Good Girls Doing Bad Things


Good Girls Doing Bad Things


124 Mins.

Digital Sin






STARS: Kylie Rochelle, Sabrine Maui, Anika Fox, Elizabeth Del Mar, Reese, Mark Ashley, Nacho Vida & Julian

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I really like movies with catchy titles. This one is just a perfect porn title. After all, isn’t this what we want from smut? Nice looking young girls who look angelic but who fuck and suck like the best whores alive? It takes more than a catchy title for turn a movie into something we want to see, but the cast for this movie should take care of that. There are a couple of new cuties and Sabrine Maui around to anchor the flick. She is one of the very best performers in porn and she is a perfect piece of eye candy. If the rest of the girls are half as pretty as she is, then this is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Nacho finds Sabrine on her back in panties and an open blouse. He tweaks her nipples and slides the head of his cock into her pretty mouth. Sabrine gets down on her knees, has her hands behind her back and rams her mouth around his fat rod. The blowjob is great, but the heat increases greatly when he bends her over the table and stuffs that tight slit. Her body looks fantastic in this position and Sabrine sucks Nacho’s toes to help stifle her moans. The footage gets much better looking when he turns her over and lets her ride his dick. Sabrine takes it deep and her body looks perfect in this position. For such a petite thing, Sabrine really loves big cocks and takes them very well. Nacho gives her all she can handle and then blasts a huge load right into her mouth.

Blonde Elizabeth is a horny girl who gets right to the action. She crawls onto the bed and takes Mark Ashley’s dick in her mouth. On her hands and knees, the tall girl pushes her mouth forward until she’s nearly choking on it. Mark pushes her down onto the bed and works his fingers up into her tight little cookie. Her holes swallow up his digits until she’s ready for the real thing. She mounts him and holds him down while she pumps up and down. He turns her over and pushes her knees back against her chest and fills her pussy with several inches of throbbing lust. They go for some pretty good anal and a big facial finish. I like the energy here, though it’s nowhere near as hot as the last scene.

Reese is a sweet looking thing who appears to be quite the good girl. On the other hand, she dose have her fingers working on her pussy when Nacho joins her. He licks her fingers clean and then uses the back of a chair to isolate her breasts for some attention. He ass sticks out nicely, making it easy for him to move behind her and slip up into that pussy. I like her chest, but the best looking footage comes when her mouth is stuffed with hard cock. Even with a big tat on her arm, this girl has a great face, totally co-ed even when she’s stroking a big dick. Nacho cranks up the scene, bending her over and putting his foot on her head while he fucks her. When he’s got her on her back, Nacho tweaks her nipples hard, working as much of her body as he can. She sticks her ass high into the air and lets him pound away until he is ready to pop. Nacho shoots his load all over the legs of the chair and lets Reese lick it up.

Anika Fox is a very nice looking girl with a pretty face and a tight little body. She is a thin thing with perky nipples and a nice smile. Julian makes her quite happy with Anika responds by twisting her nipples and pushing him back to get access to his meat. His cock is big enough for both of her hands to stay busy while she sucks the head. I love the way this girl arches her back and works her whole body as she sucks that long pole. When her mouth has done its magic, she throws one leg up onto his shoulder and lets him drive deep. Spoon is a good position for this girl because she looks so pretty from the front. From behind he can go even deeper and Julian shows her no mercy, pushing every inch into her tight twat. After some enthusiastic reverse cowgirl, Anika takes a big load on her smiling face. This is a good example of how a scene can look really good and still have great heat.

Kylie is a busty brunette who gets manhandled by Nacho. The pigtailed babe opens her mouth and slips her lips up and down his shaft. With her mouth hard at work, those big, natural tits are shaking invitingly. Kylie’s got a great set and appeart to have decent sucking skills as well. He bends her over and takes her meaty asscheeks into his hands while pumping from behind. Kylie rolls over and lets him cover her belly with his hand while stuffing the muffin. By the time this top heavy girl gets on top, she is ready to take every inch into her horny hole. They do a bit of foot fucking, but he wants back into her pussy. This time her big tits are flopping all over the place as he pounds away. From her, he can easily pull out and shoot all over her fresh, ‘good-girl’ face.

I don’t know if there are many good girls who are this bad in private, but this collection makes me hope that there are a lot of them. Anika Fox probably turns in the best scene and she is super cute. Sabrine is great as always, giving us two perfect sluts who look like cheerleaders. All of the scenes are well shot and the girls look great. Even with all this eye candy, the sex is plenty hot. It’s really too bad that some of the big time contract girls can’t turn in sex scenes with this much heat, we might really have something special. For now, these good girls are just bad enough for me.

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