International Booty 5


International Booty 5


115 Mins.

Smash Pictures

DIRECTOR: Mark Anthony

THEMES: Interracial Sex




STARS: Jessica, Ohana, Susana, Taylor, Coco, Annie, Cathy, Britney, Yara, Mark Anthony, Darren, Jamaica, Julian & Rocky


Some lines bounce from company to company looking for a home. Mark Anthony’s International Booty is one of those lines. He’s up to volume five and has landed at Smash Pictures. No matter who is releasing the movies, Mark has a great time traveling the world, finding hot chicks and fucking them for our viewing pleasure. For this one, he’s got chicks from seven different countries. The wonderful ethnic mix makes for a lot of fun and Mark is ready to dish out the American meat to each and every one of them. If noting else, he is out to prove that women of all colors, from every corner of the globe, love a big helping of black dick.

The first stop is in the Philippines where Darren James brings cookies and milk to pretty little Jessica. She decides that she wants his cock instead. There is more meat than she can handle in her mouth, but she does a nice job with the head I her mouth and a few inches of shaft in her hand. He reaches around to slip some fingers into her shaved pussy to warm her up. Jessica pulls her legs up high and takes every inch of dick into her shaved pussy. It fits well, but her ass is the ultimate target. It’s slow going in that hole, but she picks up the back when she is on top with his prick back in her pussy. Mark joins them, feeding the full lipped babe his meat while she is stuffed by James. In no time at all, they are both inside of her, fucking those holes with a vengeance. The pace is a little strange here because the DP ends very quickly. One load goes on her face and the other right into the glass of milk.

In Brazil there are two girls who add to the fun. Linda is a blonde girl who looks a little like a Brazilian Jill Kelly. The POV footage is pretty good, but Linda is rather stiff in her oral technique. She sticks out her tongue and moves her whole body up and down to sort of paint his prick with her mouth. It works though because Mark shoots into her mouth. There isn’t a whole lot there, but she smiles as she takes it. Ohana is the second Brazilian babe is a thin girl with big perky nips who gives us a little tease before her scene. She is paired with a guy who has quite a big dick hidden in his shorts. Ohana squats and takes as much as she can into her mouth. Her blowjob is rather low-energy, but she is happy to spread her legs for his big pole. From the start, he pounds away until every inch is deep inside of the willing young girl. He bends her over, pumps her hard and shoots a load of cum right into her hole. Not finished, the guy pumps her ass for a bit.

Mark kicks back with Cathy from Australia and cute little Brittney from New Zealand. They have some trouble with the law and have to move the party inside. While the girls kiss, we head to the Czech Republic for a pair of babes. Yara is a naughty looking blonde who starts out by rubbing her pussy. She pulls her shorts aside to start with fingers. The solo action is pretty damn hot as she works a big toy up into her slot. Watching her ride a dildo that is too fat to even fit in her mouth is mighty fine and you have to love her enthusiasm. Susana does a full scene, working on a couch with some white Euro-dude. He dives right in and has her moaning in no time. Oddly enough, her moaning doesn’t even vary as she stuffs his dick in her mouth and works on the head. The thin brunette has her pubes shaved into a nice V. Her energy level is high and so is the eye candy. That doesn’t make the scene great though as Susana is rather mechanical as she takes it in all three holes and then wears a load on her face.

Back in the States, Mark and Julian pick up Coco out on the streets. Damn, that’s lucky. How often are you out driving with your buddies when you find a stone cold cutie who is just dying to come home for some porno-fun? This pretty girl has perky tits, a thin body and a pretty hot looking booty to round out the package. She straddles Julian’s face for a short while before he whips out his rod. A little mouth-to-cock resuscitation has him throbbing at full mast between her lips. She is a nice looking girl who gives rather run-of-the-mill head and doesn’t really light the place on fire while being fucked. Coco is less than thrilled by a cock in her ass and cum on her face. She is pretty cute, but this scene doesn’t quite cut it.

The action moves to Thailand where a girl I assume is called Apple, has her pretty lips wrapped around a big fat black dong. She struggles to get Mark’s dick into her mouth, but barely manages to even get the head in there. He tries to prep her with fingers, but there is no way to get that tight little pussy ready for the sort of invasion he has in mind. With a lot of effort, he manages to get it all inside of her hairy muffin. This pretty girl works her lips on his head again, making her face available for a big, frosty load.

At last we get to see Mark work with his two cute friends. Cathy has her mouth on his cock while Brittney is going a little work down under. When the girls switch places, that leaves Cathy’s pussy wide open for some deep penetration from behind. Brittney waits her turn before riding that big dick, pushing her cute ass towards the camera with every stroke. To get herself back into the game, Cathy offers her tight Aussie ass for Mark’s fat dick. They do a nice double blowjob in between anal penetrations, with Brittney spreading her cheeks for the footage of the scene. Cathy can’t stand to let her friend get all the dick so she takes multiple A2M as Brit talks dirty. The two girls share a big load of cream to finish off the best scene of the movie.

The action here truly has an international flavor with babes from all over getting fucked raw and left sticky. Some of them are a lot cuter than others and the energy level varies a great deal, however the scenes are mostly well shot and worth a look. The Asian girls look pretty good, but most of the Euro-babes lack heat here. There is more good than bad and Anthony seems to be getting better with each volume, so this disc is well worth a try.

Note: There is a bonus scene with Hungarian Zana adding some heat to the mix. The rest of the bonus material consists of a Mark Anthony Bio and a rather low-quality photo gallery.

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