Finally Legal 9


Finally Legal 9


115 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Mike Adams

THEMES: Petite Girls




STARS: Loni, Hollie Stevens, Gauge, Jessica Dee, Kitty, Mark Ashley, Brian Surewood, Bobby Vitale,


Normally this series is packed with barely legal chicks, but this one seems to be a mix. Yes we get the dangerously young looking Kitty who is probably the sweetest little teen to come along since another cast member, Gauge hit the scene a few years go. Along with Kitty and Gauge, we get Loni who is one of the most consistently hot performers in the business. She may not be brand new or felonious looking, but any movie with Loni in the cast is guaranteed at least one great scene. Mike Adams has the helm for this volume and he’s pretty steady when it comes to giving us straight-forward stroke scenes. A good cast and a solid director should lead to a damn fine flick.

Kitty is up first and looks quite enticing as she slips out of her tiny shorts and t-shirt. The clothes are back on when she starts her scene with Mark Ashley. He stands up and she starts bobbing her pretty head on that thick shaft. His dick is way too big for her mouth, but she does the best she can, drooling all over the place and smiling at the challenge. I don’t remember a girl in porn with smaller tits than Kitty, so if flat-chested is how you like them, she is your dream girl. Mark slides her back on the couch and makes his way down to her tiny twat. Kitty moans as he slides two fingers up into her, preparing her to be penetrated by something much bigger. She bends over on the couch and takes it from behind. Kitty looks good in this position and her tight pussy swallows every inch. The little cutie goes crazy when she’s top, wiggling that hot little ass. After a rousing fuck, Kitty takes a good load on her face and chest.

Gauge isn’t a new girl, but she still looks hot and fresh in her plaid skirt. After the short tease sequence, she climbs into bed with Brian Surewood. He helps strip her down to just her heels and lacy white socks before munching on her muffin. As his fingers work on her slit, Gauge lifts her legs high in the air, giving us a great shot and giving Brian easy access. Taking her turn, the hot little babe does her usual stellar job of sucking dick. The blowjob is great, but way too short as she moves up and starts grinding down on his dick. Her body is perfect for reverse cowgirl and she looks hot taking it all inside of her. The energy is really high and continues as Surewood fucks her from behind. He finally pulls out and shoots onto her wide open mouth. Gauge is one of the best fucks in all of porn and she’s got her A-game working in this scene.

Holli Stevens is the one girl in this movie that I haven’t seen before. She’s a tall blonde with really perky nipples and a nice round ass. Bobby Vitale gets right down and licks that spread pussy. As the camera pulls back, we get a really good look at her body. Bobby leans back and enjoys her mouth as Holli sucks long and deep. He holds her by the hair as she strokes hard. Holli mounts Bobby’s cock and does a really good job with her hips. Her ass looks pretty good, but when she faces the camera in RC things are even better looking. The energy is really good during spoon, but Bobby feels the need to choke her as he always seems to do these days. When he pulls out, Bobby sprays a nice load on her face, but we cut away way too quickly.

Jessica Dee is a nasty young girl with a solid body who has never done a thing for me personally. I don’t know why, but there is just no spark when I watch her fuck. She sheds her white top and lets Brian Surewood get under her plaid skirt to her goodies. She does a decent job of sucking his dick, though he shoves her head around an awful lot. Brian sticks his cock into her, making Jessica squeal with delight. They move quickly to doggy where his cock slides right up her ass. As always, Jessica takes it like a champ, spinning around to catch a facial at the end. She does a fine job, it just doesn’t do it for me.

Loni on the other hand always does it for me. She’s a large-breasted Filipina with a soft body, an inviting smile and sexual energy to burn. Bobby comes in and just about dives on top of her. Starting with her tits, he works his way down until his tongue is circling her clit and she’s got her legs wrapped around his head. Turning the tables, Loni tongues his entire cock and balls, bowing Bobby like she really loves his cock. Her oral technique is fantastic and she pulls out all the stops this time. They start fucking in spoon and Loni talks dirty while Bobby tries to power screw her. Loni take everything he’s got and then goes totally wild when she gets to be on top. Bobby pounds her from behind and from above for a few brief moments before straddling her face and shooting his load all over her forehead.

This is a pretty simple sex vid with only a couple of girls who would actually qualify as finally legals even if we use the loosest of terms. Kitty is fresh, young and a complete fuck bunny. She is the prefect spinner and the best slutlet to hit porn this year. Her scene is a joy to watch and makes me want to pick up everything she’s in. Gauge turns in another fine performance, pro-fucking Brian Surewood to within an inch of his life. Loni finishes the movie with a really strong fuck, making me think that Metro if following the old first, second & fifth method. Holli is a cute newcomer and Jessica is an enthusiastic fuck, but they feel more like filler compared to the big three. They are good enough to hold our interest while we wait around to reload and fire one off for Loni.

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