Sexy Skyways


Sexy Skyways


83 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Jim DiGiorgio

THEMES: Stewardesses




STARS: Dru Berrymore, Cherry Mirage, Brittany Blue, Summer, Catalina, Casey, TJ Cummings, Rod Fontana, Gino Greco & Rafe.


I don’t remember when Pleasure stopped sending me screeners, but this one was still in the drawer a year later. I dig Dru Berrymore, but I’m sure that it was Cherry Mirage who kept this tape here waiting to be reviewed. It’s a Jimmy D movie about horny chicks who work in the airline business. I don’t know if people still have the hots for flight attendants or air traffic controllers, but at least they get to play with fun little computer screens and fuck guys in white shirts. Beyond that, I imagine that the scenes are pretty standard, but there are enough cuties in the cast to make that work just fine.

Brittany Blue is trying to learn how air traffic controllers work. She doesn’t like her flight attendant uniform and loosens up the top. For some reason she is really attracted to Gino Greco. She gets right down on her knees and starts sucking his cock. Brittany looks like a low rent Jenna Haze with a skinny body and a cock hungry attitude. They exchange some plane related dialog as they go down on each other. This is light, cheesy porn dialog that should make just about everyone laugh a little. Gina eventually stops licking and starts fucking Brit’s tight little twat. The lighting isn’t great in this scene, but there is enough action to keep us watching. Brittany takes a big facial just in time for Gino to save a number of planes from crashing.

Dru is a sexy stew who likes taking guys home for some fun. The dialog is hard to understand, but once she gets naked none of that makes any difference at all. First Dru strips down to her bra and panties, then she goes full naked to show her new friend who firm ass. With a fire blazing in the background, she starts sucking his cock as deeply as she can. After licking her pussy for a bit, the guy lies back and lets her squat on his dick until it’s buried in her hot little snatch. The doggy is the best footage in this scene as Dru gets slammed hard. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her tummy.

Rog Fontana is a pilot who brings home trampy blonde Summer. The busty blonde is easily impressed by his tales of flight. Eventually she just tells him that she wants to fuck and is impressed by his big cock. This young thing rocks her body back and forth to take more and more of his rod. Even with her braces in the way, Summer manages to give a pretty good looking blowjob. Rod helps her out of her top, leaving on her plaid skirt and white socks while he licks her hole. By now her pussy is ready to be filled so Rod gives her short strokes that make her boobies shake. The action is a bit slow as they fuck in the same position for way too long, but eventually Summer gets on top and takes it deep. Eventually she takes a closed mouth facial on her chin.

Cherry Mirage comes home with Catalina. They are both flight attendants who are just so worn out. They bitch about the passengers and eventually Cherry offers Catalina a massage. This naturally leads us right into a little veggie scene. Catalina takes Cherry’s big tits in her hands and licks them gently. Their skin tones makes for some nice contrast and it’s always great to see Cherry’s hot little pussy get worked. It’s just a very high energy scene and both women would have been better off doing boy/girl action.

Casey shows up looking to get a job as a flight attendant. She goes through the normal interview and then learns that sexual favors are encouraged. Since the brunette has no objections, her interviewer takes her for a test run. He slides up in between her legs and starts licking her bush. Casey looks cute in her glasses, has a soft body and a really nice set of tits. She gives decent enough head, keeping the glasses on which I rather like. After the serviceable blowjob she spreads her legs and lets him pump away. They get into a rather routine tabletop fuck that doesn’t score high on the energy or eye candy scale. In RC, Casey is a little soft, but the tit shots are nice. The facial is pretty good, though she keeps her mouth and eyes closed. (We even hear the director tell her that she can open her eyes. She does have glasses on after all.)

This is a pretty straight forward fuck vid with slightly better than average looking girls in the boy/girl scenes and decent production values. None of the sex scenes really blew me away, but none of them left me cold either. Cherry and Catalina are wasted a bit in their veggie boff, leaving Dru to carry the hetero heat. If you like flight attendants, then the minimal build up might be a bit of a let down. With a few highlights, this one is a pretty average stroke flick.

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