Hawaii Heat


Hawaii Heat



74 Mins.

Hustler/Surfer Pictures


DIRECTOR: Cash Markman & Mitch King





STARS: Sunrise Adams, Taylor St. Claire, Fujiko Kano, Wendy Divine, Butterfly, Rafe, Joel Lawrence, Nick Manning,


Everywhere we look these days, porn movies are using big name (or one-time big name) musicians. I’m all for adding production values of all kinds, but I have to wonder how much the music matters in the overall scheme of things. It’s just window dressing if the sex isn’t hot and the girls don’t look good. That said, this movie is filled with great looking babes and is shot on location in Hawaii. If you like outdoor sex, specifically sex on or near the beach (which I do) then the chances are pretty good that the Digital Underground music is going to matter less than the prospect of watching little blonde Sunrise Adams slam fucked in the surf.

The movie opens with some really nice shots of the surroundings as Sunrise joins Wendy Divine for a little two on one action with Rafe. Right away I am put off by the way this first scene is shaping up. The quick-cut style and music video feel takes away from the fact that beautiful Sunrise is down on her knees sharing a cock with her blonde friend. There are black and white shots mixed in, some slow motion and other things that just make this scene about one tenth as hot as it should have been. It’s impossible not to like watching Sunrise suck in 69, but if the whole movie is shot in this style, I am going to wear my fingernails to the cuticle from scratching my head wondering who thought this was a good idea. Sunrise does get cum on her face and finds it finger licking good, but that’s about the only good thing I can find here.

Nick Manning and Taylor St. Claire find a nice place overlooking the ocean and get down to it. He gets between her thighs and licks her pussy for a while. In return, she pushes him into the pool so they can continue their tryst underwater. They move around quite a bit so it’s hard for me to even really enjoy the nice water shots. Taylor starts sucking cock and the heat picks up fast until someone fucks with the speed. From slow to fast, we get a good example of how and editor can totally mess up a hot scene. There is what should be some great standing doggy. Taylor looks great in this scene and it appears to be a high impact fuck. Every time there is just enough action to really start to like this scene, something comes along to mess it up. Even the big load Nick fires all over her tits is cooled down in the edit bay.

Sunrise is back, this time deep in the jungle with Joel Lawrence’s dick in her mouth. The music really kicks in during this scene and it’s pretty good. I’m not wild about the shadows caused by the trees, but this is the best scene of the bunch. Sunrise takes him to the root and looks fabulous during the blowjob. They move to a spot with better lighting so Joel can get her little pussy ready to be filled. Doggy is first and with no slow motion to slow us down we get some good footage of the pretty little blonde as she gets pumped. Eventually the editor is back to some of his old tricks, but not before we get some very strokeable footage of Sunrise bent over and slam fucked. The facial is good this time around as well.

Fujiko looks great in her island getup and has an interesting banana in her hand. Someone has carved a little head at the tip so it looks even more like a cock as she teases herself with it. Rafe comes in and adds his real meat to the mix and soon Fujiko is only interested in the pulsating flesh he has to offer. After a blowjob that is way too short, she takes it from behind in some very high-energy action. I really love watching this fuck and until the slow motion kicks in, this is a really great scene. He rolls her into piledriver and slams away while she sucks her phallic-shaped fruit. He disappears for a while as she plays with her pussy. (Indicating that this is just a fantasy perhaps.) Rafe is back to fuck her tits and cum all over her face. This scene still has some problems, but things are getting better.

Sunrise and Rafe make another appearance, this time enjoying a romantic encounter on a balcony overlooking the water. He uses his cocktail to spruce up her pussy as he slips her out of her tiny blue bikini. By the time he is finished licking her, the sun is completely down. Now it’s time to turn Sunrise loose on his dick. Though it’s not the best shot blowjob of the movie, her pretty face and talented mouth give us more stroke material. (Hey, a beautiful bikini-clad blonde on her knees is always going to work.) He moves on top of her and starts to fuck her tight hole. Most of the shots here are super tight, though the really hot angles come when the camera backs off a bit. Sunrise does a great job of riding his dick with her pussy and then sucks a big load right into her mouth.

Nick Manning is out in the jungle following Fujiko. She is giggling and teasing, but as soon as his tongue touches her nipple, she is nearly screaming. Nick runs his tongue up and down her hot slit until she looks ready to claw through his skull. In return she sucks his cock like she’s got a vendetta. Fujiko is a great looking woman with a strong sexual appetite and she is can let loose when given the chance. Her shaved pussy swallows his cock with total ease. I love the way she looks with her legs pushed back against her chest. The editing tricks come back to ruin the early part of the cowgirl. She puts her face all the way to the ground and her ass high in the air so he can fuck her in the backdoor. If you thought she was loud before, listen to her go off with his dick ramming her tight hole. He pulls out and sprays right into her ass, giving her something to remember him by.

If the first few scenes totally turn you off, stick around because they do get better. The early scenes have a lot of potential, but for some reason, the style overtakes the action. I wouldn’t imagine that Hustler is going for a couples’ market so I’m confused by a lot of this. You’ve got Sunrise Adams fucking in a beautiful location, so why edit most of the heat out of it? Later scenes with Sunrise really improve and Fujiko matches her with a really hot anal scene. I love outdoor sex, beaches, bikinis and just about all of the girls in this cast. Even with the messed up editing early on, this is worth checking out.


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