Lecher 2



The Lecher 2



135 Mins.

Evil Angel

DIRECTOR: John Leslie

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Tease




STARS: Dina Juwel, Teri Star, Sabrina Johnson, Eve, Angelica Sin, Caroline, Malitia, Sabrina Johnson, TT Boy, Mr. Marcus, Valentino, Rich Handsome, Jake Steed, Mark Davis, John Leslie & a special appearance by Rob Black.


This is one of those movies that I have been waiting to see on DVD for some time. As most of you already know, I think that John Leslie is probably the greatest director in all of adult films. (He’s always been in a tight two way heat at the top with John Stagliano.) and I always look forward to his movies hitting DVD. This one is even more special because it has one of my all time favorite scenes in it. I’m sure I will talk about that one a lot when we get to it, so let’s hit some of the other elements that we can look forward to. We have Teri Star who is a white trash looking cutie who always turns in great performances. We have a young Sabrina Johnson who gets to work with the master and show what she has to offer. We also have a number of other women who I may not find as attractive, but who always seem to be made better by Leslie’s skills behind the camera. With all that, I have to state up front that this movie got a 10 on video because the whole thing is well done and it features a scene between Dina Juwel, Mr. Marcus and Jake Steed that is just fucking off the charts.

Leslie wanders through his Lecher movies in a nice suit and his camera always ready. It’s not exactly gonzo, but it has that very loose feel to it. When he stops to take a piss, Teri Star is right there and won’t leave him alone. As he explains to the camera, some women come to this part of town looking for strays. They just want to get fucked. Teri is joined by Caroline as a couple of stray hunting sluts who show off and get fingered during the tease. There is also a long monologue by Leslie in the bathroom about germs that is just a little bit weird. When the sex starts, it kicks into high gear right away. Jake Steed and Valentino come in and start giving the girls what they need. Teri gets down on her knees and gives a hot blowjob to Jake while Caroline tries hard to catch up. The brunette doesn’t do a bad job, but there is just something sexy about the way Teri gobbles Jake’s knob and faces the camera as she rides it with her shaved box. Both girls get is hard and show off their asses as best they can. When they switch partners, Caroline goes right for the fucking while Teri tastes her friend on Val’s long pole. Some of the best footage actually comes with Caroline getting drilled in doggy right before the takes both guys in a DP. Teri watches the intense action until it’s cumshot time and then takes her big load from Val. Jake glazes Caroline with another sizable wad. These two girls are hot in other movies, but this scene takes them both to another level.

Leslie goes into a diner for a cup of coffee where he has an encounter with Rob Black. They have an argument over the quality of the coffee and exchange some pretty nicely done dialog before John shoots Rob dead. With the body still twitching, Angelica Sin comes in. She sits on a barstool and runs down her whole list of beauty pageant wins. Angelica gets naked as she talks about this and eventually drops to her knees to take Rich Handsome’s hard cock into her mouth. Her personality comes through and she’s very appealing as she rubs her pussy and drools all over his dick. (Oh yeah, and she has two really big personalities on her chest.) He spreads her out on the counter, licks her clit and sticks two fingers into her tight ass. They move over to a booth and go for some high energy doggy fucking. When she mounts his lap, we get a lot of good footage of her big ass as she rides. They take turns reaching around and putting a finger up her ass to get it warmed up. Back on the counter, she gets on her knees to take it right up the butt. They turn in a very hot anal scene that cuts away at the last second to a facial. Angelica is another girl who is much hotter with Leslie calling the shots.

Jake and Marcus sit outside with Leslie while Dina is inside. John goes in to talk with her. He gets some great tease and solo footage as she touches her sweet pussy and put that hot big ass high in the air. The guys join her and Dina drops right to her knees. Taking one cock in each hand, she strokes and sucks them both slowly at first. There are some great shots as she has both of them in her beautiful face and rubs them on her perfect tits. Jake moves around behind Dina and slides into her slit while she keeps sucking Marcus. He works his strokes up until he’s giving her the whole salami as hard as he can. The guys swap places and Marcus lets her ride his dick, shaking those tits and then leaning forward to taste Jake again. There is great energy in this scene as both guys fuck the living shit out of the beautiful blonde. Before they move on to her ass, they break out a toy to loosen her up. With Jake buried in her pussy, Dina takes Marcus up her ass. The DP footage is great looking and very hot, but that is nothing compared to the sight of this gorgeous blonde taking two big loads of cum on her face at the same time. This scene is one of the best Leslie has ever shot and is going to keep this movie in my collection forever.

Malitia and Sabrina Johnson double up to give TT Boy a very hot blowjob. They do their best to suck him to full mast and then pass it back and forth. The blowjob ends a bit too quickly, but he’s anxious to get into Malitia’s pussy. She really gets her hips rolling as he pounds away. It takes way too long to get Sabrina into the action, but once she does, things get even hotter. While she is on top, we get some great shots of her hot looking ass. I like Malitia better in this scene than any others I can think of, but Sabrina is still the reason to watch this scene. She faces the camera and takes all of TT in the ass. Sure it’s a single position anal, but the energy is so good that it still works. TT stands up and gives the girls a load of cum to share on their tongues.

After so much great threesome action, we settle in for a one on one between Even and Mark Davis as the finale. There isn’t much set up before the pretty brunette is kneeling and letting him fill her mouth with his meat. Eve gives good looking head and only stops when Mark wants to get a chance at getting her little pookie all ready for some deep from-behind strokes. She looks outstanding on her hands and knees with an arched back and her cute ass shaking for our viewing pleasure. After giving her a chance to ride for a while, Mark puts Even on her black to slip it into her backdoor. Her legs are rolled back so that her feet are behind her head to take every inch. This is some great looking action that closes the movie out with a bang. Mark pulls out and shoots onto her waiting face.

This is probably the fifth time I’ve watched this movie and it just keeps getting better and better. The Dina Juwel scene is still one of the best things that Leslie has ever shot as well as one of the best scenes of Dina’s impressive career. Even if this were the only scene in the movie, I would still recommend that you pick up the disc. Teri Starr and Sabrina Johnson give us some hot moments as well. Angelica Sin, who I don’t always dig, looks good in this movie and turns in one of her best scenes. In addition to the sex scenes, there are some interesting dialog scenes including Leslie capping Rob Black for the fun of it. Now that I have this movie on DVD, I can finally let someone else have my VHS copy of this scorching stroke flick.


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