Tale From the Script 2



Tales From the Script 2


77 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner

THEMES: Hookers, Natural Tits

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Kelli Passion, Avy Scott, Brooke Balentyne, August, Judy Star, Brittney Skye, Joel Lawrence, Evan Stone, Mark Davis, Lee Stone & Ben English.

Vivid Entertainment



I’m not sure what the theme of this movie is going to be, but with J Tanner we know that it’s bound to be light. He has an uncanny knack for pumping out simple little sex comedies at an amazing rate. The sex is usually well shot and fits in with whatever story we’re supposed to be following. This one is actually a vignette style movie with short little stories that won’t be too taxing for those watching or for the performers who have to memorize their lines. It’s got some wrap around footage of Avy Scoot and Joel Lawrence with short urban legend type scenes in between.

Avy Scott and Joel Lawrence check into a hotel room and she can hardly wait to get him into bed. Before she does, she checks under the mattress for any corpses that might be waiting for them. This starts their conversation about urban legends and leads us right into the first scene. Avy’s sister’s best friend’s roommate (Kelli Passion) is a nympho who can’t stop playing with herself. Her roommate (Brittney Skye) is only too happy to join her. The two blonds put on quite a show, fucking their tight little pussies toys until they are good and juicy. At this point they break out a double headed dildo and slam their butts back against each other. This gives us some hot girl on girl action, but the story doesn’t end there.

One night while Kelli is asleep, a sex maniac breaks into her place and attempts to assault her. When she wakes up and happily keeps sucking his cock, the guy (Evan Stone) tries desperately to escape. He is no match for the cock starved cutie and is dragged back into with her. She feeds on his big cock, letting him push it as far down her throat as he can before she sits on his face. Kelli takes a long ride on Evan’s tongue and fingers before leaning back and letting him penetrate her. The busty blonde works her way into position and squat fucks the full length of his prick, using him to scratch that itch burning deep in her loins. He pulls out and shoots all over her boobs. There is a cute little twist on the urban legend, but I’ll leave that as a surprise.

Judy Starr is out for a morning jog when she runs into Lee Stone. Noticing that her money is missing, she chases him down and kicks his ass. Fighting makes her horny and Judy demands his cock as well as he his cash. She slips out of her top while sucking his long cock. Judy looks really good in this scene, bobbing her pretty head on that pole. By now Lee is ready to go and he tosses Judy up on the table to devour her delicious box. That tight pussy gets stuffed and plugged and Judy just screams out how much she loves it. The reverse cowgirl is great looking thanks to her tight body and great energy. He fucks the hell out of her and sprays that pussy down with a big load.

Avy’s stories remind Joel of one he once heard. His friend was on a plane that suddenly began to dive. After some struggles with the passengers, the flight attendant clears the cabain, leaving Mark Davis and Brooke Balentyne alone. He decides that if they are going to die, he is going to pop one last time and guides her head right into his lap. She doesn’t object at all and even gets into the act, drooling all over his rod. Brooke isn’t all that pretty but she certainly knows how to go down with style. Mark moves her into a seat and then uses his fingers to stuff both her pussy and her ass. Four fingers in each hole get her warmed up for the main event. She climbs onto his cock and bounces up and down the full length of his rod. Her high energy level continues as Mark slips his dick right into her asshole. For what he thinks will be the final pop of his life, Mark pulls out and sprays Brooke’s face with cream.

The next story involves rookie cop Ben English and a young hooker, August. Ben’s boss tells him that he can let the girl go if she will fuck him and then give the boss a ride as well. Ben bends the young tart over and sticks his tongue right between her cheeks. She responds really nicely to being licked and her pussy is dripping as he slides fingers inside of her. Getting down on her knees, August does what she does best, sucking his cock like a champ. Ben moves her onto the desk where his spit slicked shaft slides easily into her money maker. August is a very vocal fuck who responds well to his hard thrusts. Given the chance, she mounts him and squat fucks with just her pussy touching his body. We get some great tight shots of the action as her lips grip with every stroke. She sucks it in between positions, but has him jizz all over her hot little hole. (You can take a guess at what the twist might be here.)

With the stories over, Avy and Joel finally get around to the good stuff. She takes a keen interest in his back as she gives him a massage, but he is much happier on top of her chest with his cock in her mouth. Avy gives great looking head and has that big rod throbbing in no time. To help things along, she wraps her big tits around it before shoving it to the back of her throat. Joel works his fingers into her pussy while Avy tickles her asshole with three of her own digits. They are both ready for some fucking and Avy slides onto her back to invite him in. When she gets on top and faces the camera, we get a really good view of her tits and her hungry slit. He stands her up and slams away from behind for some fnatasitc looking doggy. Pulling out and shooting all over her pussy, Joel finishes the scene nicely.

The funny little twists on the urban legends make the scenes enjoyable beyond the sex. This isn’t a high end feature, but it is what we should expect from Tanner. The sex scenes are pretty good, especially Avy’s finale. August is letting her hair grow out and really shines as the sexy young hooker. Judy Star fucks Lee Stone so hard I was almost afraid she might break his dick off. That scene was really memorable and proves that Judy is almost scary-hot. As always, Tanner gives us a light sex vid with cute girls, good sex and a few laughs. That works for me and Avy, Judy, August and Brittney bring on the heat as well as the eye candy.

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