Sexual Fantasy


Sexual Fantasy


91 Mins.

Digital G


THEMES: Fantasy, Outdoor Sex

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Dru Berrymore, Ava Vincent, Nicole Sheridan, TJ Hart, Gina Ryder, Monica Mayhem, Alan Evans, Kaylynn, Nicolette, Evan Stone, Herschel Savage, Lee Stone, John Decker & Rafe.


With most companies vying to be the most extreme, most depraved and most degrading movies possible, Digital G has a different plan. They are going for a different audience altogether. I can’t tell up front if we’re looking at a couples-friendly movie or not, but the opening sequence looks like it’s at least a high end feature from a picture quality standpoint. The voice over sets up a pretty basic porn movie. Soft-core star Nicolette makes her living slinging drinks in Vegas. She’s not a common barmaid though, working instead in the private bungalows where the rich and famous come to play and indulge their deepest fantasies.

Surrounded by wealthy women and trophy wives, the guys can’t seem to keep their eyes or minds off pool cleaner Dru Berrymore. She also wonders about the men, but her thoughts of their bank books. I’m not sure who is having the fantasy, but it starts off very gently. I’m not a fan of slow motion sex, so the early footage of him doing down on Dru is a little dry for my taste. The whole tone of the scene changes when the little German slut gets her mouth going. Gone is the slow motion and soft music and we are treated to a nicely shot and very enthusiastic blowjob. He puts a towel down right next to the pool and starts pumping into her hungry hole. Dru looks really good on her hands and knees wit her ass up in the air as she takes it hard and deep. Dru takes it well in doggy, but they move in for some face to face that actually includes some kissing. The camera moves a bit too much for me during this portion, zooming in and out when it doesn’t need to. He finally pulls out and drops his jizz onto her tight little ass.

Nicolette isn’t above some fantasy time herself. She spies Nicole Sheridan and instantly dreams of some girl on girl kissing. The slow motion kicks in again as the girls slowly undress each other. Nicole enjoys her blonde plaything and both women show off very nice bodies. The action gets much hotter when we lose the slo-mo and Nicole really starts gobbling Nicolette’s gash. She uses a strap on and bends Nicolette over the barstool for some standing doggy. This is some pretty good girl on girl action, though nothing beats Nicole doing guys.

Alana Evans wonders about Herschel Savage’s cock and brings Monica Mayhem into her fantasy. Again we start out slow, with Monica sucking in slow motion while Alana watches and fingers herself. She joins the fun, but while we’re still in this mode I just can’t get into the action. Eventually things pick up speed and Monica drops down on Herschel’s rubber covered dick. I guess Alana is impressed by it because she can’t wait to bend over and take it from behind. Maybe this shouldn’t bother me, but while Alana is biting her lips and slamming her hip back to fuck Herschel, he’s chewing gum with an almost bored look on his face. He switches back and holds Monica’s legs in the air while he pumps her just long enough to dribble out a load onto her flat tummy.

Rafe is unable to concentrate on gambling because he is having hot fantasies about Dru. She strips on a craps table and uses a couple of toys on her pussy. There is some good looking footage of Dru with a fat dildo in her pussy, but I’m waiting for the slow motion to end. The problem is that it doesn’t end. She just keeps playing with herself in slow motion until his fantasy ends.

Dealer TJ Hart becomes the object of a fantasy that starts out with Evan Stone sucking on her meaty pussy lips. She gives him a short blowjob which is too bad because she is really good with her mouth. The fucking is interesting because he’s got a condom on, but it only covers part of his dick so once he is inside, we don’t really see it. This is the first scene without any slow motion, but they definitely pick up the pace as they bone on the table. He fucks her pretty hard before blasting a big load all over her stomach.

Kaylynn is playing wit her man Lee Stone while Ava Vincent, Gina Ryder and John Decker are the table next to them. They all end up in the same scene for some slow motion warm up action. It’s a shame to see Kaylynn giving head at anything less than full motion, but that’s just the style of this movie. Unfortunately, this is the one scene that doesn’t shift into high gear at any point. We miss out on a lot of heat as Kaylynn gets pounded by Lee and Ava spreads for John. This is really a bad time to go strictly slo-mo because the performers are so hot.

TJ is back, this time getting wet in the pool with Nicolette. Apparently this soft core queen is happy to lick pussy and has a thing for blondes. They do a lot of kissing and gentle touching as they get out of the water and continue their fun on a towel. After sucking on a two headed dong, the blondes pump slits until every inch of that toy vanishes. The toy play is good, but I think I liked Nicolette’s turn with Nicole better than this one.

There is a lot to enjoy in this movie. The sex is very well shot and the cast is pretty hot. I know that they are going for the couples audience with this one, but I just can’t get past the use of slow motion. Thankfully, they only start out the scenes this way and then kick it into high gear. If the final scene had followed this format, then the overall rating would have been at least a full point higher. Dru and Alana are very hot in their scenes. Nicolette goes a couple of veggie scenes, including one with Nicole Sheridan that I liked a lot. My biggest complaint about his movie is the fact that the Kaylynn, Gina and Ava scene never gets out of slow motion mode. This is a quality adult movie with some good sex and an enthusiastic cast. It’s an impressive debut effort from Digital G.

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