic anal scenes. Lucia gets a shot in her ass and then lets her blonde friend lick it out. The rest of the pops are share facials with a bit of swapping from the two nasty babes.

That leaves us with busty girl Marianne to try and bring us home in style. She has a really round face, pretty eyes and comes across well during the brief pre-scene footage. The guys are very interested in checking out her big, natural breasts. Marianne shows off her body in those black fishnets that are so popular these days. She has a tight, shaved slit, a meaty ass and of course, those marvelous tits. The horny girl also has a mouth that is just too hungry for her own good. She licks slowly, taking cock slowly and really enjoying every inch. A little more energy during the blowjob would be nice, but Marianne seems to perk up when the attention switches to he wet little hole. She really likes being pounded and even seems to suck better when she’s being fucked. When he pulls out and shoots all over her tummy, Marianne feeds herself the load, licking up every drop and getting him ready for round two. This time his cock goes right into her ass. Marianne is a little bigger than ideal for RCA, but it makes her tits shake quite a bit, so that’s bound to turn some people on. This time she really works to stroke his load into he mouth, happily drinking it down. Ben gets to pop on her face as well, leaving her sticky and still smiling like crazy.

Ben and his horny buds are up to their old tricks. They find a whole bunch of hot young girls and leave them screwed, stretched and sprayed. There is a nice mix of women and all of them love it hard. I really enjoyed the Lucia and Donna four-way. These two chicks have great asses and split their cheeks perfectly. Fresh faced Jamie may be the best girl in the bunch, going from anal virgin to total butt-slut in one easy lesson. Marianne is really attractive, though her energy can’t compare with the rest of the babes. There is less gonzo stuff going on here and more straight sex. I love the sexual action, but I do miss some of the fun from old-school Ben Dover flicks.

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