Dirty Girlz


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Dirty Girlz


113 Mins.

Platinum X Pictures


DIRECTOR: Jewel De’Nyle

THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Sex Toys, Anal Sex




STARS: Jewel De’Nyle, Mary Carey, Brandy, Red Heaven, Lucy Lee, Loni, Kalani, Nautica, Ashly More & Romona Luv


I usually pass most veggie DVDs on to another writer who loves the girl on girl action, but I had to give this one a look. It’s part of the initial run of Platinum X movies that I’ve been checking out, but I also expect it to be hotter than the average lesbian flick. One of the things I usually dislike about all-chick flicks is that lack of energy generated by the average labe licking. I am positive that we won’t have that problem in this movie because Jewel De’Nyle wouldn’t allow it. If ever there was a female performer nasty enough to kick the shit out of any half-assed veggie performer, it’s Jewel. If she can pass half of her energy on to the women in this movie, then we’re in for a very hot, but rough ride.

The first scene starts out with some well shot and tightly-edited footage of Brandy and Mary Carey. Brandy is cute with some stiff little nipples and Mary is blonde, busty and starved for slit. She licks her way around Brandy’s hole to get it ready for one end of a double-header dildo. Both girls have really pretty pussies that juice up as they squirm on the toy. Mary is porn perfect as she leans back, lifts her leg high in the air and gives Brandy something sweet to suck on. There is some more two-header action before the girls close with a kiss.

Jewel decides to crank things up a notch by working Loni over herself. She forces the busty Asian babe to her knees and shoves a strap-on down her throat. Loni responds well to this kind of treatment, slobbering all over the plastic prick and letting Jewel fuck her with it. To really make it look good, Jewel bends Loni over and starts abusing her ass with several toys. When she has earned it, Loni gets fucked with the strap-on, giving us one of the best veggie scenes in a long time. There is constant anal action as Jewel gives Loni everything she has. Mark this one down as an early favorite for girl-girl scene of the year.

Lucy Lee and Red Heaven have a touch act to follow and neither of them has the looks or the energy that Loni brought to the table. They are decent looking and share a long and passionate kiss as their scene begins. Lucy has a nice looking shaved pussy, but they move quickly beyond just licking slit. A thick two-headed dong slides easily into both slits and the girls grind like crazy to fuck each other. Once they clean that toy off, it’s time for a little one on one time. I like Lucy better, but Red really shows a lot of heat as she gets plugged. After some torrid 69, the girls finish as they started, with a deep kiss.

Blonde Ashly More hooks up with cute brunette Ramona Luv. Ramona leans back and lets Ashly get started. Her pussy is tight, but a few fingers get her going big time. No stranger to licking slit, Ashly does a good job and earns some attention herself. They both pick up the energy when the toys come out. Ramona looks great on her hands and knees as her butt gets filled with anal beads. Ashly does an even better job of taking things in her ass at the close of the scene.

Jewel comes back to play with Nautica as sexy Kalani sits and watches. They move inside and Jewel works Nautica’s pretty pussy with her fingers. Kalani is busy shoving a big black dildo deep into her own hole. Watching Nautica get used makes her horny. Jewel gets her turn and takes a big cock in her ass. The energy level is great, but I keep waiting to see if Jewel will turn her attention to Kalani and fuck the living shit out of her. Instead she works herself over while watching the other two girls go nuts.

There is some great energy in some of these scenes, especially the ones with Jewel. She and Loni do one of the best veggie scenes I’ve seen in a long time. I’d put it down as the best such pairing of the year so far. I like the final three way as well, but I kept waiting to see Kalani get in on the action. I liked watching Mary Carey, though it’s time to check this busty blonde out when she’s doing something other than licking bush. I like the overall energy and the action that Jewel provides from behind and in front of the camera, so I’ll be looking forward to the next batch of Girlz she gets her hands on. (And in.)


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