Kelly the Coed 12


Kelly the Co-ed 12


109 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: College Girls,

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Violet Blue, Misty, Bree Brooks, Flick Shagwell, Kristen, Aurora Snow, Hannah Harper, Dale Debone, Steve Taylor, Joel Lawrence, Mark Cummings, Jay Ashley, TJ Cummings, Rollo Tamasi & Rafe.


I know that the Kelly movies are totally cheesy porn, but there is just something about them that I love. No matter what little porn tramp is playing the lead role, the sex is fun, hot and plentiful. There is always dialog, it’s always silly and usually revolves around horny coeds getting fucked at frat parties. I don’t know where girls like Kelly were when I was in college, but it’s fun to live vicariously through these movies. It’s not really much of a stretch since most of the male porn guys playing co-eds are older than I am anyway. Violet Blue plays Kelly in this volume and she is joined by some of the cutest girls in all of porn.

Kelly has worked her way up in the sorority so she can order the pledges around. Hannah Harper I just such a pledge. Kelly sends her over to the Delta house with an invitation to a mixer. She shows up looking really cute with her hair pulled back and her body all shoved into a tight little dress. Dale Debone takes her upstairs and gives some tips on how to handle college life. Hannah wants to be popular, so she gets down on her knees and does her best to suck his cock all the way down her throat. It’s good to see that the English know how to teach their teens how to orally service strangers for popularity. Dale doesn’t have to lick that tight little hole though and just slides right up in there. Hannah seems to have developed a bit of a big ass that is on display fro the right angles. They bang on the stairs, giving us some really good reverse cowgirl when she spreads out across the stairs and waxes his pole with her twat. Since she is supposed to be learning the Greek way of doing things, Hannah has to roll over and let him plug her in the bum. Her ass takes cock perfectly and like a well trained little slut, the blonde Brit opens her mouth for a big shot of cream. Hell, she even knows to clean it up when she’s done. She will be at the top of her class before she is done.

Violet has a thing for the older musician-type who is back in school after some time off. She has some beer with him and gets just drunk enough to want to fuck his brains out. Violet shows him what she’s learned in college. First on her list of skills has to be the blowjob. This cute little blonde sucks a mean dick and the only thing wrong here is that it doesn’t last longer. He licks her pussy just long enough to have her begging for his dick. Violet leaves her knee highs on and just pulls her panties aside to let him fuck her hot box. Lucky Steve even gets to put it up Kelly’s pretty ass. We get some really good close ups during spoon, but he wants her bent back over so he can shoot all over her asshole.

Kelly takes her friend Aurora Snow home for the weekend. Her father gives the girls a ‘back in my day’ lecture. All that talking doesn’t stop the girls from throwing a big party at dad’s place. They actually leave for a while and the rest of the crew plays a game of spin the bottle. Flick Shagwell, Bree Brooks, Kristen, Misty, Johnny Thrust and Rafe all drink themselves silly before turning it into a stripping game. When all of the girls are topless, they up the stakes again. There is a long build up to the action which is actually pretty hot. Eventually Flick gets so into sucking Rafe’s dick that the rest of them have to play without the duo. Bree and Flick and Bree are busy sucking cock while Kristen keeps Misty’s pussy nice and juicy. When they are done playing with each other, these babes share a dick as Flick makes room for Bree on Rafe’s rod. Proving that they all learned a lot of math in college, the girls figure out that two mouths and two cocks will adequately cover four pussies. Flick and Kirsten mount dicks for reverse cowgirl while the other pair do some face riding. The girls all line up with their asses in the air to give the guys a nice variety. Johnny settles in behind Misty and gives us some really good looking doggy. Rafe gets the bright idea to stack Misty on top of Bree and enjoy them both. Misty has Johnny shoot into her beer and then chugs it down. Rafe tries to shoot into an empty cup, but just spooges on his fingers. No matter, Flick is happy to lick it from his hands and prick.

Kelly’s father (Mark Cummings) comes home and is super pissed to find the naked college kids on his furniture. When Kelly comes home, he chews her out and then turns his attention to her friend. They have some funny dialog about how innocent his poor daughter is. Of course, Aurora is innocent too, but does have a thing for older men. He doesn’t resist her advance for very long and who can blame him? Her pussy is nice and juicy so Mark enjoys it for a long time. Right in the middle of this action, son Jay Ashley comes in and Aurora decides on a father/son combo. She put her hands and mouth to good use, slurping on both cocks at once. Dad bends his new toy over while she sucks on Jay’s cock. Her energy is great as always and naturally the guys get a shot at that hot ass. Taking two generations at once is no problem for this hot babe and now Aurora will have something to talk with Kelly about back on campus. Holding her mouth open, Aurora takes Jay’s load and then spits out a faked pop from Cummings.

Joel Lawrence and another guy show up for the final scene with Kelly. They bring beer, so she’s ready to go. It doesn’t take long before Violet is making out with Joel and letting the other get up under her skirt. You just have to love the way this girl sucks cock and with two she is twice as hot. With her skirt lifted and her tits exposed, she bends over for some very enthusiastic standing doggy. Joel tosses away her skirt and we get an unhindered view of her goodies as she bounces in reverse cowgirl. They roll her over onto her side for some great looking anal by the smaller guy while Kelly She takes a brief DP, before giving us very hot looking RCA. Joel gets in the way again when he double jams her. In the end, both guys shoot all over her spread pussy and asshole.

This is another really fun little feature. Violet Blue is great as Kelly, the fun loving beer slut who likes to take cocks two at a time. Her DP in the finale is worth sticking around for. Aurora also takes on two guys at once, nearly stealing the show from Kelly. Hannah Harper also turns in a good scene. The dialog is sometimes silly and the plot is as thin as one of Kelly’s term papers, but the sex is good and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

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