Lord of Asses #5


Lord of Asses #5



105 Mins.

Extreme Associates


THEMES: Anal Sex




STARS: Justine Romee, Kimi Lixx, Jesika, Kristy Love, Veronica Caine, Jessica Darlin


Since I haven’t seen any new videos from Extreme in a while, I decided to go through some old tapes and review this one. It’s a Tom Byron movie so that’s always a good start. It’s also go Jessica Darlin, Justine Romee and Kimi Lixx, so it has to be pretty good. With Tom dishing out the wood in the title role, we’re going to see good action. The question is just how well the other girls do in their scenes. Actually, there are other questions as well. Question such as, where did Justine go? Why did Kimi take all of 2002 off? Where is Veronica Caine? Why wasn’t Jessica Darlin at the Adult Expo this year and when will we see some more Byron movies on the shelves? Since I can’t answer all of those right now, we’re going to have to settle for a review of the existing material.

Justine Romee is wonderfully dressed in a skimpy top and cut off jeans during her nicely edited tease footage. When the clothes come off, she gives some great rear view tease, spreading her cheeks nicely for the camera. Tom joins her on the bed and starts spanking that denim covered ass. She loves to have it slapped, fingered and licked. Apparently she loves sucking cock just as much. Tom rolls her over and lets Justine enjoy the taste of his meat while he keeps giving her asshole some attention. Tom’s ass, balls and cock all get treated to some oral lovin’ before Justine mounts him for some red hot squat fucking. The harder he thrusts up into her, the louder Justine gets. Ass lovers are going to love the attention her cheeks get from the camera during the extended cowgirl. Tom does more than focus on her buns when he slides his dick right into Justine’s tight ass. The shots are tight as he rams his cock balls deep into her backdoor. The anal action here is top notch which comes as no surprise to those who have seen just how much Justine loves it in the bum. He finally rewards her anal exploits with a huge load of cum in her mouth and all over her face. This is a really hot scene. Justine and Tom work really well together and this is one of their best efforts.

Jesika is a Euro-babe with a decent body and a face that is forgettable at best. Her tease ends pretty quickly and she shows off a bit instead of doing an interview. Tom reaches out and plays with her ass before stuffing her mouth full of dick. After such a hot scene, this one is a huge step down. Her cock sucking is pretty low energy, but Tom pumps her lips for a while. He bends her over and fucks her pussy slowly at first. There just isn’t that much energy coming from this girl. Her pussy, thighs and ass look pretty good in RCA, but even the facial seems like a let down.

Kristy Love is a step in the right direction looks wise. She’s a blonde with a curvy ass and bubble tits. Her face is pretty good and that’s where Tom goes first. Kristy gets on her hands and knees and starts sucking his cock. There are some nice ass shots as well as very good oral action. Tom likes her in this position so much that he slips behind Kristy to fuck her pussy and then her butt. He rolls her into spoon and holds one of her thick legs high in the air so he can enter from behind. The energy is not as high as it was with Justine, but Kristy takes it in the butt well and on the face quite nicely.

Kimi Lixx made quite a splash with fans in 2001 (She won the fan poll on my sit as best newbie over Gauge, Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow) and then sort of went away for most of 2002. I just got to meet her in Vegas and she is looking great, perhaps even ready to get back into the swing of things. Her tease stuff is very hot and then her interview shows off a little bit of her sunny personality. Tom likes the way she looks in her little red dress so he lets her keep it on while he licks her ass. With a big smile on her pretty face, Kimi slips his dick past her lips. She gives nice looking head that ends a little too soon for my taste. When Tom is busy pumping her from behind, he keeps rubbing his thumb on her asshole, getting it ready for later. Kimi looks good in doggy, but the spoon keeps her face in the shot better so that looks really sexy. She rolls back onto her back and holds her legs up for the initial anal penetration, but the deeper strokes come when she is on top, sliding her butt down around him. For the best looking anal angle, stick around to watch her in RCA. Kimi really works her hips to stroke him with her anus. The great anal is capped by an equally good facial to finish out the second best scene of the movie so far.

Tom teams a couple of his favorites, Veronica Caine and Jessica Darlin, for the grand finale. Jessica has one of the most perfect bodies in all of porn and a great attitude and Veronica just loves to fuck. They are side by side on the bed and ready to let Tom’s meat out of his pants from the second the camera starts rolling. After an all too quick double blowjob, Veronica starts eating Jessica’s ass while Tom munches her butt in a short salad tossing train. When the girls go back after his cock, Jessica does the ass licking and Veronica tries to shove all of his dick down her throat. All that hard work earns Jessica the first fuck and she looks so damn good on her back that it’s a wonder Tom doesn’t shoot all over her right there. He likes her so much that he never goes into Veronica before slipping into Jessica’s tight asshole. After getting a well shot, slow anal fuck, Jessica holds Veronica’s cheeks open so Tom can violate her as well. He goes back to Jessica for RCA which is probably her best position. This gives us the best footage of the scene and leads to a nicely shared double facial for both blondes.

There are some pretty good looking girls in the movie, but all of the action is pretty hot. Watching Jessica and Veronica try and outfuck each other is always a good time. (Jessica wins by the way, hands down.) Justine Romee turns in a very high energy performance, showing us why Tom likes to shoot her so much. Kimi also proves that she can take all Tom has to dish out. This isn’t the best movie Tom has ever made, nor is it his best cast, but there are enough hot moments to keep things moving along with some highlight reel stuff from Justine, Kimi and Jessica.


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