Once You Go Black



Once You Go Black


140 Mins

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks




STARS: Cris Taliana, August, Sabrine Maui, Alexa Rae, Melanie Jagger, Mandingo, Mr. Marcus, Brian Pumper & Darren James.



Jules Jordan has taken on a number of different kinds of all-sex movie and always manages to put his own stamp on the work. He has also teamed with Lexington Steele to make some of the best interracial porn in the last few years. Lex is absent from this new line, but Jules is working in the interracial genre once again with this new line. The girls in this flick are a nice mix. We’ve got Cris Taliana, Jules’ young contract girl who looks ready to take on the biggest and the best porn has to offer. Super hot Sabrina Maui and Melanie Jagger are along for the ride as well. I’m very high on these two and will watch them in anything. I haven’t seen August around much lately, but she almost always gives a great scene. And then there is everyone’s favorite ex-contract girl turned prick cushion, Alexa Rae. The last time she was in a Jules movie, Lex fucked her silly, so I’m sure she will do her best in this flick as well.

Cris is looking lovely in her white lingerie, pigtails and little skirt. She struts around the yard giving us great tease footage. When she comes inside, there are two big black dildos waiting for her. She strolls around the house playing with the oversized toys, continuing the tease. While she is playing with the toys, Brian Pumper and Darren James come in to show her what the real thing can do. She takes on dick in each hand and starts stroking them while they explore her tight hole with their fingers. The guys each take and end and fill Cris’ mouth and pussy with hard cock. This tight little teen takes a whole lot of dick and keeps pumping like she wants more. There is some great reverse cowgirl, but the real highlight comes when she turns around and shows us that perfect little butt. After the guys fuck her raw, they set up her face for a bit double pop. Jordan lets the cameras linger on her pretty, glazed face. Darren gives her another go, fucking her hard from behind and giving Cris a final taste of cock cream.

August has got quite a slamming backside packed into her tight white pants. She walks slowly up the stairs with her cheeks hanging out and then shows Jules the goods up in the bedroom. When the tease ends, August gets down on her knees and starts feeling around Mandingo’s pants to see what he’s got. She pulls out his cock and is face to face with a Louisville Slugger. Not at all afraid, August takes it in her hand and tries sucking on it. After doing her best with that monster, she leans back, uses a pocket rocket to get herself ready for the invasion. There is no way that whole thing is going to fit inside of her, but from behind, Mandingo is able to go very deep inside of August’s pussy. When she gets on top, those hips starts moving and damned if she doesn’t take nearly all of it. Mandingo gets set to shoot his load and decorates her pretty with a fresh coat of gonad gloss.

Sabrine Maui stands in front of a window in her white stockings, heels and gloves. While she waits, the gorgeous Asian fuck toy rubs her pussy. Her head hangs over the edge of the table so that Mr. Marcus can simple shove his cock down her throat right from the start. She handles it well, but does an even better job when she gets down on her knees. Those white gloves look like they feel great, but her best blowjob footage comes when she rips the gloves off. Sabrine wraps her tiny hands around that thick cock and pumps hard while sucking his balls. With his dick all prepared, Sabrine mounts him and takes every inch that Marcus has to offer. He may not be as huge as Mandingo, but that is still a whole lot of black meat inside a very tight little hole. Then that isn’t quite enough, he pushes her knees back to her chest and fucks her ass. Sabrine starts calling him a bitch so Marcus just tears that asshole up. In between positions, she does A2M, but the highlights come when he’s filling her up from behind and then in some fantastic looking RCA. Marcus puts her back on her knees and shoots his first stream of cum over her head. The rest of hits her square on the face and she gets down to lick the rest from the floor. This should get early consideration for the best one on one sex scene of the year.

Alexa Rae has a really tough job following that scene, but she looks ready to spread her legs for anything Jules has to offer. She is in a thin white top and shorts that go see-through when she douses them with oil. Marcus comes in and helps rub the oil in between her legs. Alexa turns around and looks up at Marcus with lust in her eyes as she takes his cock out of his pants and slips it between her willing lips. He straddles her chest to give her a good taste of his dick. With Alexa ready for anything, Marcus rears back and lays the wood to her. There are some really good shots of her big ass as she drops her hips down to take all of Marcus’ cock. No anal for Alexa, but she happily gets her face covered in his cream.

Melanie Jagger brings things right back to where they were before that last scene. She’s got on a white coat with little underneath. Jules talks to her for a while as she teases for the camera. Mandingo is called upon to take care of super slut Melanie. She gets down on her knees and stares lovingly at over a foot of dark meat. Licking up and down the shaft, Melanie gets him ready to violate her shaved hole. Mandingo slides up inside and starts pumping the nasty brunette. He pulls out and makes her taste it before sticking it back in from behind. After doing the dog for a while, Mel turns around and mounts his dick with her ass. It takes her a while, but she works so much of that thing into her butt that it might just be ready to come out her mouth. He gets to fuck that ass for a while before shooting his load right into her mouth. Melanie really earns her stripes in this scene.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best all-sex movies of the year so far and will probably still be near the top of the list when the year is up. Sabrine’s scene is one of the very best I’ve seen in a long time. Not far behind is the two on one that Cris delivers. Melanie proves once again that she is a top notch porn girl who can take anything at all. The sex is very hot in every scene and really well shot. Jordan again gives us great action as well as a lot of top-notch tease footage to set everything up. Everything about this movie is about as good as it can get and as a DVD it’s nearly flawless.


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