There’s Something About Jack #20


There’s Something About Jack #20


95 Mins.

West Coast Productions


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cocks,

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Kristina Black, Honey, Malaysia, Sunshine, Mr. Marcus, Jessica (Credited as Brandy on the Box) & Jack Napier.


If you’ve ready my review of Jack’s movies in the past, you know that I like the easy going style and the great sense of humor in them. Jack is a very un-assuming guy who just happens to have a horse dick. A lot of IR fans like the harder edged stuff where size is a form of punishment, but Jack’s movies are more about having a good time and giving girls all the black dick they can handle. They always do a nice job in these movies of making a big deal about Jack’s size, but the girls always do their best. I have my doubts about Kristina Black’s ability to handle that whole cock, but it should be fun to watch this super cute babe get her hands and other body parts on the “biggest dick in porn.”

Jack and Kristina hook up first. We start with some quick-cut footage with Jack in a long leather coat and shades. This isn’t much of a lead in, but once Kristina gets on her knees and takes out his cock, everything picks up. She puts her hand around the shaft and her fingers barely touch. Kristina is a very pretty girl and those eyes are breathtaking. She can hardly get the head into her mouth, but that doesn’t stop the pretty brunette from doing her best. Jack pushes her onto her back, lifts her dress up and slides into her tight white pussy. It takes him a while to really work into some deep strokes, but the by the time Kristina turns over for doggy, she is being pumped full and pushing back to meet his strokes. Watching her squat fuck him gives us a chance to check out her sexy body and when she leans back we get a nice shot of her totally stretched slit. When Jack pulls out, Kristina strokes his cock right at her pretty face. This girl is cute as hell and really earns her paycheck in this one.

Jack has so much dick that it takes two girls to keep him happy in the next scene. Honey and Malaysia walk him into the house and just go right after him. Malaysia has blonde hair in this movie, but I just saw her as a brunette in an Asian line. I like her better without the blonde hair, but she does a great job of sharing Jack’s huge cock with her sexy pal Honey. They drag him into the bedroom where there is more hot two mouth oral action. The girls suck and stroke his cock until it’s time for Honey to climb on top and see how much of it will stuff into her little slit. Malaysia rides Jack’s face and adds some dirty talk while her friend pumps up an down. Jack stacks the girls so he can go from one pussy to the other for a while. They lie side by side and let him really push hard. Give both girls credit for taking the deep strokes until Jack is ready to pull out and jerk his load onto their faces.

Jack cruises by to see his buddy and checks out his new crib. He also meets the guy’s woman, Sunshine. The old friends do some catching up and Jack is even forgiven for knocking him out the last time they met. (That was a scene in a previous movie.) Apparently this guy trusts Jack because he leaves to run an errand. Poor Jack doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to disrespect his friend, but he’s got a sexy blonde in glasses coming on to him as hard as she can. She makes her way over to his side of the room and eventually Jack can’t run any more. He really has no choice but to sit back and let her undo his pants. She takes his prick into her mouth and gently sucks it while Jack works his fingers into Sunshine’s panties. She slides off the couch to kneel for more loving oral action. Jack works his fat cock slowly into her hole and begins to drill his friend’s lovely young wife. He has to go slowly, but from behind is able to push all the way into Sunshine, showing her just what all the girls see in Jack. After giving her a good solid fuck, he pulls out and leaves his load right on her tummy.

Jessica is on the couch with Mr. Marcus, deep sucking his thick cock. He seems a bit bored, but she is doing her best to make sure that no inch of dick is left unspoiled by her hungry mouth. Jack shows up and Marcus offers to share his blonde girl with his well hung buddy. He bends her over in front of the couch and starts fucking her while Jack gets ready. When she is giving Marcus a good lap ride, Jack finally gives her some more meat to suck on. Jessica looks like she is really trying to take him deep in her mouth. She’s a rather thing, very pale girl who looks almost overmatched by these two big dicks. Marcus pumps her mouth while Jack pushes into her pussy from behind. After getting pumped full, she throws her legs back and gets her ass stuffed. Marcus does the pumping, but the anal is about as low-energy as it gets. Jack goes back into her pussy during a little inverted piledriver that looks pretty good. Marcus shoots on her face and then Jack actually fakes a second pop. The camera stays on his face while he moans, but we never the cum shoot from his dick.

Jack keeps things light as usual and finds a couple of real cuties for this twentieth volume of TSAJ. Kristina Black is the best looking of the bunch and she takes Jack very well. Sunshine also does a really good scene with Jack. I like the three-way with Honey and Malaysia as well. In fact, even Jessica’s scene is pretty good until she tries anal and Jack has to fake a pop. It’s still a lot of fun to watch Jack work with a really cute girl who can bring good energy to the table.

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