The Fans Have Spoken 2


The Fans Have Spoken 2


91 Mins.

Jill Kelly Productions

DIRECTOR: Nick Manning


CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Nick Manning, Brittany Andrews, Jasmine Klein, Lesley Zen, Tara Wild & Gina Ryder.


Apparently Nick Manning gets a whole lot of fan mail. Apparently he also thinks enough of himself that he wants t make a movie out of his fan requests. I didn’t see the first movie, so I’m not sure how it’s going to work out, but I wonder if there are people really typing out letters requesting to see Nick fuck this group of women. Nothing against any of them, but they aren’t exactly A-level babes. As for Nick, I’ve only seen him in a couple of movies and I can’t for the life of me figure out why he’s got his own series yet. To date, his sexual performances have proven to be average which is a several notches above his acting skills. Perhaps it’s those rugged good looks and charming personality that attract the hoards of fan letters he obviously receives. The scenes in this movie are submitted by fans and the winner gets a trip to the AVN Awards. Best of all, the scene that gets the most votes on Nick’s web site (Pimped mercilessly in this flick) wins Nick’s car.

The first letter is for Brittany Andrews and leads us into a scene between Nick and Brit. They don’t get his costume requirements right, but I guess the fans only direct the scenes to a point. Nick comes in and licks Brittany’s pussy. The letter specified that she leave her shoes on and give lots of eye contact. She does leave the shoes on, but gives no eye contact during the brief blowjob. He bends her over the desk and fucks her with all the passion of a man picking gristle from between his teeth. Brittany rolls herself into piledriver to take whatever he’s got. Nick slides his dick between her bit tits and fucks them until it’s time to leave a big load all over those hooters.

Jasmine Lynn reads a letter that is so breathlessly over-hyped in its praise of Nick’s ‘abilities’ that one wonders how often his mom writes fan letters for him. The letter specifies that Nick should just fuck Jasmine really hard in any three positions. (Hell, that is more directing than a lot of directors do these days.) Nick comes in and Jasmine is instantly more than ready to go. Apparently he has a magic tongue, because she seems to be on the verge of cumming shortly after the second lick. Jasmine gets down and starts sucking his dick, but we end with more footage of Nick’s scruffy shave job than of the blonde giving head. Nick gets his dick hard, lifts her onto the table and starts fucking. After the build up in the fan letter, he damn well better jack rabbit fuck this girl. There are some decent power strokes, but not nearly what we should have expected. The hardest strokes in the scene come when Jasmine is on top directing the action. Even then, it’s a pretty average fuck.

The Lesley Zen letter is even less descriptive and I think we’ve moved beyond pretending these are fans directing the scenes. At least Lesley is the most attractive woman so far. Nick goes down on her and sucks as hard as he can. The low angle shots are not the best choice because she has really dark scars under her new boobs. Lesley starts sucking his dick and doesn’t really even try to act all that interested. When they start fucking, she does a good job in reverse cowgirl. He gives her some hard strokes, but talks like it’s a big deal. Dude, when some chick can take a pounding from Lex, Rocco, Everhard or one of the serious studs in the business, it’s a big deal. Watching Nick ‘powerfuck’ is like watching a girl deep throat Alex Sanders or take Ed Powers in her ass. He does give pretty good popshots and Lesley some of it on her tongue at the end of this scene.

I have no idea who Tara Wild is so believing that she would be the subject of a lesbian fan letter. Never mind that, I have a hard time believing that any director would make a poor girl do a cold read like this. It’s painful to listen to her struggle through the letter. Tara joins Nick in bed and they both seem pretty bored. Tara is nice enough looking I guess, but it cuter with her clothes on. By now it seems almost silly to point out that they aren’t even trying to follow the letter stuff. It’s just garden variety smut without a whole lot of energy. He licks her pussy for a long time before pushing her legs back into a piledriver. There is some decent footage as he moves to her ass and fucks her until he shoots his load all over her pussy.

Gina Ryder is also the subject of a letter from a female fan. She is the best looking girl in the movie, but watching her lie there with little life while he eats her out just makes me want to get to the end of this movie. Gina takes over while Nick leans back and looks way too satisfied with himself. (And who thought it was a good idea to focus on the guy during a lengthy long shot?) Nick fucks her from behind, grabbing her big ass and pulling her back to take every inch. They move into a spoon and we get a shot that seems to be focusing on her hand grabbing the blanket. There is decent energy when he fucks her in mish and then shoots on her face. (The facial is poorly shoot which is too bad.)

This is a really disappointing movie. The sex is very lackluster, the women are average at best and the whole theme of fan letters ends up being tossed and wasted. All of the scenes look the same, so what was the point of pretending that they were supposed to have a different feel? I have nothing against Nick Manning at all, I just can’t figure out why anyone is going to center a movie around him at this point. It took Mark Davis years to get that kind of recognition and he’s ten times the stud that Nick is. I don’t know what the fans were hoping for when they wrote in, but if it was bland sex, questionable angles and moderately appealing performers is what they requested, this movie gives it to them.

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