Filthy Little Whores #8


Filthy Little Whores #8


90 Mins.

Sinister/Sin City


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Catalina, Sin Nye, Lyla Lei, Layla Jade, Monique,


When I see Bud Lee’s name on these all sex movies, I have two initial thoughts. My first thought is to cringe a bit wondering if he is going to take a pretty good cast and manage to direct the heat right out of the scenes. My second thought is to remember that some of these scenes are really hot and wonder why he can’t just bring the same sort of action into his features. These movies are so simple, well shot and sexually watchable that it makes me hate seeing some of the limp action in the feature stuff. Hopefully, the Layla Jade and Catalina scenes will be hot in this one because I would hate to think that any director would blow it with these two women.

Lyla Lei is a Laotian babe who looks really good in a tiny pink tank top. She gives a short introduction and then gets saddles with Alex Sanders as her partner. He shoves his face right between her legs and licks her to a frothy foam. She looks adoringly up into his face with her pretty eyes and sucks gently on the head of his cock. The blowjob is pretty low energy, but it looks good. (I happen to really like the outdoor location.) They move into doggy where Alex pumps away desperately with short strokes. Lyla sells it well, sticking her ass up high and moaning like he’s really filling her. They move nicely into anal, but the best footage comes when she pulls her legs way back and lets him go to town. Lyla does a little A2M in between strokes and then takes a nice load on her face. She rubs it in with the tip of his dick and smiles for the camera. This cutie is ready for bigger and better things.

Monique is one of the hottest women in all of porn and she looks great in her light blue outfit. Chris Cannon gets to spend some time between her smooth, dark thighs. He gets her going with his fingers and she responds by moving her hips like she’s fucking his hand. When she starts sucking his cock, Monique makes a game of it. She has such a huge mouth and a deep throat that downing Chris’ cock would be too easy. Instead Monique shoves it into the side of her mouth, stares at it lovingly and really gives a fantastic looking blowjob. Her eyes just light up when he slips his dick into her wet slit. From the first stroke, she looks ready to claw her way the blanket they are fucking on. Monique lowers her ass on his dick and gets right up to taste him immediately. She takes every inch in her ass, then down her throat, showing just how willing she is to go that extra mile. Letting her get some rest, Chris takes over and does the work, pumping that pretty ass as hard as he can. She finally turns around and takes a big load right on her fact. It is really tough for any woman to outdo Monique, especially when she is sucking every last drop of cum out of a lucky cock.

Catalina doesn’t have much to say before dropping to her knees between Dillon and Cheyne Collins. Nothing wrong with a girl who wants to get right down to it. I like the crimped hair on Catalina. She uses a bit too much drool in the beginning, but settles into a nice rhythm when she has one guy behind her and the other in her mouth. The long shots are really good here, showing off her tight young body perfectly. She faces the camera with a cock up her ass, rubs her pussy and keeps right on pleasing Cheyne with her sweet mouth. They push her back so that both dicks can slide into her holes at once. They DP her for a while and then spray her face with hot cum. Catalina is up for anything and about as down and dirty as a filthy little whore can be.

Sin Nye is a girl who says she is up for anything and really loves American guys. She has a decent face, a thick, curvy body and very pretty hair. Stephen St. Croix comes in and begins the inspection. He finds her pussy to be quite inviting and licks her clit while his fingers find their way right up her ass. In return she shoves her mouth down around his dick, drooling all over it and getting it read to fucking. Facing the camera with her bra still on and a bit of clothing covering her belly, she takes a quick ride on his dick. Stephen turns her over, power pumps her pussy a few times and then slides it right into her butt. After a pretty average doggy she gets a really big load on the face and in her hair. The scene was mostly forgettable until the end where a messy Min cleans him all up like a good little whore.

Layla Jade is proud to be a filthy whore and will tell anyone who asks why she loves anal sex. Niko Night gets right after her pussy, shoving fingers in it while she talks dirty. Few women can spew filthy dialog like Layla. The only thing that stops her stream of hot talk is a hard cock in her hungry mouth. She stands up, bends at the waist and blows him. The action is hot, but shot from an awkward angle that really leaves us shut out of the best stuff. Moving into reverse cowgirl, she slides up and down on his cock, getting it nice and wet. Her energy is great, the talk is very hot and her pussy looks great being stuffed. He bends Lay over and finds her ass a perfect fit. The shots from beneath are really good and I love the way her tits shake as she gets drilled. Seeing that he needs a little spit on that dick, Layla turns around and flicks her tongue over the head. Niko wants to change the view so he rolls her over and watches her rub her pussy while he slam fucks that tight little asshole. He shoots a big load in her mouth and that only makes Layla want to talk dirty some more.

This is a very solid stroke video. The women are all very into the action, especially Layla and Monique. There is some decent dirty talk to go along with the sex. I also really like the locations used for shooting. I know that really doesn’t matter much, but it makes for a nice backdrop to the sex. It’s a stroke movie that’s got some nice eye candy and is pretty enough not to scare away the women. Now if you can just get your woman to fuck like Monique or Layla, it will make for a great couples flick.

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  1. franko says:

    at least these women are good for something.

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