There’s Something About Jack 19


There’s Something About Jack 19


110 Mins.

West Coast Productions


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks



STARS: Jade, Kimi, Angel, Lacy, Stacy, Mr. Marcus & Jack Napier.


I don’t do a lot of West Coast movies since they don’t have me on the screener list, but every once in a while I pick up the Jack movies at my local store. This one was just sitting there and I decided to give it a look. The Jack movies are usually a lot of fun to watch and the girls get to see how they can handle his super sized dong. They aren’t violent flicks or even all that edgy, focusing instead on pretty girls getting dicked by the biggest meat in the land. Some of the girls in this one are recognizable while others aren’t so well known. When this movie is done, they will know if they can really cut it in porn of it’s time to look for a contract somewhere.

Stacy is a cute young blonde who is visiting LA. She is hoping to meet some guys, but can’t find anyone to show her around. What is a girl to do but play with her hot little pussy and dream? When that doesn’t work, she goes outside, showing off her lovely body in her super short denim skirt. After her stroll, Stacy answers the door to find Jack on the front porch. He is looking for Stacy’s brother who is the same guy who was supposed to show her around. They hit it off quickly and Stacy gets bold. Dropping to her knees, she takes his big cock in her hands. Her lips barely fit around it, but she licks the head lovingly. Jack helps her out of her clothes and guides his big cock into her shaved pussy. It’s slow going and pretty low energy at first, but he is able to take her in long, slow strokes. She is getting more than the bargained for, but her slit takes it all. Stacy takes a short ride on the long dick before letting Jack finish her off in spoon until he can drop his load on her belly. He isn’t done though and gives her some doggy action until he shoots a second load all over her back.

Each Jack movie seems to have at least two on one scene and Jade teams up with Kimi for this one. Jack has a truck for sale and the two Asian babes show up at the same time to buy it. Kimi gets there a few minutes before Jade and wants the truck. Jade also wants it and we have a situation brewing. The girls decide to fuck Jack for the car. Neither of them is at all fazed by the size of his rod. They take turns sucking and undressing before meeting up for a nice two mouth blowjob. Jack leads the girls into bed where they leave only their shoes on and continue servicing his huge rod. I don’t know if Kimi will get the car, but she gets the first ride on that pole. Jade helps her slip down and then kneels behind Jack when he pushes Kimi’s knees back to her chest. Not to be left out, Jack mounts Jade and fucks her from behind. He fucks her flat and after a few strokes, Jade arches her back for some really hard pounding. Whenever she can, Kimi sucks on Jade’s natural tits, giving her some extra stimulation while she rides Jack’s horse cock. Jack has some wood problems in this scene, but they work Kimi back on top where she moves her hips perfectly, inhaling every inch of black meat and shaking her butt invitingly. Jack stacks the girls for the final few strokes, pulling out to shoot on Jade’s pussy and Kimi’s butt. We never do find out what happens to the truck though.

Jack isn’t the only brother scoring hot chicks in town. Mr. Marcus shows him around his new place and introduces Jack to sexy little Lacy. They check out the lovely tub in the bathroom and Lacy shows Jack how they can fuck in the tub if they want to. She crawls in with him and takes his cock out of his pants. Sucking dutifully, the petite little thing looks like she won’t be able to take very much at all. As if to prove us wrong, she invites Marcus to join the party. She sucks his cock while Jack enters from behind. They move to the bed where Marcus is able to really pump this delicate little thing with all his might. With Jack stretching her lips, Marcus gets her ass warmed up with fingers before trying her tightest hole. Lacy gets on her back to rub her pussy as she sodomizes her. Jack has enough trouble just getting into her pussy without ever trying that butthole. Lacy goes manage to get her pussy all the way down on him while she plays with her ass. Marcus comes back, shoots a big load on her face and then slam fucks her little pussy. Finally ready for the big test, she lies flat on her tummy and takes Jack in her ass until he shoots all over her stretched hole. He keeps on fucking her until she is nearly limp and ready to take a load right on her pretty face.

That leaves us with Angel, a nice looking brunette who is sitting on a trail minding her own business. At first she is stand offish, but Jack is smooth and gets her to warm up. He takes his cock out and she gives it a taste right there in the grass. Jack takes her to a more private location where her passion really comes out. On her knees, she works his dick with her mouth and hands until it starts to really grow. Jack strips her and then lets her suck for a little while longer. By the time they move inside, she is ready to feel it inside of her and Jack is able to hold the young girl in his arms while she is impaled. Angel is a very pretty girl who takes a lot of cock in doggy. She looks good from every angle and doesn’t have any problem taking him balls deep. Jack finally pulls out in mish and shoots onto her tummy.

Once again Jack Napier shows that he can break out the big lumber and go deep with some hot little babes. All of the scenes in this one are pretty good, but I have to say that I liked the three way a little more than the others. We may never know exactly who gets the truck, but Jade and Kimi prove that they can fuck in the big leagues. Stacy seems like she could take even more meat than Jack has and that’s damn impressive. Lacy needs an extra dick to make her happy and she looks good taking both of them. The set ups in this volume are fun sometimes, a little thin at others, but the action is good and will be a hit with lovers of super sized interracial action.

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