La Femme Nikita Denise 2



La Femme Nikita Denise 2


90 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner

THEMES: Spies, Toys




STARS: Nikita Denise, Hannah Harper, Mary Carey, Melody, Malroy Marx, Evan Stone, Ben English, Joel Lawrence & Dillon Day.


I think that Jerome Tanner has to be one of the busiest guys in all of porn. Other than maybe Jim Powers I don’t know of anyone in smut who puts out so many movies a month. He just rolls these light features off at such a pace that he must be shooting nearly every day. This is a sequel to a cute little spy movie that I reviewed a while back. Nikita Denise is always hot no matter what she’s doing, but somehow she really turns it on as a secret agent. She is the kind of woman who can coax any information she needs from any man or woman, but if that doesn’t work she can just kick a little ass. This time, Nikita is called upon to rescue a British agent, Hannah Harper after her plane crashes behind enemy lines.

When Hannah is captured, she finds herself at the mercy of Mary Carey and Joel Lawrence. Joel goes to work on her pussy, trying to torture the information out of her. After a series of toys she is turned on that she just can’t help but suck his dick. Somehow I doubt if feeding that big cock to Hannah is going to break her, but it sure looks great. While the sexy agent is on her back, Mary comes over and feeds her some tit flesh, but I think Hannah is more interested in getting stuffed with meat. She looks hot riding dick and even better bend over the table. For whatever reason, he decides to pull out and shoot all over her pussy.

Nikita wants to spring into action, but they already have an agent in the field trying to find the secret location of the terrorists’ headquarters. Evan Stone has to get next to Melody at a high stakes card game and get a microscopic transmitter down her throat. To that end, he injects the chip into his balls so we’re going to have some fun with this. They hit it off and get busy right there on the table. He uses an ice cube to work on her pussy and ass. In return, the bright eyed little babe goes right after his cock. There is a bit too much footage from under his sack, but Mel looks good with a cock slapping against her pretty face. They go straight to the anal and she shows great energy as he goes deep into her butt. Even as she bounces up and down in his lap, she is screaming for it harder. After the all-A scene, Evan drops his load and the transmitter into Melody’s mouth. Too bad he has to killer her before she can lead them to the headquarters.

While Nikita is being given a nice collection of interesting weapons, Hannah keeps herself busy with a dildo. Dressed in her sexy camaflouge, Nikita overpowers Ben English and then fucks him for good measure. She gets her mouth busy on his dick and just won’t let up. It doesn’t require much arm twisting to get him to reciprocate. Her pussy is nice and juicy when he stands her up and drills her. Getting aggressive, Nikita mounts him and slams her hips down as hard as she can. Ben gets a brief shot at her ass before busting a nut all over her pussy. Nikita cleans his cock off to get a taste of his jizz.

Mary is angry with Dillon for letting her sister die, but punishes him by making him fuck Malory. Strange way to get back a guy, but who am I to question? Mal is a bit chunky, but attacks dick like it’s a hot fudge sundae. Her energy level is really high as she gets up from her knees and gives standing head. Dillon goes after her little pussy, working it with fingers and spitting on her lips. When she gets the chance to feel that pole up inside of her, Mal grinds her hips and shakes that big ass. They go for some high energy fucking until he pulls out and pops on her muffin. Not bad for the last few seconds of Dillon’s life.

Mary has finally moved all the way to fucking Hannah by the time Nikita get there. They all share a kiss and then go to work on each other. Nikita stacks the girls on top of each other and goes after both pussies with her long tongue. They turn the tables and take turns fucking her horny holes. Two toys fill her perfectly into her pussy and ass. Hannah also gets double donged before she has to do herself as the other two girls share a two-header. After the three-way lesbian sex, Nikita disposes of Mary and they make their escape.

Once again Jerome Tanner has given us a simple feature with a few laughs along the way. Nikita provides the best sex scene of the bunch, but only fucks on guy this time around. Hannah kicks the movie off well by taking on Lawrence and his sizable meat. Melody and Evan give us a good looking anal scene, but that really does it for the good hetero action. Hannah and Nikita would make a very good team should Tanner choose to make a La Femme Nikita Denise three. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Cindi Loftus for her great non-sex role movie. I encourage other film makers to hire porn journalists to be in their flicks….

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