Guilty Pleasures


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Guilty Pleasures


86 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Michael Zen

THEMES: Three way sex, Step-Incest, Plot.




STARS: Serenity, Amber Michaels, Kiki D’Aire, Keisha, Heather Lynn, Alec Metro, Chris Cannon & Mickey G.


I’m not sure if this is the last Serenity movie that Wicked has, but it has sure taken a long time to come out on DVD. It was shot at the end of 1999, but it’s just now being released. This Michael Zen movie has a lot of dialog, especially by the two leads, Serenity and Alec Metro. For those of you who don’t remember, this is the movie that I wrote for Serenity several years ago. It sat on someone’s desk for about a year before she finally convinced them to shoot it. We’ll have to see if Wicked changed the credits on the DVD, because on the video release, Raven Touchtone got my credit. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie, but Zen did a really nice job with the story and the sex, so I would imagine that it will make a nice looking DVD. The cast is very hot with Serenity being joined by Amber Michaels and Kiki D’Aire.

Alec drives up to a huge mansion in his expensive car with Amber Michaels on his arm. As soon as they make it through the front door, he is all over her. Amber is worried that someone might catch them, but after being assured that “she” is gone, they get right to work on the stairs. As they begin fucking, we see that Serenity is watching from just out of sight. Alec begins with some foot licking and then moves up to her pussy. Serenity breaks out a video camera to capture the action. Amber returns the favor, flashing good eye contact as she sucks his dick. He slips in between her thighs and starts fucking her hard. Off camera, Serenity is now rubbing herself as she watches. Amber talks dirty while giving some high-energy reverse cowgirl. For good measure, Alec fucks Amber’s ass while she keeps growling for him to do it harder. She takes a bit load all over her face just as Serenity makes her presence known.

Amber is embarrassed and runs away, leaving Serenity and Alec alone. They are step-siblings with a lot of sexual tension between them. Alec wants Serenity, she is a big tease and they end up making a bet. (Yes, there is more than a little bit of Dangerous Liaisons and Cruel Intentions in this script.) Serenity gets to pick a woman for Alec to fuck. If he wins, he gets her, if he loses, she gets his car. It’s as simple as that. Oh and for those who care, Amber is Alec’s best friend’s fiancée.

At a party the next day, Serenity sets things up. She chooses the prissy daughter of a Senator, Kiki D’Aire for her brother to go after. He goes right after her and is naturally shot down. Enjoying his failure and the power she holds over Amber, Serenity blackmails her into a three-way with Cannon. The girls are in the tub when he walks in and before he even has time to think, they are passing his cock back and forth between their mouths. This is great oral footage with tons of eye candy. Serenity looks great with a dick in her mouth and bends over for the first penetration shot. They get into some pretty acrobatic positions as the women just use and abuse Cannon’s cock. Amber takes a hard ride on the rod while Serenity grinds on his face. The lucky guy unloads all over their breasts and watches as the girls kiss.

Not giving up easily, Alec shows up and takes Kiki on a picnic. They have some good dialog scenes that are split up by more dialog between Metro and Serenity. The plot is unfolding, but we’re all Jonesing for some sex, so Serenity shows him a tape she made of Cannon fucking a couple of bimbos. He’s got Keisha and Heather Lynn in the bathroom and is enjoying them both. Heather is getting most of the action, taking it up the ass while Keisha fucks herself with a big toy. Eventually the busty porn vet slides her own cheeks down around his rod, taking every inch up her butt. He shoots all over both girls.

Serenity’s plan is to show Amber the tape so she can save her brother from an ass kicking and have the girl all to herself. She is on her way to deliver the tape when she gets a visit from her friend, Judge Hammerly. They have a little arrangement together and she is well past due at holding up her end of the deal. Upstairs she warms to him quickly thanks to some serious pussy licking. Returning the favor, Serenity takes his dick in her hand and works it like she’s in love. Longer oral footage would have been great, but he is anxious to be inside of her tight box. Now that she is all warmed up. Serenity fucks him like she can’t get enough. The reverse cowgirl is very hot and the judge shoots a huge load all over her breasts.

Alec shows up at Kiki’s looking to come clean. Before he can confess, she throws herself at him. Kiki goes from ice princess to cock queen in no time. The blowjob is too short, but she throws her legs back and gets fucked hard. (Check out the behind the scenes reel for something interesting about this scene.) He ends up pulling out and shooting all over her tits. Kiki is hot in this scene, but it feels a bit flatter than it probably should.

Alec wins the bet, but tells Kiki the truth. He loses the girl, but isn’t about to let Serenity go without paying off her side. Alec orders her down to her knees and has her suck his dick. The way she gives head, it’s clear that the whole bet has been worth it. He finally gets a chance to fuck her and Alec doesn’t do it half way. Pounding away on her pussy, Alec makes her feel every inch. When Serenity gets on top, she also fucks like she’s looking to break him in half. During the reverse cowgirl, she sticks her fabulous ass out and really works it. They finish off the high energy fuck with a big load shot all over her body.

The plot ties up a few lose ends, leaving just about everyone miserable, but too sexually drained to care. There are some really good sex scenes in this movie. Serenity carries the action of course, doing great one on ones with Mickey and with Alec. Her three way with Amber and Chris is also a very high energy romp. Kiki is slightly underused sexually, but does a really nice job with her dialog. Metro and Serenity carry most of the lines though and they both do a really nice job. This is a really nicely shot movie that will be great for couples and has better than average sex. The story works and Michael Zen has brought it all together really well.

EXTRAS: There are the usual Wicked extras on this disc, trailers, promo stuff and the like. We also get a behind the scenes reel that was shot by Red Ezra. Bloopers and Interviews round out the bonus materials.

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