Jessica’s Place


Jessica’s Place


86 Mins.

Digital G





STARS: Jessica Drake, Alexa Rae, Nicole Sheridan, Dru Berrymore, Taylor St. Claire, Mandy Roberts, DoLorian, Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, Barrett Blade & Rafe


Each Digital G release seems to be a little better than the one that came before. From the start, their movies have been quality productions with well shot sex and good picture quality. Some of the stories are a little thing, but in this day and age, few companies even bother to try and make features that make any sense. This one has a good cast, with DG favorites Nicole Sheridan and Dru Berrymore, along with cover girl Jessica (I just can’t bring myself to type jessica ) Drake. There is just something about Jessica that I really like so I’m looking forward to seeing her in action. Jessica’s Place is set in a Vegas blues bar, so we get some loud, decent music in the background as we meet the owner of the place, Ms. Drake. What makes her club really special is that the patrons fuck while listening to the music. (Thank goodness, a whole movie about a smoky bar might not have been very strokeable no matter how good the band is.)

The first such couple is Barrett Blade and Alexa Rae. She is really blonde in this scene and already spread wide as the scene begins. Barrett spits on her pussy and goes to work. When the blowjob starts, there is a bit too much camera movement for my taste. Alexa might not be my favorite girl, but when she has her lips on a hard cock, just hold the camera still and let her do her business. The sex has the same problem, though the shots are a bit longer as he pounds away from behind. By the time they settle in, the sex is pretty hot. Alexa seems to have found the energy that she lost when she went to Wicked and gives us some nice shots of her big booty as she rides Barrett. After a very solid fuck, she takes a load on the face and then turns to the camera as she sucks out the last few drops.

When Jessica wants to hire a new band, she takes full advantage of her power as owner. Evan Stone wants to play at the club, but must first prove his worth as a lover. He starts by licking Jessica’s feet and sucking her toes. He works his way up to her pussy and really gives her something to smile about. For a special treat, Evan tongue fucks her ass and then kisses her. When Jessica finally gets her lips around his cock, she doe not disappoint. As she inhales his long pole, the pretty blonde looks into the camera and gives us plenty to happy about. (Hold that shot longer though, jeez.) By the time he’s good and hard, Jess is ready to bend over her desk and take all he’s got from behind. The close up shots of her stuffed pussy are very hot, but I love the longer shots as well. As they switch positions, Evan and Jessica stop to kiss. He flips her over and sucks her toes while filling her pussy. She keeps talking, encouraging him to fuck her harder. There is a rather abrupt cut to Evan shooting his load on her face. The camera guy can’t hold thins still during the pop, really hurting the end of a hot scene.

Digital G seems to be big on orgy scenes, so you had to expect one in this movie. Jessica is busy with one of her regulars, Nicole Sheridan. Nearby, a fully dressed girl (Kali Stylz is I’m not mistaken) is desperately blowing the guitarist, trying to make him hard. The two girls are really providing most of the heat as Jessica’s pretty face gets nice and messy with Nicole’s juices. Just about the time the guitarist finally gets hard and shoots his load, the licking lezbos break out a toy and get busy. Watching Jessica fuck Nicole with the toy is very hot and makes me wish I were hanging out in the bar.

Mandy Roberts is a very cute young girl who gets busy with Rafe. As he goes down on her, I have to wonder who is in greater need of a shave. His facial hair could use some work, but her bush really needs some trimming. Her face is very cute though and when she starts sucking dick, the scene takes a big turn for the better. There is still quite a bit of movement by the camera guy, but it’s not great a distraction. Her energy is pretty good as she starts to ride, but Mandy is very easy on the eyes, making this scene a lot of fun to watch. He shoots his cum all over her boobs and the little cutie stuffs his dick in her mouth to suck out the final drops.

Evan’s band gets to play and they end up having a whole lot of fun. Dru Berrymore comes out of the front row to put on a deep throat clinic. Taylor St. Claire and DoLorian double up on Erick Masterson, giving him more pussy than he can handle. Taylor’s tits are looking great these days and her blonde friend is quite a little cock beast. The action jumps back and forth quite a bit, but it all looks good. Dru gives her usual high energy fuck, but for eye candy it’s tough to beat watching a guy slam Taylor hard enough to make her tits slap up nearly to her chin. I guess the music takes a back seat to fucking hot chicks and that’s a good thing. Evan rolls Dru into a piledriver and slams the living shit out of her. Erik is busy tit fucking Taylor and then letting the girls pass his cock back and forth between their hungry mouths. For the big finale, she shoots all over both of their pretty faces.

This movie is wall to wall hot sex and rock n’ roll. Jessica makes for quite friendly host, appearing in a couple of scenes and showing us all that she is beautiful and hot in boy/girl as well as veggie action. Alexa Rae turns in a good scene and newcomer Mandy Roberts is very cute. She’s a pleasant surprise in a solid movie. Taylor St. Claire adds a lot of heat to final scene, teaming up with DoLorian to keep up with Dru’s frenzied fucking. Sexually, the Digital G movies just keep getting better. We don’t have any slow motion to get in the way. The early scenes have a lot of camera movement though. That’s cool on NYPD Blue, but it doesn’t do much for the strokers in the audience. I don’t think DG is really gunning for the Anabolic/Red Light audience, so the sex is more than fine when you stack it up next to Vivid and the like. Solid sex, sexy girls and lots of music. With all that, I’d go to Jessica’s place even if the drinks are watered down.

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