Fast Cars


Fast Cars


106 Mins.

Adam & Eve

DIRECTOR: Nicholas Steele

THEMES: Bikini Girls, Cars



STARS: Jesse V. Avy Scott, Manuel Ferrara, Joey Ray, Cheyne Collins, Steve Holmes, Ashley Long, Melanie Jagger, Steven St. Croix & Sharon Wild


Girls in bikinis and fast cars, that’s what the cover for this movie offers. These are two things that just about every guy around the world loves. I spent some time at auto shows in my day and even watched some of those soft-core, gear head videos. The difference between this movie and those tapes is that for this Nicholas Steele flick, we get to see the outside of the cars and the inside of the bikini clad women. Nothing against seeing what’s under the hood of a fast machine, but given the choice, I’ll take a good hard look inside Avy Scott any day. She’s got plenty of power under her hoods and a set of headlights that just can’t be beat.

Sharon Wild shows up in a junkyard to buy an expensive part from Steve Holmes. They exchange a few quick lines of dialog before locking up for a passionate kiss that continues as they strip each other down. Sharon gets down on her knees and soon has most of his meat down her throat. She’s an impressive cock sucker and a pretty damn hot looking girl to boot. A & E movie often cut the blowjob scenes short, but Sharon spends a good long time on her knees before Steve lifts her on top of the car and returns the favor. After working her over with four fingers at a time, Steve fills her with his long rod. Using the wide hood of the car, they get into some very energetic reverse cowgirl that has Stave balls deep inside the enthusiastic blonde. He fucks her from behind for a while before standing up and shooting his load all over her face.

Sharon is working for Steven St. Croix who is preparing for a big race against Joey Ray. Joey has all the advantages and one of them is hot bikini models posing for magazine shots on his car. He and mechanic Manuel Ferrara get to enjoy a pair of hot models, Jesse V and Ashley Long. Joey keeps the blonde Brit while Manuel gets the dangerously cute Jesse. Both girls squat and suck in their bikinis before bending over to let the guys taste them. Jesse gets down on Manuel and does some enthusiastic reverse cowgirl. Ashley is very hot and looks great taking the standing doggy, but she can’t compete with the sight of Jesse working that big cock. They never do switch partners and in the end, the guys shoot loads all over their lovely tits. It’s great to see Jesse doing guys, and doing them so well.

Some cops show up to ask Steven about some stolen parts, but it’s his next visitor, Melanie Jagger that leads us into the next sex scene. Mel stops by and gives him a leather jacket as a gift. She decides to hang around for a while and let Steven sample her pussy. Stripped down to her stockings, she gets down and easily devours every inch of his cock. Melanie gives enthusiastic and loud head until he is hard and ready for more. She bounces on his prick hard with her pussy and then tastes him one more time before dropping her ass on him. We get some great looking RCA as she slams down. Steven takes over and really gives her a hard work out before shooting his load all over her back.

The two cops, Avy Scott and Cheyne Collins, are snooping around the junkyard looking for clues. This naturally leads them right into sex. Avy bends over and lifts her skirt so we get an eyeful of her round ass as she delivers a first class blowjob. Cheyne bends his partner over and licks her from behind. There are some strong shadows in this scene, but Avy is so tasty looking that it really doesn’t matter. When her pussy is nice and slick, he slides his cock into her and bangs away. They create quite a noise as their bodies slap together. Avy looks even better when she is turned over so we can see her face and that perfect rack with every stroke. Cheyne pulls out and jerks his load onto her pussy and tummy. They loop the pop which is pretty lame, but the rest of the scene is hot.

After their late night romp, the cops make separate trips to visit Steven and Sharon. Even though Sharon has been involved with the stole parts ring, she sheds her clothes quickly for the charming detective. Avy is impressed with St. Croix’s car and wants to ride along for the illegal street race. Cheyne spreads the Euro-blonde’s thighs and starts sucking her pussy and toes. By the time she gets on her knees, Sharon is nearly ripping his pants off to get at his cock. She squats and gives him a great looking blowjob, but is just getting warmed up. Cheyne fucks her in mish and then picks up the pace when she is bent over. This leads them easily into anal and as before, Sharon takes it perfectly. The mix of close-up footage with longer shots isn’t really good, but at least there is some good tight coverage of the rear entry action. Cheyne pulls out and coats her butt with a thick load of cream that Sharon seems to appreciate.

After the race, Avy is so impressed by Steven that she consoles him. He is more than happy to play with those big tits, sucking them and sharing the nipples with Avy’s talented tongue. When she gets his pants off, Avy easily takes every inch of cock in her mouth and shows off some hot under-the-shaft tongue action. After a long blowjob, Steven takes down Avy’s pants and gives her pussy a serious tongue bath. Turning her around to fuck her from behind. Steven gives Avy’s slit all he’s got. I love the way she keeps looking over her shoulders, letting her tits shake and taking it like she loves it. They turn her over for some kissing during the mish, but it’s the way her legs flail about as he fucks her that really drives the heat up. He pulls out and shoots all over her belly. (This would have looked better further up.)

This movie has some really hot girls and some well shot sex to carry it through. The story gets pretty thin, but that should only bother people who are looking for a plot-driven flick. Some of the scenes are a bit dark, adding to the mood, but dampening a bit of the sexual heat. Avy Scott, who is one of the most consistently strokeable chicks in porn, gets busy twice in this movie. Beyond Avy, Melanie Jagger and Jesse V show off their skills as well. Jesse has one of the best bodies in all of porn and we can hope to see a lot more of her. There isn’t a lot of car action other than a few scenes on the hoods of some sweet rides. As an Adam & Eve flick, you would expect this one to be couples-friendly and it is. It’s also a pretty solid stroke flick thanks to Avy, Mel, Jess and Sharon.

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