Grrl Power 15


Grrl Power 15


91 Mins.

Kick Ass Pictures

DIRECTOR: Andre Madness

THEMES: Natural Girls

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Ander Page, Steffany Mays, Renee Ponero, Boo, Jessica Darlin,
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This is probably one of my favorite lines on the market today. Kick Ass always finds some really cute chicks to show off their Grrl Power. The sex is always well shot and though it’s not always the best raincoter stuff, it’s generally hot. GP is proof that eye candy doesn’t have to mean bland sex. It can mean really cute girls delivering silly dialog in situations that could only happen in porn movies and then fucking like the true little sluts they are. The inclusion of Jessica Darlin in this volume will only prove that point. She’s back, looking great and fucking with as much enthusiasm as ever. That’s Grrl Power to be sure.

First up is Ander Page, a short little brunette with nice looking tits. Her boyfriend has been jailed and she has to turn on the charm to bail him out. The bail bondsman is really happy to take her into the bedroom and spank her shapely little backside. Ander has a great little body and when she gets the chance to show off her oral skills, she passes with flying colors. Very nice hand action here from the sexy youngster. She gets on top and mounts him for some really eye pleasing RC. Check out her young, nearly tat free flesh and the sweet little pussy. Ander has good energy and a very sexy body so this is a solid scene all the way around. When he is ready to shot, the sexy young girl gets down and jerks him right into her mouth. I love the way she tongues his head after he’s done. I’d say that her boyfriend will be out on bail in no time.

Jessica Darlin has a new twist on surviving a teen slasher flick. When the killer makes his way into her room, she teaches him that violence is bad, but sex is good. Jess looks great and has that killer smile that lets everyone know that she’s ready for fun. She lets him touch her perfect tits and mouth watering ass until all he wants to do is fuck the hell out of her. He kisses her feet for a while, giving us some long shots of her legs before he goes down to taste her sweet little box. In return, Jessica sucks his cock and as always, it’s a treat. She loves his dick with her mouth as if it were the tastiest slab of meat she has ever enjoyed. The eye contact is so good that I don’t every want it to end. The now tamed killer slides between her legs and fucks his blonde partner hard, but we know what Jess really wants. She wants to mount his rod in RC and give us some super hot looking anal footage. He pounds her from behind and ends up giving her a big wad on her waiting chin. Jessica still has Grrl Power to spare.

Boo is in an all-girl band and knows just how to get a contract. She needs only a few minutes with record executive Jay Ashley to convince him to give her a spin. Jay puts the teen brunette on her back and starts licking her feet. Continuing up her legs, he spends plenty of time licking her young money maker. Boo knows that if she wants to be a rocker, she has to know how to handle the mike. She looks great riding cock and has a tight little pussy. Jay gives it to her hard from behind, giving us more eye candy than energy as Boo just takes it. He rolls her over to pummel her pussy until it’s time to make her swallow some cum. I don’t know if Boo will make it as a rock star, but she can probably count on being very popular around the record company.

Steffany Mays is a really cute little thing with a great body. She is looking to convince a doctor to give her enough medicine to do her in. I don’t know if euthanasia fantasies make for good porn, but Brandon Iron is going to rock her world. He has a good time playing with her boobs and stiff nipples. Using his stirrups, Brandon puts her in position to play with her feet and her pussy. Down on her knees, Steffany shows pretty good oral skills, taking his big cock about half way down and keeping it nice and wet. In return, he works over her little pussy with is mouth. I don’t know if that tiny little opening is going to be able to take him, but she is plenty wet when he starts. He slides it in slowly and stretches her with every stroke. By the time she gets on top, Steffany is able to bounce up and down, taking the full length of his rod. Brandon bends her over and makes her look back at him while he fucks her. Steffany takes a load on her pretty face, but seems none too happy about having to wear a protein mask.

Renee Pornero is a small titted Euro-babe who has her dialog dubbed over in English. She plays a hip hop wanna-be girl who really wants some street props. For some reason, Lee Stone is the man guarding the door, making this about the most white-washed ‘soul’ scene ever. Lee figures out that she’s a porn chick and melts right into her arms. He takes off her clothes and starts in on her feet. The scene is nice looking, but a little boring until Renee starts sucking cock. She has a talented mouth and picks up her energy for a bit. Renee’s butt looks good when she is on top and riding, but the standing mish is probably the best footage of the scene. There some good RCA that shows off her legs and tits, but compared to some of the other scenes, this one is just a little bit flat. Renee scores points for the long anal and repeated A2M before the final shot in her mouth.

The strongest scenes in this movie are at the start. Jessica Darlin and Ander give us the best action. The RCA with Jessica is especially eye pleasing and her energy is as good as ever. Some of the stories that lead into the scenes are a little strange, but beyond that there is nothing but good stuff here. The girls look good, the guys lay some good wood and they give us an entertaining fuck flick.

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