Asia Carrera Exposed



Asia Carrera Exposed

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

125 Mins.

New Machine

DIRECTOR: Compilation

THEMES: Asia Carrera

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Asia Carrera, Taylor Moore, Victoria Andrews, Jade, Mai Hoshino, Ed Powers, Mike Horner.


These Exposed videos are really good ways way to see early scenes from your favorite babes. I’m not always a huge fan of the Ed/Randy stuff, but they find some of the freshest new babes in the biz. Many of them go on to be huge stars so these comps allow us to wade through hundreds of videos to find just what we’re looking for. It often allows us to see women when they are still natural and that’s a pretty good thing. The filler scenes are not always as hot, but if you’re an Asia fan, there should be enough of her to enjoy. With Asia, these aren’t so much early scenes and scenes she did in between her early work and where she is now. So the boobs have been worked on, but she has more heat than in her V days.

Taylor Moore is the first person to join Asia on the couch in “Raw Sex 5”. They are both looking good in bra and panty sets as they open with some kissing. Taylor looks thrilled to be playing with Asia and may even be a little star struck. She slips Asia’s panties off and buries her face between those long legs. Asian enjoys the probing tongue of her dirty-blonde friend and moans softly as she writhes on the floor. When Asia returns the favor, we get the added treat of watching her wiggle her body enough to really shake her sexy ass. They break out a strap-on so that Taylor can get plowed by Asia. The action isn’t very high-energy here, but the eye candy is way up there. Taylor rolls her over and licks Asia’s asshole. She has a small vibrator that finds its way up that seldom penetrated back door, driving Asia crazy and picking up the heat at the end.

We get to watch Asia work with Marc Wallice from “Tongue in Cheek.” The scene has a pink tinge to it that is pretty annoying, but you have to love the way she fills out a tight pair of jeans. Marc goes down and licks her pussy. Between the strange color, the low light and the angle, we really don’t get much of a view of the action. Asia gives him a short blowjob that is shot from a really horrible angle so we miss out on the sight of her pretty face giving head. As she mounts Marc’s little tool, Asia shows off her still original boobs. This is a very early scene and her energy level is pretty low. That was my problem with Asia in those days, she just didn’t fuck like she liked it. They do pick it up a bit at the end for a hard fuck and a load fired onto her flat tummy.

We get another g/g scene from “New Positions” between Asia and a flat chested brunette. Asia is natural in this scene as well and looks really good as she spreads her legs as wide as she can to give her friend a taste. Asia is happy to return the favor, licking softly until the scene fades. This is followed by another veggie scene with Asia joining Isis Nile outside. There is some pretty footage here and we can always stare at Asia, but come on haven’t we seen enough of her licking pussy? There is some good stuff here as both women are very strokeable, but there is just too much veggie action on this disc.

Victoria Andrews comes in for a scene with Mike Horner. The lighting is really low so whatever heat might have been there is missing. Things are a little better after she gets eaten and starts sucking cock. There just isn’t a whole to like here. In fact, this one can be written off as poorly lit filler.

Jade is a decent looking babe who gets mauled by Ed Powers. It would be an understatement to say that she seems bored, but there is some decent eye candy when Ed isn’t in the way. He slips between her legs and does his best to get her pulse up to normal rate. There is just no heat from this girl as she sucks Ed’s little dick and then tries to pump her. Pretty Mia hooks up for a low energy lesbian scene and then manages to look like she likes Ed for a while. She’s a cute babe who I would love to see in other movies.

You have to be more than an Asia fan to enjoy this compilation. If you don’t also really like lesbian sex, then you’re going to be disappointed. She spends most of the movie licking pussy and having her own licked. There are some good veggie scenes, but we are seriously lacking any good dick-in-Asia action. The other scenes are pretty run of the mill, making this good only for those who really have an inch to see Asia get it on with other chicks.

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