Grand Theft Anal


Grand Theft Anal


130 Mins.

Zero Tolerance

DIRECTOR: Wendi Knight

THEMES: Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Hannah Harper, Jessica Darlin, Alicia Rhodes, Mandi Bright, Rio, Anna Nova,


Wendi Knight has been one of my personal favorite porn girls for a long time. It’s been a while since she has been a full time non-veggie girl, but she is still one of the best looking, sexiest chicks I’ve ever seen. Now that she is behind the camera, it will be interesting to see if she can get the same high-energy performances that she always showed. The cast chosen for this flick has some serious anal sluts in it, so I doubt there is much to worry about. Hannah Harper and Jessica Darlin are two women who are consistently hot and well known for taking his cocks in their tight asses. The thing that I want to know is why we don’t see Wendi on the cover. It’s quite a trend these days for directors to plaster their mugs on the box and if ever there was someone we would want to see, it’s Ms. Knight.

Jessica Darlin takes the leadoff position, giving a short interview about her love for anal sex before sitting down Mark Davis to enjoy the feel of a big cock up her ass. Davis stands her up so she can show off her pretty little asshole. He gets her off with his fingers, but Jessica’s real talents come to the forefront when she is on her knees. He holds her head in his hands and uses her mouth like a pussy. Jessica takes it well and then lets Mark have a turn. Even though he’s only going to be fucking her in the ass, he spends some time with her tongue on her clit to get her good and ready. Jessica mounts his big cock with her little butt and drops her cheeks down around him. In between positions, she cleans him off with her mouth and then lets him get right back to stuffing that hole with hard meat. He bends her legs back over her head, plows her anus until it gapes and then makes her stroke a big load right out onto her tongue. This is exactly what we should expect from Jessica, a brilliant anal scene.

Mandy Bright is a Hungarian babe who says she likes anal sex. That’s a wonderful coincidence since Ben English is on hand to take her ass and make it his own personal playground. Mandy bends over and works her own fingers into her ass. Since Ben isn’t needed around the booty, he hauls that big slab of beef up to her mouth. Mandy starts sucking like she’s got something at the back of her throat that she really needs to knock loose. Taking it all makes her choke, but Mandy isn’t about to go halfway. Her ass is next and Ben thrusts every inch deep into her back door. Bending over and presenting her ass for the camera Mandy gives Ben a perfect target. They only slow down briefly for a bit of A2M and to change positions. RCA looks best in this scene as Mandy rides him one last time before taking it a big shot right on her face.

Alicia Rhodes is a busty blonde Brit who has been quite impressive in the few scenes I have watched so far. She describes anal sex a full time hobby and prefers to spend her days with something shoved up her ass. Mark Wood is the lucky guy who gets to feed her his meat. She jams it to the back of her throat and strokes it fast enough to start a fire. Alicia gives really good head and is about as enthusiastic as anyone could hope for. This carries over as she presents her sizable backside for his enjoyment. Her best position is probably piledriver where those long legs can just flail about as Mark pumps deep. I love the way Alicia keeps up the hot talk right to the very end when he pulls out of her ass and feeds her all the cum he’s got.

Rio is the least appealing girl so far, which is not to say that she isn’t cute because she is. This Brazilian girl has a full booty and is ready to have it invaded by Dick Delaware. He slips her gold bikini down over her hips and gives her holes a taste test. Dick has quite a thick prick and Rio struggles to get her fingers and lips around the shaft. They warm her ass up with a toy before he slides that big slab of beef between her cheeks. The best shots come in cowgirl as he holds her cheeks open with every stroke. He closes the scene with a good facial. This one is solid, but it’s not nearly as hot as the first three.

Anna Nova is a tall blonde from Germany with big tits, a big ass and a thick accent. Steve Holmes shows her off, spreads her legs and sticks his tongue into her slit. Proving that she doesn’t need him to have a good time, she jams three of her own fingers right up her ass. He has a big cock and Anna does her best to shove it all into her mouth. Even though it won’t all fit, she slobbers all over his knob and gets it ready to split her shitter. He bends her over for some hard pokes, but when Anna gets on top, she provides even more enthusiastic sodomy. The action only slows down long enough for her to taste her ass on his cock before moving to the next sphincter stretching position. Energetic to the end, Anna lets him shoot right onto her smiling face.

Cover girl Hannah Harper is the last bum to be blasted. Wendi has saved one of the best for last. This lovely blonde is an anal queen with a serious love for cum. Mark Davis has the pleasure of her company and inserts several fingers into her two lower orifices. Turning the blonde loose on his cock, Davis feeds her every inch. Hannah shoves her mouth over and half-chokes herself with it. She gets it nice and wet and then watches as it slides all the way up her ass. Mark puts her on her back and does a one-man A2M merry-go-round with her butt and mouth. It’s hard to beat RCA for eye candy and watching Hannah literally bounce He holds her by the hair and shoots a big load right onto her pretty face.

Wendi Knight does a nice job with her first movie. It’s a straight-to-the A flick and I’m not usually wild about that kind of action. Jessica Darlin and Hannah Harper make their scenes shine. Anna and Alicia add some big tits to the mix and Mandy is a first class Euro-babe. The action is well shot in this movie and there is plenty of good eye candy to go along with the sphincter stretching action. Now if we can just get Wendi back in front of the camera to show some of the new girls how it’s done, we can all be happy.

DVD Extras- There is a photo gallery and a cumshot recap on this disc. The behind the scenes reel is pretty interesting, especially the little interview with Jessica Darlin. They have also added a little strip tease footage that adds some nice eye candy to the DVD.

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