Ball Busters


Ball Busters


87 Mins.

Digital G


THEMES: Group Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Alexa Rae, Jessica Drake, Nicole Sheridan, Brooke Hunter, Gina Ryder, Taylor St. Claire, DoLorian, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, Voodoo & Don Hollywood.


Digital G. has done some really nice feature work so far. This latest release stars many of the same women we’ve seen in their other flicks. Nicole Sheridan and Jessica Drake seem to be company favorites and I think that’s a damn good thing. When you start with these two women, you know that you’re going to get a couple of hot scenes no matter what else the movie has in store for us. In this case, Alexa Rae, Taylor St. Claire and Gina Ryder give the audience plenty to look forward to. Digital G. has been unafraid to listen to outside input, taking feedback from review sites, magazines and fans to help shape their projects. The closing credits for this movie include a list of industry sources and sites (This one included) that have helped shape the Digital G. style. Hopefully the no-slow motion sex mantra has been heard and we can look forward to some hot action in this movie.

The title for this movie comes from the name of a club run by Alexa Rae. She runs a great place to kick back, listen to tunes and get buys. Apparently even the vice cops love to come by for freebies now and then. That’s pretty much all the set up we need because Gina Ryder is already giving Steven St. Croix one hell of a lap dance. In no time at all she moves to oral sex, working his dick between her lips as the band works in the background. The director works in some nice shots of Gina’s ass as she enthusiastically swallows sword. Steven spreads her thighs for some oral and then bends Gina over to finally get inside that hot box. She is quite vocal as he takes her and really seems to enjoy riding his lap. The best footage comes with Gina flat on her back and Steven pushing her thighs up to her chest so he can truly pound away. This makes it easy for him to stand up and shoot a load all over her chest and tummy.

Brooke Hunter and Don Hollywood look a little old to be hanging out in a club like this, but that’s because Don is a cop. He’s just come by to harass the owners a bit and is given Brooke to make sure everything checks out. He works on her for a long time with his fingers and tongue before finally letting her get a taste of his pistol. Since Brooke is my least favorite woman in the movie, the long pussy licking session and blowjob kind of grows tiring. Don eventually slides his dick into her (Bareback for those of you keeping score at home.) After the long oral sex, they speed through the vag and get right to some hard-pounding anal with Brooke bent over and taking it deep. He pulls out and dribbles between her tits, taking care of the law and clearing the way for other couples to get busy.

Evan Stone is a member of the band who takes a break and enjoys the fun. First he puts Jessica and DoLorian together and then he puts the moves on Alexa. She is more than happy to strip down for him. As the girl lick boobs, Evan slides four fingers up inside of Alexa until she nearly screams. Like the music, the camera movement is hard and a little on the fast side. With the action jumping back and forth, it’s hard to focus on one pairing. (Now that we’ve gotten rid of slo-mo sex, perhaps we can focus on the elimination of split scenes.) Alexa seems quite determined to keep Evan happy with her mouth and hand. The lesbian action is going along pretty well, but every time it looks good, we switch back over to Alexa and Evan. At least everyone involved is good looking. Still, I would like to see these scenes separated so we can really enjoy the energy that Alexa brings to the table. When Evan has her on her back, he really slams the hell out of her pussy until he is ready to cream her tits. I’m not a big fan of g/g action to begin with and on this occasion it’s just a distraction.

Even the unpleasant aspects of her job can be fun for Alexa. She tires to fire Taylor St. Claire but elects to fuck her instead. This time the lesbian action isn’t taking away from another scene so it’s much more interesting to me. Alexa attacks Taylor like she’s starving and munches the busty brunette’s box. Taylor has her clothes around her middle and her huge chest popping out as she moans and writhes from Alexa’s expert tongue and probing fingers. They break out a toy and the action gets even hotter. Taylor returns the favor with some intense finger fucking and by feeding Alexa her own cum at the end of their scene.

Chick bands get laid easily as well. After a performance, Gina, DoLorian and Nicole Sheridan invite Evan and Voodoo on stage for a bit of orgy action. It’s another spit scene so some of the cuts kill a bit of heat, but all of the girls seem totally cock starved. Evan gets only one girl while Voodoo shares Gina with his wife Nicole. The balance of this scene is a little off, with the three-way being more of an afterthought. That may be because Do’s energy is so freaking high. She’s power fucking Evan and screaming at the top of her lungs with every stroke. Nicole is attracted to all that energy and adds a helping hand. Voodoo keeps busy with Gina, fucking her while she buries her face between Nicole’s cheeks. With everyone still busy screaming, Evan shoots into Do’s mouth and Voodoo gives his two babes a really nice facial.

There is some very solid action in this movie and it’s clear that Digital G is working towards a more stroke-friendly movie. We don’t have any slow motion sex here and even with the loud music in the club, we hear the sounds of sex quite clearly. There is still some room for improvement though. Sexually, there is still a bit of heat lost any time a scene has to jump back and forth between action. Some of the close-ups are not as well framed as they might be and they seem to be randomly inserted sometimes. (I find this a lot in movies that are shot in hard and soft versions.) Beyond that, there is plenty to really like about this movie. Alexa Rae turns in a really good scene and Gina Ryder both turn in great B/G scenes. Taylor and Alex do a really hot veggie scene to add some hot girl on girl action to the mix. I’d like to see them keep up the sexual heat and add a little more on the story end to really round out the sexually hot feature feel.

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