No Limits


No Limits


102 Mins.

Digital Playground

DIRECTOR: Nic Andrews

THEMES: Kidnapping, Lesbian Sex



STARS: Devon, Jessica Drake, Jesse Jane, Cheyne Collins, Brittany Skye, Barrett Blade, Mike Horner, Herschel Savage with Robby D.


Digital Playground is breaking out all of the big guns for this movie. No Limits is the debut of their new contract girl Jesse J. It also features their other girl, Devon in a movie directed by Nic Andrews with a cameo from Robby D. That pretty much covers the whole team with one project. I got to interview both Jesse and Devon a few months ago and have been looking forward to seeing both of them in action. With Andrews at the helm, I am sure that she will test out her acting skills as well as her sexual prowess. Devon has played the lead in other of Andrews’s projects and she’s got the bulk of the dialog in this one as well.

Devon is struggling with her career and her marriage. She seems indifferent at home and is tired of other people taking credit for her work at the office. Brittany Skye offers her some advice on how to get ahead. This takes us to a flashback between Brit and her boss, Herschel Savage. A little late night office bang is a great way for a pretty blonde to get what she wants. The sex is shot pretty well, with Brittany providing a lot of eye candy as she leans back with her legs wide open. She gives him a slow blowjob, keeping things nice and gentle. I have been Brittany do some really hot sex scenes, but she has the energy level toned down a notch for this feature-fuck scene. Herschel bends her over and then fucks her in missionary on the desk until he shoots all over her belly.

Hearing the story makes Devon late for a lunch date with her husband, Cheyne Collins. To make matters worse, she forgot his birthday. He gives her a envelope with a mysterious card inside. It’s something to help their marriage, but Cheyne is vague as to what exactly it is. Devon calls the number and sets up an initial meeting with the company. Mike Horner explains that his company offers “whatever is lacking.” (If you saw the Michael Douglas movie “The Game” you get the concept.) They set her up with a long series of tests that gives us a strong mainstream feel to the movie. During an erotic video montage, Devon gets so turned on that she has to start masturbating. It’s not a full solo scene, but it is the first sex we’ve seen in over ten minutes.

Devon gets a call from the company informing her that her application has been denied. Late that night, Jessica Drake and Jesse take advantage of the semi-private cubicles for a bit of after-hours lesbian fun. Jessica works on the new girl very slowly, tasting her sweet slit and making Jesse moan softly. Standing up Jessica bends over to let the rookie return the favor. They use a clear dildo for a bit at the tail end of this eye-candy scene.

In the elevator on the way home, Devon and Jessica have a little chat. She is a photographer who is just visiting her friend. The elevator breaks down and they have to escape out the hatch. With her bag still stuck in the elevator, Devon needs a ride home from her new friend. When she gets home, she finds some disturbing pictures of Cheyne who has clearly had the shit kicked out of him. A call follows spelling out ransom demands for his safe return. She calls Jessica and lets her in on the situation. The dialog scenes run a little long, but they are well done. Jessica is doing a particularly good job in her role. She lays it on really thick with Devon during an intense dialog scene.

Jessica of course is working with the kidnappers and isn’t getting along with her cohorts too well. To get what she wants from the couple, Jessica brings Cheyne in and starts sucking on his cock. Devon has to watch as her man gets swallowed up by his new playmate. Jessica mounts him and rides hard while Cheyne holds her hips. Somehow he doesn’t seem very tortured by all of this. Given the chance, he bends her over and starts fucking. This is the best sex of the movie so far. Jessica looks great and seems to need him inside of her so bad she can’t help herself. He fucks her just long enough to work up a good load and then shoots it all over her belly.

Jessica takes off for a while, leaving Barrett and Robby D to look after the prisoners. Devon turns on the charm when Barrett comes into her room. She seems determined to seduce him and is thrilled when he rips her clothes off and sticks his tongue into her tight little hole. Devon looks so good spread out on the table that he just shoves his cock right into her. The doggy is really hot, though I would like to hear more of what she is saying and less of the background music. After being pounded, she gets down on her knees and sucks his cock, even letting him shoot a load onto her pretty face. That lovely glazed smile hides the rage she has behind those eyes.

Making a break for it, Devon helps Cheyne out of the lair. They are chased and fired upon. The plot comes to a climax here with some good dialog by Horner. Jessica and Devon still have some unfinished business though. After watching them both do such great boy/girl scenes, this is a bit anti-climactic, but they do look good together. Jessica standing over Devon with her long legs spread is quite a sight. Likewise, Devon on her knees with that delicious ass in the air is bound to make a whole lot of guys and girls jealous of Jessica.

As usual, Nic Andrews has made a movie with a strong mainstream feel to it. There are some long stretches where the dialog seems to drag, but the story here is really solid. Devon’s dialog is improving with every movie and she looks great. Her scene with Barrett is one of two real scorchers in this one. The debut of Jesse J is pretty low-key as the pretty blonde has no dialog and only a veggie scene with Jessica. With all the big guns in one movie, Jessica Drake is actually the best thing about this movie. Her dialog scenes are crisp and her sex scene with Cheyne is outstanding.

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