Teen Spirit #2



Teen Spirit # 2


109 Mins


DIRECTOR: Quasarman

THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Natural Tits

CONDOMS: Some Noted



STARS: Aurora Snow, Kayla Paige, Alexis Malone, Dolorian, Kelli Tyler, Fiona Cheeks, Estefana, Alex Sanders, Mark Wood, Mark Davis, Jay Ashley,



Teen Spirit was a very successful flick directed by Eric Allen. For some reason, Metro didn’t have him back for part two. Instead they tagged veteran smut shooter Quasarman for the job. He’s grabbed a nice looking cast for this sequel, including Aurora Snow who did one of the best scenes in the first spirited flick. The first movie had some very teen oriented set ups that even bordered on some edgy P4P stuff at times. It looks like Quasarman has eliminated that part and is going with the simple interview and fuck style for this one. As long as the sex is good, this should work just fine.

Dolorian is a nineteen year old girl with braces who kicks the movie off with a veggie tryst with Estefana and Alex Sanders. They all hop into bed together and from the start the girls seem a lot more interested in each other than in what little he has to offer. Blonde Dolorian starts off by sucking on Estefana’s perfect tits. Alex settles in and starts licking Dolorian’s box, but I have to wonder about starting the movie with this one. Alex tries to keep buys by munching carpet for a bit before letting Dolorian slick his dick with her spit. The girls pass his prick back and forth before Alex bags his bone and slams it up into Dolorian’s hole. She is very vocal about how much she likes dick and picks the energy up a notch or two when she gets nailed from behind. They wisely put Estefana in reverse cowgirl so we can watch her tits move as Alex tries his best to hit a spot deep inside of her tight teen tuna taco. He rolls the lusty Latina over and lets Dolorian lick her perfect tits and feeds her some pussy juice fresh from the slit. Both girls get together to take a facial. After a slow start, this scene picks up enough to give it a passing grade.

Kelli Tyler is billed as a first timer on the box and she is doing scenes because it is her husband’s dreams to be with a porn star. (Why does this sound like they will be gossip mill fodder inside of three months?) She joins Mark Wood on the couch and her video de-virginization begins. Kelli has a nice smile, firm tits (With great tan lines) and a meaty pussy. Mark goes down on her, stopping only to finger feed her a taste of her juices. I dig a girl with tan lines, so the longer shots from above really kind of turn me on. For a first timer, Kelli certainly attacks his long dick like a natural. I would guess that she’s bobbed her head on a few boners in her time. Mark starts out by kindly holding her hair out of her face, but as the scene goes own he spanks Kelli’s sexy little butt. Those buns stay the center of attention as she rides his lap, slamming all the way down on his prick and bouncing back up for another stroke. I really like her energy and the way she hooks one heel over Mark’s shoulder during the doggy. He gives her hair a few tugs during a high energy doggy, but never goes into her ass. (Though she keeps holding her cheeks open for him.) There is a great was shot onto her smiling face at the end, closing out a really good scene from this energetic brunette.

Alexis Malone is a pretty blonde nineteen year old who is working with Mark Davis. She has fucked him before and likes working with his “huge dick.” Though the interview is short, Alexis comes off as a young chick who likes to have fun. She is in a sexy little outfit, but things progress so quickly that we really don’t get to enjoy her in it for more than a few seconds. Her skin looks flawless and even though I dig tan lines, there is something for a girl who is golden brown all over. Alexis spreads her legs as far apart as they will go and lets Mark do his magic with his fingers and tongue. His dick really does look huge in her hands, but the pretty blonde just licks and sucks as much as she can. Her blowjob looks good, but lacks any sort of deep stroking. Maybe she is just saving that for later when Mark bottoms out inside of her snug little snatch. On her back, Alexis throws those legs back and looks totally hot as she gets pounded. During doggy, he holds her arm behind her back and gives the little blonde all he’s got. She holds her mouth open to take a load on her tongue. The camera leaves the action too soon, but this is still a really good scene.

Aurora Snow says she’s eighteen in the pre-scene talk and she looks like she could still be that young. She’s very cute and dipping her feet into the swimming pool, teasing us as she talks about how much she loves sex on camera. Jay Ashley gets to remove her clothes and then feel that extremely talented mouth around his shaft. As always, she gives a great blowjob with awesome eye contact, high energy and a pretty serious bit of face fucking. Jay returns the favor by licking her pussy like it’s lined with ice cream. When she is good and wet, he lays back and just lets her do the work for a while. Aurora looks beautiful as she straddles his dick and slides up and down. Since I said I love chicks with tan lines, and chicks with all over tans, I guess it’s only right to point out that girls like Aurora who are pale all over also work for me. Jay puts her on hands and knees to really get some hard strokes going. Her energy is always good and this scene is really well shot giving us plenty of eye candy and strokeable action. They roll her over and Jay fucks her hard enough to curl her toes. Holding her tongue out, Aurora takes a big load right in the mouth.

Kayla Paige is a pretty brunette with braces who only does girls. Her partner is twenty year old Fiona Cheeks. She also has braces, so I guess we can sort of watch and see if they end up getting stuck together. They start out in the yard with some kissing and Fiona goes down to get a feel of what Kayla is like on the inside. Kayla really likes girls and keeps rubbing her pussy as Fiona drops her back ass down onto that pretty face. Fiona isn’t super cute, but I’ve seen her do some nasty stuff so this is a bit tame. On the other hand, Kayla is super cute and looks great on her hands and knees being filled with fake cock. Tits like that are special indeed.

I kind of miss the set ups that we saw in the first Teen Spirit, but the sex in this one is really good. Aurora Snow gives it her all as she always does and her scene is very hot. Alexis Malone is the second best reason to watch this movie. She’s quite pretty and gives a hot performance. I’d love to see Kayla Paige doing guys, but the naturally busty babe sticks with the veggies for now. As usual, Quasarman takes care of the technical aspects just fine and his cast gives him enough energy to make this a solid DVD from start to finish. Some of the scenes are better than others, but which ones you like will depend on how much you like each of the girls.


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