Please Play Hard With Me


Please Play Hard With Me


110 Mins.

Elegant Angel

DIRECTOR: Dale Jordan

THEMES: Hard Sex

CONDOMS: None Noted



STARS: Katie Morgan, Harlee, Jessica, Chennin Blanc, Summer Storm, Tia Son, Tyce Bune, Cheyne Collins, Lee Stone & Johnny Slovak


Elegant Angel is edging themselves back into the rougher sex arena these days. Dale Jordan gets to try with this one and he’s got a pretty nice little cast if you like it hard. Chennin Blanc and Summer Storm are the kind of girls who can take pretty much anything at all. Katie Morgan is one of the cutest girls in all of porn and she can handle some pretty hot fucking as well. We also get to check out Kitty Yung who is back and performing as Tia Son. How hard do these girls want to be played with? Hell I don’t car how hard it is as long as it’s hot.

Katie Morgan tells us that she just got out of jail and that she is really horny. Pat Myne shows up and they do this little frisking thing that could have been really sexy if it had been explored at all. Instead they rush right through and Katie starts sucking cock. Nothing wrong with that of course, but the tease potential gets wasted. Even the blowjob is too short as Pat goes down on the super cute blonde. By the time he sticks it into her slit, she is already screaming and ready to be pumped hard enough to make her perfect tits dance. Katie responds well to the hard pounding, getting on top and slams her hips down on him. There are some great long shots that show off her body and her smiling face as he goes as deep as he can. I love hearing Katie get this vocal as she begs him to keep fucking her harder. Pat pulls out and shoots a load right onto her face. This is a good shot that would have been great had the lighting been better at the end. Still, it’s a very high energy, hot scene.

Chennin Blanc needs two dicks to really rock her world. Before her scene, she does a little tease in a bikini. She is joined outside by Johnny and Tyce Bune who each take a tit. Chennin starts sucking cock and the guys quickly make sure that her pussy and mouth get pumped. The harder they fuck her from behind, the more she sucks cock. They get up a good stroke and then move to her ass. Chennin turns to face the sky while she gets pumped from below. They give her a hard DP and then shoot loads onto her face. This scene has good energy, but is a step below the last one.

Harley is a blonde with a slightly trampy look that is kind of sexy. She does a little masturbation show for us, shoving a vibe into her pussy for a few minutes while waiting for Lee Stone to give her the real thing. Her pussy is already wet, but he works it with his fingers anyway. Harley doesn’t back away from Lee’s big cock, slips it into her mouth and does her best to make it all fit. Her energy level picks up nicely as Lee starts to pound his prick into her. The lighting is a bit off so we really don’t see the penetration for much of the scene. She has a nice little body and takes his dick well, especially in doggy where he can really get the long strokes going. They keep up the hard pounding action through a number of positions until he pulls out and shoots all over her face.

Jessica is a Euro-chick with a good body and a not so great face. She does some nice tease work before Cheyne Collins comes in. As soon as he does, Jessica dives right after him and starts sucking as hard as she can. You have to like her energy even if it’s not that great to look at. Cheyne gets her even hotter by sucking her clit and fingering her holes. He pushes her legs over her head and really fucks the shit out of her pussy. Her ass is next and in between hard strokes, she sucks her juices off in some enthusiastic A2M footage. The big facial finish gives us some strong action even if you don’t dig the girl.

Summer Storm is a trashy blonde who really gets into her scenes sometimes. She gets right down and starts sucking dick. Her face looks pretty good in this scene, but there are still those tats on her front and back. Her energy is good, so at least we have that to enjoy. She really gets fucked hard in doggy, with her dimpled ass shaking as he slams away. When she gets on top, Summer rubs her clit and bounces like mad. Even though she doesn’t do much for me, this is a pretty energetic fuck with an OK facial.

Finally we get to Tia who can’t seem to talk because there is a guy eating her pussy. It doesn’t really matter what she has to say, as long as we get to see her work that tiny mouth around his big cock until it throbs. After a short 69, she straddles his dick shoving her shaved pussy towards the camera. From the start, they get going hard and Tia talks more than I’ve ever heard from her. This scene should not have been buried at the back because her tiny body takes his huge prick so well that the energy, heat and looks finally all match up again. She teases us with her asshole during the cowgirl, but they keep it in her pussy. Lee fucks her silly from behind until she is flat on her belly and screaming. The only thing disappointing about this scene is the way she ducks the shot at the end, turning away to take it on her tits.

The scenes in this movie aren’t really as hard as the title might indicate. It’s a bit harder than the average stuff, but there is nothing here that is likely to scare away most raincoaters. The final scene with Kitty is actually one of the best I’ve ever seen from her. Cum dodging aside, it’s a hard pounding scene that is worth the price of the tape. Katie Morgan’s opening scene is the other really good one. She looks great and proves once again that she can fuck with the big sluts and still be cute as can be. The other four girls handle their scenes pretty well, though none of them are as hot as the women who start and end the movie.

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