I like it Black & Deep in my Ass


I Like It Black (And Deep In My Ass)


112 Mins.

Video Team


THEMES: Interracial Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Sapphire Rae, Ashley Long, Venus, Melanie Jagger, Donna Marie, Santino Lee, Tony Eveready, Jason Zupalo, Billy Blanks & Roc Magnum.


There are some many interracial lines on the shelves these days that it’s hard to imagine that any performer are still refusing to do IR scenes. Video Team has been brought together some hot white girls and hard black cocks. The formula is simple enough, so we shouldn’t have to wad through too much stuff to get to the action. Melanie Jagger, Ashley Long and Venus are all very hot performers. They get to work with a couple of fairly new studs, so we’re going to see just what kind of meat these guys are packing.

Venus uses a toy to get her ass ready for some dick. There isn’t much to the interview before Jason Zupalo comes in to give her something to play with. He’s got a pretty big dick, so Venus opens up her throat and takes as much as she can. The exchange of oral is fairly brief, but it gets them ready for her to slide all the way down his long pole. She is soft around the middle from childbirth, but Venus really knows how to work her hips. He puts her into piledriver which is a great position for her. Venus takes a short ride, letting us take a final look at her cheeks before he busts them with his prick. All that warm up must have paid off because Jason hides some serious salami up her tight backside. The close up shots are the highlights until they go back into piledriver where she looks best. She gives him another ride with her pussy before Jason pulls out and leaves his seed all over her thigh.

Billy Blanks takes his girl out of the ghetto and shows her the lovely suburban life she has always dreamed of. His babe, Melanie Jagger, is dressed in tight shorts and a bikini top. Her curvy body spills out at all angles as he kisses and fondles her firm flesh. As she drops to her knees to suck his dick, Mel tells him that she wants it in her ass before he’s done. The enthusiastic girl gives great looking head and parts her thighs to give him a taste. Billy bends her over and starts pumping her from behind stretching that tight little pussy with every stroke. He nearly wears her out even before he goes for the butt. Watching her squat fuck his long prick gives us plenty of eye candy and has her big tits bouncing like crazy. Mel stands and takes it between her cheeks from behind for a while. Billy gets on top to keep filling her ass until he is ready to shoot all over her shaved box.

Donna Marie is a nasty little Brit with red hair a thin body and a deep hunger for black cock. She works toys into her pussy and then bends over to let us watch as she shoves it up her butt as well. Roc Magnum decides that she needs something in her mouth. He’s got a decent sized cock and Donna takes most of it down her throat during a sloppy blowjob. Even though she looks great in her plaid skirt and top, he strips her down to lick her pussy. Roc doesn’t take it easy on her when it’s time to fuck, pumping her as hard as he can and keeping her box filled with dark meat. Some body slapping doggy gets her good and ready for anal. Even after being pounded hard, her tight hole snaps right back. He goes back into her pussy just long enough to spray his cum around her pussy.

Ashley Long is playing pool when Tony Eveready walks in. (At this point, my disc skips ahead twenty minutes. I was able to back up to the start of the scene, so this could just be a glitch on my DVD) He works for her husband and is a bit worried when she comes on to him. The leggy blonde eventually talks him into a tryst and Tony is quite pleased with the result. She lifts her skirt and Tony tongues her from behind. Ashley may be the lady of the house, but she knows how to get down on her knees and act very un-ladylike. Not using her hands at all, she delivers a great looking blowjob. Tony has forgotten all about his boss by the time she drapes her leg over his lap and starts grinding down on him. Ashley is able to stand and squat fuck him rod while facing the camera, giving us a really nice view of her sweet English muffin. After a short break for some spoon, she gets back up and lets him have her ass. Every inch slides easily in and Ashley just can’t get enough. Once again, the jizz ends up on her box, but the dirty blonde has to give it just a little taste.

Sapphire Rae is really horrible at the piano. Luckily for her, she can suck dick really well. The dialog is kind of silly, but Sapphire play the dopey young girl part pretty well. She plays with herself for a while before Santino Lee comes in to give her black cock. Her toy is about three times his size, so she easily swallows him. They move quickly to the fucking and Sapphire keeps talking in her spoiled little rich girl voice. Even though Santino insists that he is an Arabian stallion, his little plaything keeps calling him a little pony. He fucks her as hard as he can, but it just doesn’t seem to really do much for her. Her skinny white ass takes his cock easily in doggy and then in piledriver so he can pop on her twat.

This is a basic movie with five interracial scenes. Some of them have little set ups, but others are just straight forward fuck and suck sessions. What is a little different about this one is that all of the pop shots end up on the girls’ pussies. There are a couple of scenes that stand out here. Melanie Jagger, who always seems to impress every time, gives us one very hot anal fuck. The banter between Ashley and Tony adds a little wrinkle to their scene as well. There is nothing earth-shattering in this movie, but it’s well shot and hot enough to warrant a stroke or two.

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