Girlvert 3


Girlvert 3


115 Mins

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Rough Sex, Choking, Anal Sex



STARS: Ashley Blue, Jessica Darlin, Donna Marie, Misty Mendez, Ashley More, Trent Tesoro, Joel Lawrence, Steve Holmes & Mr. Pete.


Jim Powers found the perfect girl for this series and was smart enough to make sure that Ashley Blue is back for more. The first couple of Girlvert movies have been interesting, not always my cup of tea, but certainly different. It’s basically the story of a young girl who has run away and spends her time punishing other young sluts. It’s nice to see the misogyny is not just for men anymore. Ashley is actually the perfect girl for this role because she looks innocent, even will acting out the most perverse humiliation fantasies the her filthy little mind can come up with. G-Vert 3 is a continuation of the video postcard that Ashley has sent to her mother.

Ashley and her boyfriend Trent are driving around bored. They find Misty Mendez on the side of the road and pick her up. This busty chick doesn’t know what she’s in for when they take her out to party. Misty is anxious to play, but Ashley shoves her head down around Trent’s cock and spits on her while she’s on the ground. The dirt and beer make her quite a mess as Trent They go straight for the anal while Ashley rains down some verbal abuse on the poor whore. There is some hard-core anal going on here with A2M and Ashley pouring beer all over Misty. She gets really messy before Ashley takes over. She doesn’t want to get pregnant so she goes straight for the A. The RCA looks great and Ashley keeps making Misty suck his cock straight from her butt. Even though they have beaten her ass black and blue, Misty has one more round of cheek busting penetration to go. With Ashley holding her mouth open by using a double fishhook, Misty takes a big load in the mouth and is left in the middle of nowhere.

Last month there was a bit of a stir over a “Bumfucks” scene where a girl was allegedly forced to perform with an untested homeless guy. The horny couple does a variation on that theme by picking up a homeless girl, Ashley More, and taking her home. She is too gross for them to fuck, so they call Mr. Pete and have to pay him ten bucks to fucks the dirty blonde. He just squats over her and starts chock fucking her with his dick. If you like gag factor type stuff you might like watching her get man-handled in this scene. Trent decides that hid girl also needs to be throat fucked so we get some four way choking action. There is a lot of trash talking as Ms. Blue slips on a strap-on and abuses her new victim. For a bum, this chick is nicely shaved and gets into the action before too long. Backing up onto Trent’s cock, she takes it up the ass, letting the filthy girlvert and Pete switch off in her pussy. They just abuse her asshole for a long time in piledriver with more choke fucking. For the final insult, the guys shoot into her ass and then Ashley spoon feeds cream to the bum right out of her asshole.

Donna Marie is a porn star who has a serious attitude. She sits with Joel Lawrence and Steve Holmes talking about feature work and why she won’t do anal. Ashley has heard enough and stuffs a big black dildo in her mouth. The guys help her give the would-be star a serious attitude adjustment. Once the British tart gets going, she handles the action just fine. Joel power fucks her while Steve makes her lick his asshole. Since she was so opposed to taking it in the ass, the guys make sure to slip meat right past her tight rosebud. By the time they get around to DP’ing her, Donna seems ready to give up her contract girl ways. Ashley sticks around, sucking some cock and making sure that the action stays rough. They have a little fun with the interracial angle, making her take that black toy in her ass. In addition to the hard sex, there is some really hot looking standing doggy anal as Joel just wrecks her backdoor. After a very long scene, Ashley holds Donna’s mouth open to make sure that both guys get to blow big loads right into her mouth.

Jessica Darlin is a classmate who really doesn’t like Ashley. Their mothers set up a ‘play date’ for the two and Jess is very upset by the prospect. They sit around looking bored until Jessica’s mom sends them to her room to play with Ashley’s toys. Ashley excuses herself to go fuck her pussy in the bathroom. Jessica is disgusted and must be taught a lesson. Ashley strips her, bends her over and starts abusing Jessica’s pretty body. Jessica doesn’t put up too much of a fight as Ashley uses a variety of toys on her mouth and little pussy. The toy play is hot and Jessica looks really good getting stuffed. Out comes a strap on and it’s time Jess to get choke fucked. Her head hangs over backwards until the drool coats her pretty face. Once she has fucked the pretty cheerleader, Ashley makes Jess lick her asshole. Jessica’s ass is next and of course that means plenty of A2M on the toys. For someone who has done amazing anal for years, Jessica still has one of the tightest looking assholes in all of porn. As a final insult, she makes Jess pee all over the floor.

Ashley is probably the perfect girl to play the role of the Girlvert. She is young, cute and more than capable of dishing out the kind of nasty sexual abuse required. She can also take anything the guys have to dish out, making her even hotter. The best co-star in this movie is Jessica Darlin. She is perfect as the stuck up pretty girl who is victimized and sodomized by Ashley. It would have been better to see Jess in more than one scene, but what we get is hot. Donna’s contract girl scene is funny with a good sexy edge. The other two scenes are well shot, but pretty grim because the chicks are only moderately attractive. Fans of rough sex who like seeing a girl dish it out, will really enjoy this one. It’s got lots of choking, tons of anal and plenty of humiliation along the way. It’s still not quite my speed, but I’ll certainly check out of forth installment should they choose to make one.

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