Sinful Asians


Sinful Asians


130 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures

DIRECTOR: Jewel De’Nyle

THEMES: Asian Girls,



STARS: Charmane Star, Lyla Lei, Kianna, Roxy, Bamboo, Mr. Pete, Ben English, Anthony hardwood, Brandon Iron & Michael Stefano.


Jewel De’Nyle’s most recent effort is just up my alley. She has jumped onto the Asian girl bandwagon and has lined up a few for this one. Unlike many directors who try Asian lines, Jewel isn’t afraid to shoot hot, nasty sex. In fact, given her last few movies I think it is safe to assume that these girls are going to get slam-fucked until they are dripping with hot sticky cum. In traditional Platinum X style, the girls are brought out, shown off for a few seconds and then tossed in with some professional porn meat slingers to be used and abused for our viewing pleasure. I say, bring on the sinful Asians and keep them coming, I don’t want to be horny again in an hour.

Sometimes if feels like Charmane Star has been fucking on film forever. She looks hot and very fresh during her tease footage, but it really does seem that she’s been around the biz for a very long time. Mr. Pete starts out with his mouth on her feet, but works quickly up to her hot little pussy. Charmane looks really good on he back, but always shines with a dick in her mouth. Pete holds her hair back, letting Charmane work her full lips up and down his shaft. Even with good eye candy, this is a pretty average blowjob. Thankfully the head increases when he bends her over and fucks her hard from behind. On top, Charmane slides her lovely body up and down, really showing off her ass. I like the view even better when she turns around to face the camera. The scene looks good, but falls into a low-energy rhythm when Charmane is lying on her back taking it in the pussy and in the mouth and back again. The facial is pretty good and she does a nice job of licking his goo from her lips and the head of his prick. Charmane looks good in this scene, but it’s not her hottest venture ever.

Lyla Lei is a rather average looking babe with a nice round ass and really hot, full lips. She walks inside and crawls to the couch, letting her butt wiggle under her short little nightie. While she reaches around to play with her pussy, Michael Stefano focuses on her feet. He spanks the soles, licks the toes and finally gets a footjob. I hope she washed her feet before the scene because Lyla turns around and sticks his dick right into her mouth. Her head is pretty good, but those lips look spectacular. Her lower lips are nice and tight, but Michael manages to get her juicy enough to slide right up in there. The tiny titted babe likes it deep, but also likes the taste of her cream on his prick. From behind he plays with her ass, getting it ready for later while fucking her tight box. Instead of going in the back door, he works her pussy for a while longer. When he does finally go for the ass, Lyla slides the head in and lets Michael piston pound her colon. After a few long strokes she turns around and lovingly stuffs it into her mouth. The standing anal is quite hot as her little hole gets crammed full of hard meat. Lyla takes some extensive A2M before shooting a huge load all over her tongue.

Big breasted Kianna shows off her rack outside before turning her attention to her aching pussy. Inside, Anthony Hardwood is waiting and Kianna is happy to talk dirty to him before her mouth gets filled. Kianna has never been my favorite Asian babe, but she gives the best blowjob so far in this flick, devouring his dick before slipping it between those big breasts. He peels off her bikini bottoms and works two fingers into her tight hole. Kianna actually works up a little bit of a sweat while she’s being eaten. Her slit is just as wet at her upper lip so he fits in easily. She does some really good work on top, bouncing up and down and working her hips. (Have to love that V shaped tan line from her bottoms.) She bends over to take it deep and gives ass lovers a shot of those full cheeks that they will remember for some time. During cowgirl, he spanks her as a bit, but saves the best stuff for the facial. Kianna takes it on the kisser and licks up every drop.

Roxy is a pretty nice looking girl with a pierced nipple and a really good body. She plays with her pussy and talks dirty for a while as she waits for Brandon Iron. He puts his cock in her mouth and lets the pretty girl do her best to swallow it. She can’t get much into her mouth, but makes up for that with short, quick strokes and by keeping her free hand busy on her clit. Brandon likes the way she sucks enough to pretty much let her do her thing and he even pulls her on top of his face for some hot 69. As soon as he starts fucking her pussy, Roxy gets a big smile on her face and pulls her leg up high to let him go deep. I love her energy and the way she happily sucks him clean in between positions. Roxy turns her ass to the sky and lets Brandon fuck her hard. She is talking dirty when he decides to make her suck his toe instead. This little girl never slows down, mounting Brandon and going full speed on the length of his cock like she can’t get enough. He rewards her hard work with a huge load of cream all over her face. This is a really hot scene that is well captured with fantastic energy.

Bamboo has the unenviable task of following this scene with the final fuck of the flick. She’s got a hot little body going for her with super bitable nipples. After showing off, she moves inside where Ben English has his cock halfway down her throat. Bamboo just lets him stuff the head in and tries to push him deeper with some desperate mouth action. He does the same thing to her pussy when she gets on top of him and faces the camera. Bamboo’s slit is a bit too snug to take more than half of his cock, but she does the best she can and looks pretty good getting plowed. In reverse cowgirl, he slips the head of his cock in her ass and it hits maximum penetration really quickly. Our tight little heroine bounces as hard as she can, but her anal cavity just won’t expand enough to take his fat prick. Eventually they find a position that works better and he slams nearly all the way home from behind. Ben drops a big load of cum right onto her face and Bamboo is happy to take it like a champ.

Charmane kicks this movie off and she’s looking great, though her energy is not as high as in other scenes. From there, the girls get slightly less pretty, but a whole lot more enthusiastic about fucking. Roxy stands out as a very nice looking babe who really fucks like a champ. Her scene is one of the best I’ve seen and is worth a look. Bamboo struggles to take Ben’s dick, but she gets big points for effort. Kianna and Lyla round out the well-fucked Asian babes on the menu. I like that this is a little less rough than some of the other Platinum X titles. It’s still hot and this shows that Jewel can bring the heat without turning it into a choke and spit fest.

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