Angels of Mercy


Angels of Mercy


91 Mins

Adam & Eve


THEMES: Nurses



STARS: Miko Lee, Allysin Chaynes, Stormy Waters, Lezley Zen, Summer Haze, Summer Storm, Steve Hatcher, Trevor Zen, Gino Greco and Jon West.


Nurses have to be one of the most commonly explored sexual fantasies in all of porn. (Cheerleaders being the other.) Every year there are a few dozen nurse movies and people just keep making them. It must be something about those stark white uniforms that are cut in such a way that gives us just a hint of what might be underneath. Or maybe it’s the fact that in porn, the women who normally just change the bedpan and take rectal temperatures. Bud Lee has done his share of nurse movies, so maybe we should just ask him what it is about angels of mercy that get us going. In this case, it’s the prospect of seeing Miko Lee in a too-short nurse’s uniform that has me hoping to see something great. She and three other women form the new nursing staff at the hospital. They check in and start looking around to get themselves acclimated and you just know that mischief will ensure.

One of the new nurses, Summer Storm, finds Steve Hatcher’s negative attitude quite detrimental to his treatment. She brightens his day with a naked sponge bath that quickly becomes a blowjob. In no time at all, he is fucking her like he suddenly has something to live for. You know, I’ve seen Summer look pretty dreadful in some movies, but she is quite attractive here, pumping her hips in some good looking RCA. Hatcher lets her get down so he can jerk his load into her mouth.

Allysin Chaynes is paying special attention to a celebrity patient, Stormy. As she tries to win over the depressed prima donna, we keep touring the hospital. Gino Greco gets a visit from Lezley Zen. He is a former skiing champion who needs to some special workouts. Miko comes in and double up on Gino. She looks outstanding in her white lingerie, but we don’t see in it for very long. Lezley and Miko share his big cock, taking turns sliding their lips down the shaft. He is more than ready to start fucking and once he is balls deep inside of Miko’s tight Asian twat, he looks completely healed. Lezley sticks her ass up in the air and takes it from behind while burying her face in Miko’s slit. For the best footage of the scene Miko mounts in reverse cowgirl and Lezley jerks him off inside of her friend’s pussy. Gino must have been saving up because he shoots a big load all over both of their faces.

Allysin has finally gotten through to Stormy and is allowed between her lovely legs. These two girls are both quite pretty and enjoy the taste of female flesh. That makes for a very nice looking pairing with decent heat. Somehow I just can’t get used to Allysin with the new tits and I can’t help but wish that we might later see Stormy doing guys. (Not in this movie, though she has done them in at least one Wicked movie recently.) Allysin does a really nice job of licking the curvy blonde from behind. The eye candy factor in this scene is really and it kept me interested from start to finish.

Summer Haze is tired of getting her co-worker, Trevor Zen to notice her. She is blunt about her feelings and he is not about to turn down this busty blonde. After stripping her down to her underwear, he tosses her panties aside and starts eating her snatch. While she gives him head, Trevor seems to only get half hard, but is able to slip it into her from behind anyway. Once he inside of that pussy, Trevor just pounds away. After some good action, he drops a serious load all over her huge boobs.

Miko checks in a new patient, Jon West. He’s a bit of a prick, but warms up to her very quickly. She gets down and starts checking him out, stroking his cock until he finally gets the message. Any time you turn this woman loose on a cock, you know that it’s going to be hot. She loses her clothes slowly, but never lets his cock leave her warm lips. The blowjob is delivered with Miko wearingly on her panties and shoes, giving us a nice look at her body. Turning up the heat, she works her hand and mouth over the shaft until he explodes in her mouth.

Summer has a few questions about the new therapy and has a talk with Lezley and the other Summer. They convince her that their brand of treatment is totally harmless and a whole lot of fun. This leaves us with a final lesbian three way between the two blondes and Lezley. I got my fill of nice looking veggie sex with Stormy so I am tempted to just sort of let this one go. If I did that I would miss Summer Storm licking ass, Lezley doing some serious muff diving and a whole lot of stocking clad female flesh writhing on a big couch.

If you are a fan of women in nurse uniforms, or just really like watching Miko Lee fuck, then this is a pretty solid movie. The rest of the cast isn’t quite as hot as Ms. Lee, though Storm and Allysin do manage to squeeze some decent heat out of their veggie encounter. The story is really spotty, just barely enough to hold the scenes together so this one relies on the sexual. More often than not, it’s enough. Chalk this one up as a fairly well put together couples flick with a nod to starched white uniforms and girls who just might know how to take your temperature in a very special way.

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