Un-Natural Sex 9


Un-Natural Sex 9


140 Mins.



DIRECTOR: Erik Everhard





STARS: Anna Nova, Rene Pornero, Caprice, Melanie Jagger, Gauge, Giovanna, Erik Everhard, John Strong,


Erik Everhard seems to have learned pretty quickly exactly what his audience wants to see. Fans tuning it for the Un-Natural Sex line are looking for hot chicks getting poked in every hole, often two dicks at a time. You all know how totally boring and homo-erotic I think double anal is, but I need to make sure that some people get the message. It doesn’t matter who shoots it, it just makes me tune out. Nothing wrong with it if you like it, it’s just not my bag, ok? I just don’t want anyone to get all upset over this stuff. It’s just porno after all. Some of the girls on hand to get double stuffed in this volume are top notch chicks. Gauge and Melanie Jagger headline, but the others look pretty dang cute as well. At least there will be good eye candy to watch as the guys try and make fire by rubbing to sticks together.

Gauge shows up at the Anabolic/Diabolic offices looking for work. She is in a little skirt and glasses, looking fantastic. They send her back to the warehouse where Everhard and John Strong are waiting to fill her mouth with cock. The messy blowjob looks super hot as she leaves her glasses on, but it ends way too quickly. In a matter of less than a minute, they are DP’ing her and giving her the A2M treatment. I’m all for watching this pint sized little prick cushion take as much cock as possible, but how can anyone cut a blowjob that short. The lift her into standing DP and Gauge even manages to turn around for some A2M in that position. She really is the ultimate spinner in porn right now. During a long DP, Everhard keeps pulling out for A2M, but that’s just the warm up act. She rolls onto her back with Strong under her and his dick in her ass. Erik slides his prick into her butt as well. During the long shots, she still looks super hot and the close ups do give you the sort of rectum stretching that must appeal to DA fans. From double anal, Gauge some double A2M. The first pop goes into her ass and she tastes it off of his finger. The second shot goes right into her mouth. Gauge is hot in any action and looks really good these days.

We don’t even see Anna’s face until after she has a dick deep in her ass. She’s not a great looking girl, but her big ass gapes pretty well so I guess she has that going for her. Erik turns her around to make her taste it. After Gauge, Anna is a big step down, but she is a pretty good anal slut. Everhard gives her some standing anal, but most of the action comes in an extended RCA view. Since Anna is not the best looking girl in the movie, I guess the extended hyper close ups aren’t so bad, but with another girl I might be screaming for a little more than just her stuffed colon. We do get a look at her face when Erik pulls out and shoots on her mug.

Rene Pornero at least gets to suck some cock before she hast to take it in the ass. Of course seconds into the scene, a second dick comes in and starts power blasting her butt. She turns to face the camera and slides down for some RCA that quickly becomes DP. The best shots come when only once cock if slamming into her ass because we can actually check out her body. Standing DP is always fun and Rene seems to like being lowered down onto their rods. They manage to get her to spin around and taste some ass, but it’s a bit of a struggle. Speaking of struggles, slipping two pricks into her ass is a bit of an adventure. I think they need a shoehorn to get both guys up in there. When she is in doggy, the dicks seem to rub together more easily, but I would still venture to guess that Rene is not going to be requesting this sort of action the next time she’s getting it on with her two favorite studs. She takes the first load on her face and sucks out the last few drops. With jizz still on her lips, she turns her ass high into the air and gets the best pounding yet. This time she gets a load in her ass and squeezes it out all over her pussy.

Caprice has a pronounce noses and a toothy smile, but it’s her body that is going to get the most attention. Nice sized, natural breasts, toned arms and a really fine ass give her the complete package. After tasting her ass from Erik’s finger, Caprice gets down to give a really hot POV blowjob. The eye contact is great and from this angle, her face is quite pretty. She gets up onto the bed and throws her legs back to make it easy for him to put it in her ass. After getting a really good look at her body in this position, she rolls over and get an eyeful of her ass as he enters from behind. Caprice does some more A2M in between each position and finally gets into the very eye-pleasing RCA for us. Every once in a while she slips off to do some more A2M. Sadly the scene ends with an anal creampie. It’s a lame finish to an otherwise hot scene.

Erik and John Strong have heard that there is a “stranger blower” in their apartment complex and decide to give her a visit. Thankfully, the girl is Melanie Jagger so they jump right in. With Mel on her hands and knees, John gets head while Erik power fucks her ass. Her energy is high as always as the guys DP her hot holes. The pace of this scene is really different from the last one (But fits with the rest of the movie better) and I really think it suffers a bit because of it. It’s great watching her get plugged, but the immediate focus on anal and especially DP just blocks too much of Melanie from our view. I’d rather watch her get fucked by one guy than to watch two of them rub rods, but that’s just what I’m looking for in a porn flick. She does get some great one on one anal near the end of the scene that leads to another anal cream pie that Melanie eats off of Erik’s fingers.

Giovanna is a very sexy girl who looks good in a lace body stocking. She sits down on a butt plug and makes some funny remarks about wanting us to pay attention more than just her ass. Sorry baby, you’re in the wrong movie for that. Giovanna really is pretty, but like the rest, she just gets power fucked right up her sweet ass. Double stuff fans will get more out of this scene than I did because there is a long stretch of footage with the guys really close in her pussy. Two in the ass makes Giovanna feels a little strange about taking two dicks in her ass, but she handles it just fine. The pretty girl swallows a load to close out the movie.

I really like the cast of this movie, but the pace just doesn’t work for me. This line is really more for guys who are looking for action that goes straight to the anal. With plenty of double stuffing to go around, this is a movie for fans of double A, double P and for people who think that most raincoater porn wastes way too much time on things like oral or vaginal sex. I always like watching Gauge and Melanie Jagger work so their scene stand out, but the rest of the cast isn’t far behind. If double stuffing and dick on dick action is what you’re looking for, the Un-Natural Sex line is one of the very best series you can find.

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