Mary Carey Rules 2


Mary Carey Rules 2


96 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures

DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Cheerleaders, Big Tits



STARS: Mary Carey, Taylor Rain, Simone, Felix Vicious, Domino, Lee Stone, Steve Hatcher, Magnus Peterson, Brian Surewood & Trevor Zen.
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This is the second Mary Carey flick in just over a month and she seems to have lost none of her bubbly personality. The busty blonde with the “best natural tits in the business” (Still have to check them out personally to make sure.) is back to introduce some hot scenes. Her intros are funny, cocky and we can only hope that she isn’t quite as in love with herself as she seems. With Andre Madness shooting the scenes, and Mary starring in a number of them, the eye candy factor is sure to be high. We’re also going to get some foot play and of course, plenty of big boobs to make everyone happy.

In the first scene, Mary dons her cheerleader uniform for her day in court. She got a traffic ticket and has to testify before Judge Lee Stone. He can’t stand her at first because she stands in the witness box cheering. She goes into his chambers for a re-enactment. This leads her some naked spanking and his tongue up her ass. (Interesting how the system works.) Mary has a big smile on her face as he works his tongue and fingers around her pretty little pussy. Mary has a nice looking mouth and moans invitingly as she sucks his big cock. For some reason, Kick Ass movies always cut the blowjob short though. At least we get some well shot and hot sex. Lee rams his cock into her from behind, making sure we get a good look at her ass. Even in the reverse cowgirl where the front angle shows off her tits, we get some good footage of her ass. I love the way Mary works her hips when she fucks. She looks like she’s really having fun. Lee pushes a leg up to her chest and starts deep fucking Mary until her tits are hitting her chin. He uses them for target practice, shooting a load on them and letting Mary suck him clean.

Mary re-creates another character from the first movie when she plays the famous white rap star Skittles. She and her cute brunette friend Taylor Rain make a big jailbreak and stumble upon Brian Surewood. He has a saw that can help them cut their chains, but naturally wants to trade for it. They go inside where Mary starts cutting and Brian licks away on the brunette babes pretty parts. Mary takes off as soon as she is free, leaving Brian alone with the exposed brunette. Taylor turns around and nearly chokes on his cock, working it to the back of her throat for a quick blowjob. Brain fucks her hard from behind and lets her taste it before shoving it up her ass. The petite girl really knows how to handle anal, taking every inch from below, behind and above. Her pretty face makes a great sperm target. She may not rule like Mary Carey, but she ain’t half bad.

Mary returns for a scene where she plays the Queen of France. Mary doing a French accent is almost as funny as watching the French Government try and cover their own asses. One of her starving peasants, Simone comes to the Queen looking for something to eat. In fine fashion, she says “let them eat cock.” Simone is happy to drop to hear knees and work his dick to full mast. This chick is pretty damn cute and this time we get to watch her bob knob for a nice long time. Much of the footage if from a distance, but there are some nice shots of her face as well. This time the pussy licking portion of the scene is quite short, clearing the way for some nice doggy. Queen Mary rubs her slit while the peasant gets pounded. This hot little thing shows off in reverse cowgirl, but really works her hips best in standard cowgirl. Her little pussy gets poked long and hard enough to make her forget all about her empty belly or her silly revolution. He finally shoots a load all over her mouth and lets her feed on his seed.

Domino and Steve Hatcher are about to enjoy some fun in the park when Officer Carey catches them. She searches both of them and administers the strangest field sobriety test I’ve ever seen. Eventually she orders them to do more than just kiss so Steve works his mouth up her body from toes to ass and eventually to her pussy. With Mary there to coach them, the couple moves to the step, with little Domino down on her knees. The pretty girl with the hair down to her ass is quite a sucker. Mary likes what she sees, but wants to watch Steve fuck her. He takes her from behind, but for pure eye candy, check her out in RC. That sweet little pussy waxes up his rod and her little titties bounce invitingly. On her back, Domino is rather relaxed, letting Steve just pound away until he shoots all over her.

Mary and Felix Vicious team up to see if Magnus Peterson can cut it in the world of porn. They lean over his lap for a kiss while playing with each other. Watching them slowly undress gets the new guy ready for his big moment. The girls double up for a five second blowjob before he dives in and gives Felix his best. Even when Mary is sucking his dick, we don’t get to see that action because his body blocks it off. Felix gives him a bit of head before Mary takes over and rides his dick. After fucking that perfect pussy for a while, he spurts a tiny load onto her Mary’s tits. Felix I don’t know if this guy passed or not, but it’s a pretty disappointing finale.

I still really like watching Mary Carey in between scenes. She is funny and cute as hell, but she also plays up the superstar angle really well. Her scenes are petty good as well, though I would like to see her do some work where she didn’t have to share the spotlight with other girls. Her cheerleader scene with Lee Stone is the best of the movie and shows us all that she is ready to be a star. Taylor adds a lot of heat to the movie as do Simone and Domino. Like most Kick Ass movies, the blowjob footage tends to be cut a little short. That’s really my only complaint because everything is really well lit, nicely shot and very easy on the eyes. I’m getting pretty close to agreeing that Mary Carey does in fact rule, but I think we need to see her really let loose a few times first.

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