Top Guns


Top Guns


140 Mins.

Red Light District

DIRECTOR: Lexington Steele

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Tits



STARS: Ashley Long, Angel Long, Anna Nova, India, Devin Deray, Carmen, Christina, Lexington Steele, Erik Everhard, Toni Ribas & Leslie Taylor


This is our second look at Lex’s work since his move to RLD. He did most of the on-camera fucking in the first release, but in this one, he’s sharing duties. His good friend Erik Everhard is along for the ride, giving this movie the two most solid male performers in the business. Toni Ribas is around as well. While male talent is important for a good scene, it’s the women we’re really interested in. Lex has the blonde Long girls working together. Ashley and Angel team up to take on Lex’s monster pole. The rest of the women are an interesting mix of newer babes and established hotties like Carmen. There is also a very nice mix of Euro-babes from all sorts of fun places. In all, the women cover five different nations, spreading the love. It seems that Lex has scoured the globe for this one and we can all enjoy the results.

Ashley and Angel (who has the bigger tattoo by the way) come out to start the movie. Ashley is on a leash and crawling behind her tall, nearly naked mistress. They play with each other for a while, giving us some hot looking lesbian tease as an appetizer. Ashley has to play with a big black dildo while Angel shoves anal beads into her slit. Lex lets them go at it for a while before joining the fun. Since her pussy is already warmed up, Ashley gets her pussy poked first. Angel sucks his shaft every few strokes before settling in to play with herself. We get some really footage when both girls start sucking his cock, passing it back and forth and taking it as deep as they can. Lex decides that two horny British blondes really need to feel a big black cock up their asses. I have to agree, especially after the well-shot, hot anal action. He pounds them both and then drops a big load for them to swap.

Anna Nova is also a blonde, but with a much curvier figure. She has stuffed her buns into some fishnets and a tight pair of black final shorts. Erik Everhard is quick to free her big tits and the cock-hungry German girl is just as quick to take his throbbing prick from his pants. Anna looks good giving head, but too quickly is bent over for a short tongue bath and a hard fuck. She straddles him and the power fucking really begins. Erik slams up into Anna and lets her bounce hard on his rod. Holding her in his arms, he gives us a great view during a standing RC. When he drops her onto the couch, Erik keeps up the intensity, this time fucking her ass. He keeps pounding away until it’s time to feed her some jizz which is hungrily downed by the dirty blonde.

India is a nice looking girl from Hungary. She sits on a couch rubbing her pussy, showing off the tight folds until Leslie Taylor comes in to taste them. The energy created by these two is not off the chart, but her pretty face looks good stuffed with dick. The blowjob is too short and then they move to reverse cowgirl. As before, India looks great, but shows zero emotion while fucking. Her pussy looks really good and eventually she gives decent moans, but she remains less than energetic as he pumps her pussy and then her ass. In the end, she puts her fingers back inside of her pussy while Leslie jerks off onto her face. Chalk this one up as a high-eye candy scene with not nearly enough energy to stand up to the others.

Devin Deray is an American girl with big tits and a bigger smile. She is the kind of girl that Lex loves to pound to silly so it makes sense that he keeps her for himself. Devin drops to her knees and plays with that cock, slipping the head into her mouth and strokes the shaft. She takes her hands away and gives it a deeper try with her mouth. Again, the blowjob is short and I wonder why that seems to be the trend. Lex spends longer in her pussy, pausing just long enough to let her taste herself on his tool. She takes it deep and looks pretty damn hot riding his rod. Devin wants it in he ass and Lex is happy to oblige. Her energy is good during the short butt-fuck and Lex launches a good load right on her mouth.

Carmen is a Spanish slut who always seems to take on more than one guy at a time. She gives a very nice tease sequence before joining Toni Ribas. Starting at his balls, she treats him to some really good looking oral sex. Eventually he chokes her a bit, but she keeps smiling through the long blowjob. She sits on a tall chair with her big, round ass sticking out invitingly. Toni steps up to the plate and just nails her right between the cheeks. When her ass has been pounded to near-gape, he shoves his dick back into her mouth. Spinning around, Carmen slides right back down on his pole and bounces with her stuffed ass swallowing every inch. He dick goes back and forth between her ass and her mouth through several positions until the shoots his big load for her.

That leaves us with Christiana, another Hungarian girl with hungry eyes. She starts out with a silver vibe up her pussy, working it in and out while Leslie and Lex watch. The guys take out their cocks and put her full lips to good use. Lex fills her hand and mouth while Leslie is easier for the pretty girl to handle. While Leslie keeps getting sucked, Lex finds his way down to her pussy and slowly opens her up. I don’t like the tat Christina has over her boob, but she has a near perfect body and a very sweet looking slit. The guys switch places and take turns on her for a while. Eventually they find room for both cocks, with Lex stuffing her twat and Leslie banging away on her ass. It takes her a while to get used to it, but when they pull out to shoot, she happily opens up and tastes both creamy loads.

Lex has put together a collection of babes from all over the world and most of them are pretty damn hot. The best scenes in the movie are the ones with Lex dishing out the dick. He really gives it to the Long girls from Britain, fucking the tall blonde girls into submission with that monster missile. He gets some help from Leslie to keep Christina completely full. Anna Nova is a very sexy blond who gets power fucked. For the most part, the scenes are well shot. There are a few angles and some lighting issues at times, but for the most part this is a solid movie with a nice variety of women getting nicely fucked.

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